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Returning to the Institute of Feminine Discipline this week is Miss Zoe aka Miss Selina who ponders with a male creature whether he should be released back into society to behave like any responsible male should…that is as a servant to Woman kind!  For that is the norm these days in matriarchical England in 2056.  The male for his part believed that release was a foregone conclusion!  Its almost like he has jumped into a time machine back in 2016 or 2017 and visited the new style of governance believing that the standards of that days criminal justice system remain the same in these new days!  That a man who has served his time in prison is entitled at the end of his sentance to be released!  Well he is not and those of you who complain about this new system of governance can blame the labour party theory of indeterminate sentences!  Yep yall who believe in civil liberties thought the Iraq war was the worst part of Tony Blairs legacy well it wasn’t!  That civil liberty and principle has gone bye bye and now the argument is whether you are allowed to wank without permission from the woman who owns your life!  But males are happy (sort of anyway…well some of them…well who cares whether they are or not, but Women are happy and thats what matters) and Women are kept busy micro managing all in their minions lives 🙂

So where was i?  Oh yes, this male creature who has been locked up for 6 years undergoing short sharp shock treatment of twice daily spankings in addition to punishment spankings and a regime of tease and denial is about to end his sentance.   And it is Miss Zoe’s job to consider whether he has learned his place during these 6 years and is ready to return to society!  Or does he need more discipline incarsorated in the Gloucestershire Institute of Feminine Discipline!  What will she decide?  Well lets put it this way, this boys sudden attitude problem to the concept that SHE will be deciding despite the fact he has gone through the last 6 years thinking he only had to do 6 years is not helping him!  And most of this hearing is being spent with the male creature bent over a desk with his trousers and pants round his ankles getting spanked!

Check out these awesome Femdom Fm Spanking pics!

ifd076-71 ifd076-72 ifd076-78

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The success of the Institute of Feminine Discipline in curing male creatures of their chronic misbehaviour has always been a given expectation.  But how is it that their success rate is so high?   Is it just the spankings that they have been giving out twice a day for several years?  Is it the indoctrination of discipline into their lives and the insertion of the supremacy of Femininity into their male brains?  Well this week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline members club we get an insight into what happens!  It has been a closely guarded secret however the debate between the Board of Corrective Women and the Campaign for Stricter Discipline has resulted in this information becoming public.

It seems that the boys are tested before release!  For example if their committal to the IFD was for reasons of ogling Womens bottoms or touching themselves without permission when they do so they are teased and denied and records kept of how their self control is improving. On the last day just before their release they are sent to a senior Overseer for debriefing.  A final test of their will which mostly they will not even realise is happening and information about their ‘care’ in the community which of course is in relation to where they report for their twice daily spanking whilst on the outside.  9 million out of 9 million and one cases the male creature is cured and released.  But one case in those 9 million and one cases of course an exception may be found from the rule where the male requires more intensive behaviour therapy.  This male creature in the latest movie at the Institute of Feminine Discipline has anger management issues and regularly challenges Female authority.   Miss Selina therefore probes at his weak points in an effort to make him angry and react.  Of course it doesn’t take long so will he be released?  Well all will depend on how the rest of the appointment goes but right now he is going to be spanked!  And we have some of the photos of that spanking!

IFD076-12 IFD076-01 IFD076-08

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Miss Zoe aka Miss Selina Rothschild has made a new appearance at the Institute of Feminine Discipline site.   There are rumours running rife across the land that The Board of Corrective Women’s Executive Council have removed Miss Amy from her position as Grand Overseer of the flagship Surrey IFD after several high profile Male Liberation Front successes against security and discipline at the Institute.  Next in line behind Miss Amy was Miss Selina Rothschild and she naturally has an expectation of being promoted into Miss Amy’s job.

The boys at the Institute may be expecting to celebrate Miss Amy’s move but Miss Selina is making sure that if they do so they will be celebrating in silence and whilst sitting on very sore bottoms!  Because Miss Selina is determined that HER reputation as one of the nations most highly regarded disciplinarians will NOT be tarnished by male creatures as Miss Amy’s was.  Consequently before the decision is even made two of the boys are summoned to the Overseer’s reception room at the Board of Corrective Women where naughty boys summoned to the HQ are giving the kind of repimand by high ranking Overseer’s as well as the well spanked bottoms that they need and deserve!

And i have a few of the pics 🙂

IFD45-026 IFD45-030 IFD45-079

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b2ap3_thumbnail_IFD055-111-blogSometimes a new prop can do so much for a video and when you add an additional Domme to the mix Miss Zoe seems to light up and take the movie into another dimension!  Miss Jenna you may have seen from other movies as the submissive and as is so often the case with sub models she never quite got fully into the mindset but to be honest that didn’t matter because all of a sudden Miss Zoe had so much material to work with that this movie could have lasted 3 hours and she would still have been going strong!  So this is a movie for Miss Zoe fans above all.  Where Miss Zoe shows all of her dominant traits and particularly the one that I think is probably deepest in her psyche which is as the Humiliatrix!  Because nothing seems to make Miss Zoe happier than when she is humiliating somebody and for a Dominatrix that is probably one of the best traits that the Woman can have!

Now this site is called the FemDom Spanking Site and most of the spanking in this movie was administered by Miss Jenna.   And I don’t want this to come across as critical because Miss Jenna in any other setting probably would have given a very reasonable performance and would have produced some good Fm spanking films but it was I think Miss Zoe’s presence in the film that added all of the icing to the cake because as she recorded the discipline in the official Board of Corrective Women Punishment Book she could not help adding her own sexy brand of spanking talk and adding the verbal humiliation and questioning of bad boy Arjun as his painful spanking continued.  And i don’t mean berating or swearing because those traits are simply not Miss Zoe’s style, rather she is too sophisticated for that kind of domination but this is a gal who knows exactly what buttons to push and jabs hard at every one of them!  She may not have been the gal giving the bulk of the spanking for this movie but she certainly emerged as the overall star of the show.

The spanking where Miss Zoe administered it was the typical Miss Zoe brand of hard corporal punishment that she is famous for and certainly didn’t disappoint.  But it was probably where the blow up doll, conveniently dressed in one of Miss Zoe’s schoolgirl style outfits that you may have seen her wear in one or two movies at Strict Mistress Zoe was introduced that Miss Zoe really came alive!  I won’t spoil the surprises for you but it was probably only Arjuns own inhibitions that prevented Miss Zoe going a lot further even though he kept them pretty well hid!

Anyway here are a couple of the pics from this weeks update to Institute of Feminine Discipline 🙂

IFD055-049 IFD055-062 IFD055-057

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Miss Selina (Of Strict Mistress Zoe fame) as an Executive member of the Board of Corrective Women was always an elusive character of legend in 2051 UK.  Like Miss Acacia, her reputation preceded her amongst male creatures registered as property of the local governments Spanking Centres.  Miss Selina rarely these days takes the time to put a naughty boy over her knee, preferring instead to have one of the many women employed in the Spanking Centres across the country as Remedial Behavioural Therapists and Spanking Centre Assistants BUT there are of course exceptions!

Miss Selina is known to be one of the harshest and strictest members of the Board of Corrective Women when she DOES take it upon herself to spank and the videos that are published at the Institute of Feminine Discipline illustrate this very well!   But sometimes when Miss Selina either thinks that a boy needs her own brand of hard spanking or else she is simply in the mood to spank a naughty boy (which is more often than we are lead to believe she actually does by the way) these are the only times that she is believed to pick up a paddle or hairbrush or indeed cane to discipline a male creature!

The Male Liberation Front for their part have been arguing for some time that Miss Selina spanks far more often than those that she records in the punishment book as she does not want to be contained by what she considers to be the over lenient nature of the Board of Corrective Women and she is known for her links with the Campaign for Stricter Discipline.  Perhaps this is true?  Who knows.  But we do know that Miss Selina certainly gave a very soundly spanked bare bottom to this MLF activist before packing him off to the Institute of Feminine Discipline for corrective behaviour modification!

Anyway here are a few pics from this weeks update :)


And you can see more now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

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News is hot off the press once more that Red Badger Femdom Video producers have released 3 movies to the world on DVD/digital download and on their theatre to stream to your computers at Domination Theater!

The movies come from the incredible Miss Zoe and two fairly recent newcomers I guess you could say to the FemDom arena though one more new than the other 🙂   But then Im looking back over 10 years really of putting out Femdom spanking films so really everybody is new by those standards!  LOL 🙂  One is the very strict authoritarian face of Goddess Miss Kelly who returns in a sequel to the Short Sharp Shock movie that was so popular at Institute of Feminine Discipline recently entitled er… Short Sharp Shock 2 (The Caning) for which the title basically speaks for itself!  🙂   Anyway, the other comes from Eastern European strict woman Miss Mia who plays the part of a sister in law administering a good hairbrush spanking over her knee in lieu of another spanking yet to come from his wife I suspect 🙂

Anyway See details of the movies below!

Miss Zoe Page/Selina Rothschild (Institute of Feminine Discipline) : MLF Exposed.


The male liberation front (MLF) as we will all recall has already had several attempts to steal the official Board of Corrective Women’s punishment book from the Surrey IFD in order to cause a scandal about the harshness of discipline at the establishment but with the Gloucestershire IFD having only been open a matter of a couple of months Miss Selina’s visit from Headquarters really rocks the boat as she discovers a male creature from the IFD going through the staff comon room cabinet drawers looking for their punishment book!

Once caught in an area where male creatures are prohibited without having first been commanded to enter by a superirior Female Overseer at the Institute Marks fate is sealed. As Archon of all Spanking Centres in the land and hotly tipped to succeed Miss Amy as IFD archon should she ever retire Miss Selina does not have to give a second thought to how to deal with this matter and Marks bare backside is red, stinging and smartingly sore within moments as he finds himself over Miss Selina’s knee!!

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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Goddess Miss Kelly (Institute Feminine Discipline) Short Sharp Shock 2 (The Caning)


A very nervous and contrite Adam returns to Miss Marnette Kelly at the Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre knowing full well the fate that awaits him. For at the end of the first of the Short Sharp Shock video series Miss Marnette Kelly had told Adam to report back to her at a set time for a very strict and painful caning!

Adam had been caned before and the sharp stinging pain he knew full well would test his resolve to avoid tears coming to his eyes when receiving a caning from ANY woman but Miss Marnette Kelly of the Campaign for Stricter Discipline is well known to be one of the harshest women at the IFD when it came to spanking errant males!

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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Miss Mia (Strict Women): Over His Sister In Laws Knee


Simple Simon is in trouble today as his sister in law Miss Mia pays a visit! Poor Simon is kept very much under the thumb and must submit to bare bottom spanking by any and every female in his strict wifes family. He has no say other than to say yes Miss and thank you Miss!

Today Miss Mia has paid a visit on the request of her sister to find that Simon is at on the sofa with his chores not done and drinking wine! Drinking alcohol by the way is prohibited in this house and for his disobedience he knows there is only one option open which Miss Mia takes without a moments hesitation!

Ordered to pull his trousers and pants down Miss Mia soundly spanks his bare bottom until she is truly satisfied he has learned a lesson!

Our sexy Russian strict woman Miss Mia wastes very little time in scolding Simple Simon before the inevitable humilating instruction to pull down his pants which poor Simon dare not disobey! Afterall he is already getting the hairbrush today! Why would he want to face the cane too!

We feel sure you are going to love Miss Mia and her Russian accent! True cosmopolitan culture from Eastern Europe comes once more to our pages!

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_IFD056-111-blogA new face has appeared at the Institute of Feminine discipline this week together with the sexy Miss Selina (aka Miss Zoe) who is mentoring her for the day! That is none other than Miss Jenna who you may have seen in one or two sites before though doing other things shall we say that will remain nameless 🙂

In this video Miss Jenna is reporting fresh out of FemDom College to start work taking over the Surrey Spanking Centre as the Remedial Behavioural Therapist in charge of the Spanking Centre there as well as lower duties helping out Miss Amy, Shay and Rebekah in the Institute of Feminine Discipline itself.

Arjun for his part has been sent along to the Spanking Centre by his girlfriend who is fed up with his attitude.   Miss Selina is awesome in this movie as she calmly explains to rebellious Arjun who seems to think that women are or should be subordinate to him that it simply does not matter once he is registered as a woman’s personal property at the Board of Corrective Women’s head quarters!  The woman takes ownership of him and all that he owns including the bottom she is entitled to spank any time she feels like it and he has no say in the matter except to say yes Miss and thank You Miss.   Miss Selina is really awesome as she explains poor Arjuns new life to him and then proceeds to spank the message home!

And i have a video preview for you all 🙂

[SWF]flash/IFD056SelinaJennaCheckIn_01.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

Awesome video!  :)

Anyway, as I say, this is a new movie now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Its not even yet up at the Domination Theater or FemDom Spanking Store this is so new so be sure to check it out soon ok!

See you all later for another update to this blog :-)


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b2ap3_thumbnail_ifd053c2-blogThe fireworks are shooting into the skies across the heavens above the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline this week!  Campaign For Stricter Discipline member Miss Selina Rothschild known for her love of teasing and spanking the boys at the Institute of Feminine Discipline and the nations Spanking Centres leads this months group masturbation session and the boys could not be happier!  Miss Selina does not usually want to take part in these duties but her love of teasing and frustrating the boys simply get the better of her today and so she agrees for the sake of amusement as much as anything to tease the boys!  But it is not long before she has to line every one of them up, bend them all over the table and spank all of their bottoms in turn!

The boys of course coming into the scheduled group masturbation session thought that the new face of the beautiful Miss Selina would perhaps simply let them all gawk and sank but in a world run by women for women and in an institute run by naturally dominant Goddesses that know they are superior owners of all males it is what the superior Female says that goes!

And i have some pics from the video 🙂

IFD053C2-167 IFD053C2-216 IFD053C2-190

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Miss Selina (for which read Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe) has returned this week in lingerie, stockings and suspenders complete with paddle and cane as she leads this months group masturbation session for all male creatures who have been able to behave throughout the month!  Seems Miss Amy’s new discipline regime must have been working better than usual as there are more males allowed to take part!  But the question will always remain…will She, whoever She is, allow them to squirt!  So far Miss Rebekah has taken a pride in pushing all males to the very limits and then right on the point of ejaculation withdrawing permission simply for her own amusement and spanking them instead!  Miss Shay has allowed the boys to squirt only once but out of her sight for which She got into trouble with her boss Miss Amy.  So with Miss Selina now outranking Miss Amy as more and more Male Liberation Front plots are uncovered, will Miss Selina allow this?

Well its hard to say for sure BUT we do know this much!  if she DOES allow it, they will be wanking with sore hands and sore bottoms regardless because she is not putting up with ANY misbehaviour during this session!

And I have a video preview for you all 🙂

[sWF]flash/IFD053SelinaWank_02.swf, 480, 305[/SWF]

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!

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fdssDomination Theater

Miss Selina Rothschild aka Miss Zoe Page decided today to do a snap sheet inspection on the boys beds in the Institute of Feminine Discipline looking for signs of masturbation!  Male masturbation is permitted at the Institute of Feminine Discipline once monthly only at supervised group masturbation sessions under strict supervision of the duty Overseer in charge on that day!  All other times it is strictly forbidden!  So forbidden in fact that the Board of Corrective Women has listed it as one of the 10 Commandments which male creatures dare not indulge themselves in!  🙂   And as if this was not enough, every room has a notice up reminding the males of the rule with the words “Remember Wanking Rhymes With Spanking”

Miss Selina of course, forever the lover of humiliating males has decided to do a snap sheet inspection and it does not take her long before she finds evidence of such on Adam’s bed!  And so the inevitable spanking commences!

And i have some of the Femdom Fm spanking pics 🙂

IFD54-038IFD54-027 IFD54-041

Yes when you wank the offending hands are ALWAYS given a hard tawse spanking!  It is the rule!

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!  Alternatively you can see the video streaming to your computer as a full length video at Domination Theater or buy the DVD or full length digital download at FemDom Spanking Store!

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