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Hello again readers of my blog and sorry I am a little late.  Im down with another ear infection but i will live.  But I’m on just to let y’all know about this latest update featuring Miss Amber.  Yep you may recognise her too?   Well she also plays the part of Miss Siobahn over at the Institute of Feminine Discipline.  And as I write this its just occurred to me who this gal reminds me of?  None other than Miss Zara if you remember her?   Yep see pics below…  Miss Amber/Siobahn first and Miss Zara second.

Miss Amber/Siobahn Paddles Naughty Houseboy

Miss Amber/Siobahn Paddles Naughty Houseboy


Miss Zara Spanks Naughty Boy Over Her Knee

See what I mean?  The voices and accents were similar as well.  Im not going to draw comparisons between the two as goes performance though because I don’t think that would be fair.  Its so subjective in any event because the type of domination I like may not be the type of domination you like and so on?   But it was nice to remember one of the faces from yesteryear anyway 🙂   Unfortunately Miss Zara no longer works in the FemDom industry though I can’t imagine that she has put it out of her life entirely if you get my drift? 🙂   She was always great friends with Miss Lina Birch as well by the way.  They used to do shoots together In Miss Zara’as own studio where you see her above 🙂  Anyway…enough 🙂

Yes I’m digressing as I so often do 🙂  Lets get back to the point of this post because Miss Amber (which is the name she actually goes by by the way) is appearing as the update this week over at Strict Women where she is dealing very firmly with bad boy Adam who is her new lackie houseboy.  Failure to carry out his chores and duties properly and to Miss Ambers satisfaction leads her to decide that the time has come for her to spank!  And yes spank she does!   Despite what I say above (because some women just lead the way in every way as Miss Zara then and Miss Zoe in my own personal opinion do now) Miss Amber puts on a great performance as the strict Lady of the Manor so to speak 🙂   Failing to do his duties to Miss Ambers satisfaction earns bad boy Adam a very sore bottom as he is paddled and hand spanked this week at Strict Women!

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

[SWF]flash/SW226AmberHouseboy_02.swf, 360, 288[/SWF]

And you can see the video now exclusively at Strict Women! 🙂

Also don’t forget that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store too!

strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

When Miss Zara the CEO of a big corporation appointed Australian Mistress, Miss Sapphire to manage her Bournemouth Head Quarters she was less than amused to receive grievance forms about the new Manageress’s rusk attitude and tendency towards man handling them and using the same form of corporal punishment as Miss Zara always used!  And when Miss Zara has to come all the way down from her London office to deal with the 3 twirps she is adamant that Miss Sapphire should now take even firmer measures against the 3 guys who dared to challenge her authority!  And as you can imagine, this is something that Miss Sapphire revelled in!

And so Miss Sapphire decides to line the three up in front of her and explain themselves but as you can imagine, it is only the ring leader, Big Peter who has the backbone to tell her their reasons and how he felt that it was not the first time that Miss Lady Boss (Miss Zara) had appointed a “chit of a girl” (or at least I and she luckily for him (!!!) think that’s what he said) to manage them but as you can imagine this didn’t go down well with Miss Sapphire who after all has full authority from Miss Zara to command any of the males at the workplace to take his trousers and pants down and bend over and to then give them the soundest spanking they had experienced since…well…since the last one which was almost certainly less than 24 hours ago! 🙂

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

If Im honest, Miss Sapphire isn’t one of my favorite Mistress’s but she does work extremely well with Miss Zara who without a doubt is one of the strictest and the harder spanking Mistress’s you are likely to come into contact with 🙂  And when you see the two of them together rebounding off of eachother it really does bring the whole video together well 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from this video now at StrictWomen.com but also streaming at Fetish Video Theater so be sure to visit soon! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Perhaps a less prominant face in femdom spanking sites these days is Miss Zara but today she has teamed up with her Australian friend, Miss Sapphire to punish three naughty male employees who made a complaint about their new young female manageress! In the Part 1 movie, Miss Zara spanked the life out of the three of them for making her come all the way from London down to their workplace in Bournemouth to hear their pathetic complaints but now in Part 2 Miss Sapphire has been informed and she is going to spank the 3 of them along with Miss Zara also!

This is a great movie with some hard spanking in it. Miss Zara is certainly not known for going light on disobedient males and she shows that in this video!

here is a short video preview 🙂

As you can see this employee’s complaints were not being greeted with much interest by his strict new manageress! LOL 🙂 She clearly finds his feelings somewhat boring and who can blame her? 🙂

Its funny but its just occurred to me that for some reason I havent seen many Mistress’s coming out of Australia? There is of course Sapphire as in this video and Miss Karlene and Miss Chantelle also at Strict Women but not many others around? Or am I just missing them and where they are? Well, anyway it is great to see the few that do make their presence known on the net 🙂

Meanwhile, to see more from this video, go visit Strict Women or you can buy the video as a full downloadable movie at the FemDom Spanking Store :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Wow…a great update was made to StrictWomen.com yesterday! This one features 2 ladies, both spanking together! None other than the legendary Miss Zara and her Australian teenage friend, Miss Sapphire! And boy does Miss Sapphire earn her place in the Strict Women site! Miss Zara has clearly spent some considerable time teaching her or maybe she is one more that is for real (?) but she certainly spanks AT LEAST as hard as Miss Zara thats for sure!

Here is a pic showing Miss Sapphire about to give her naughty boy another stinging spank with her strap as Miss Zara selects her favorite cane!:-)

This video is a equal to the Sent to Lady Boss Part 1 video which has been published already but for one or two clips at the Strict Women site. In this video, 3 male employees have submitted a grievance form against their new lady boss to the companies owner and director, Miss Zara who has had to come all the way down from London to Bournemouth to hear it! She is NOT amused! But after she has punished the 3 of them for wasting her time, Sent To The Lady Boss Part 2 comes in where they must now face Miss Sapphire the lady they complained about AND Miss Zara together! And this one really does show you female domination in its heights 🙂

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

To see any more you will need to join Strict Women but you can buy the video as a full downloadable movie at the FemDom Spanking Store 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well first of all, apologies for the late posting of this update to the FemDom Spanking blog. I’m suffering in silence as my grandfather used to say with a virus and don’t feel much like blogs but I am NOT going to be beaten! I will leave that instead to Big Peter who was the naughty boy this Thursdays update at Strict Women 🙂

I really enjoyed watching this update. Miss Zara is well known as being one of the harsher Mistress’s out there with her punishments and even though the naughty boy in this case is very used to being spanked she certainly still left her trade mark on his butt! 🙂

Here are a couple of pics:

The storyline was that under a new law, those who did not pass out of school properly must return to a new teaching center where strict woman teachers are employed to make sure that those people pass to a minimum level of qualification. Peter is one of those people. But Peter is there because he had spent most of his time playing truant and this does NOT please his new class Mistress!

There is a really great moment whilst the naughty boy is over Miss Zara’s knee where he coughs as he is looking words up in the dictionary. “Do you smoke peter” she demands to which he replies something like I used to or not any more. But this just infuriates Miss Zara who begins giving him a really hard spanking and demanding he now look up lung disease in the dictionary!

Ahhh the good old school cane 🙂 No movie would be complete without that! And Miss Zara always uses it to very good effect!

See more from Miss Zara at StrictWomen.com now :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Here is one for all of you who fantasise about being punished by a strict Head Mistress! Today at Strict Women we note a great update featuring Miss Zara as the strict Head Mistress. Miss Zara I think is great. She is one of those no nonsence, cant win no matter what you do Mistress’s! I remember a movie with her once where the guy dared to tell her that he felt the appointment of the strict new manageress under her was not a good move and that he thought it was supposed to be a professional business to which she yells “you dont think i run my business professionally!”Anyway, Miss Zara now in this new update if you love the Head Mistress scenarios! Here is a small pic:

Miss Zara in Lesson from Miss Zara

Those of you who love CFNM will particularly like this scenario as well as the Strict Women site. There is a good selection of it there! But it is not 100% CFNM or even 75% for that matter so those of you who do not want to see the guy nude will like the site too…especially when they see how the Mistress’s seem to really be serious when they yell and spank!

If you have not seen Miss Zara in action here is a short preview…

Do you think you could take that spanking?