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Welcome back everybody to the FemDom Spanking Blog 😉  Hope you all had a really good Christmas 🙂  My end I have been helping to develop the site for the Male Liberation Front and giving feedback to Miss Anna who is the boss at Strict Women (yes it is a Female managed website) on a site that She has been working on for the superior Female side at the Institute of Feminine Discipline for when that opens its doors 🙂  She has REALLY put her whole heart and soul into that site where She gives everybody a guided tour of the new dimensional world where Women are in charge (completely), and rule over men with a rod of rattan!  I am really proud of what she has achieved there!  It is a truly great site and I know you are all going to love it!  🙂

Meanwhile, more news on the news stand is that Paula Andante who wrote some of the very best FemDom Fm spanking stories I have ever read…anywhere…stories like “The Story of Stephanie” and others has just returned to the team at Strict Women to write stories for Miss Anna there.   Paula’s stories were always so well written and vivid and could have been best sellers by anybodies standards.  For my own part I really hope that she will start writing some stories for the new Institute of Feminine Discipline site when it opens!  Because believe me, those stories will truly knock your socks off if She does!  🙂

Keep your eyes peeled as time goes on for news on all of that 🙂

Anyway, moving on to todays update at Strict Women! Because today Miss Sandie sadly bows out with the final few clips from her last movie and unfortunately, as I understand it, she has retired 🙁  But we do have the films that she made and those I think were all really excellent 🙂

In this video, Dave has been trying to sell business executive Miss Sandie new double glazing but for some reason thinks that because she is a woman, he can extract tens of thousands of pounds more than they are worth or that any guy would pay for them!  But he is in for a huge shock when Miss Sandie puts him across her knee, pulls his pants down and drums a new price out of him…quite literally!  With a paddle and hairbrush!  It takes a while but Miss Sandie  soon has that £100,000 price tag down to just 3 AND a free front door thrown in to the bargain that she can kick his “sorry arse” out of to use her coin of phrase!  🙂

And I have a video preview 🙂

Well I really hope Miss Sandie comes out of retirement soon 🙁  I enjoyed my time over her knee!  🙂  Anyway you can see this movie featuring the very strict Miss Sandie Caine now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can buy the movie as a DVD or digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store or as always, watch it streaming over at Domination Theater :-)

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You know there is just something about Miss Sandie I always really liked 🙂  I have not seen her for a while now and I believe she has retired from spanking naughty boys but she had this really great no nonsense attitude!  And took absolutely NO backchat whatsoever 🙂  She was always a little like the girl next door that might put you across her knee for a good hairbrush spanking and that was just what Dave felt that day!  🙂

Dave plays the part of a double glazing salesman that visits the lovely Miss Sandie, the owner and CEO of a major corporation but he has the nerve to think that as she is a woman, she will not have any business sense!  Something Miss Sandie puts him straight on double quick by the way as she spanks down the price he is charging to the extent that he is actually paying HER to accept his windows! 🙂

And just for you I have a video preview for you all 🙂

Cool huh? 🙂  You see now why I always liked Miss Sandie so much 🙂

And you can see this movie featuring the very strict Miss Sandie Caine now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can buy the movie as a DVD or digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store or as always, watch it streaming over at Domination Theater :-)

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Its been a while since Miss Sandie has starred as the main update at the Strict Women site and I have to admit to have been feeling some withdraw symptoms!  There is just something about Miss Sandie that ticks all the boxes in my eyes and when she is armed with that wooden hairbrush it seems to elevate her personality that bit higher where she becomes yet more bitchy and haughty than she was with the  paddles 🙂

In this movie, Mike plays the part of Miss Sandies noisy drunk husband who without his wifes permission has gone out with his friends getting drunk and come home in the middle of the night, no scratch that, the early morning at about 3am (!!!) with his friends not only waking his neighbours but also, and far more seriously for him, waking  Miss Sandie!  He is, as she points out in the video, just lucky that she didnt feel in the mood to get up in the middle of ‘night’ to put him across her knee for a sound bare bottom spanking there and then and in front of his “little friends”.  And they of course will never know how “lucky” if that is the word, that they were to avoid similar treatment over those beautiful knees of this strict Woman!

This is a really great movie and Im hoping we get to see more from this lady because I for one would hate to see her fade away because this is one of the true no nonsence Mistress’s at the site that I think make it stand out 🙂

I have some pics for you all 🙂




There is just that very earthly homely feel about Miss Sandie 🙂  Stunning of course yet earthly and homely at the same time 🙂

Anyway you can see more of this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer to see the DVD or the full length digital download you can see that now at FemDom Spanking Store or watch the full movie streaming at either Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater! 🙂

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News has just come in that Red Badger Productions has just released new movies at its theaters at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater and DVD’s and digital downloads at FemDom Spanking Store for these full length femdom spanking movies 🙂

Miss Rebekka In The Tax Inspector

Movie Synopsis:

Dave has been hiding money from the tax inspector but she has been tracking those invoices for canes and paddles that he was buying for a spanking website he runs! Yet no income has been declared so perhaps she should claim the balance in flesh from his bared backside!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Sandie In The Morning After

Movie Synopsis:

Miss Sandie has arrived home to find that her lazy good for nothing boyfriend has remained in bed since she left for work this morning and not done any of that she left him to do. Reason? He had been out till the early hours in the morning at the local bar getting drunk and she knows this because he woke her coming in!

Just about at the end of her tether with his behaviour Miss Sandie decides she is going to give him some old fashioned discipline and so he soon finds himself over her knee with his pants down!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Red (below) in The Day My Sister Spanked Me

Movie Synopsis:

Miss Red plays simple simons strict sister who catches him on the Internet without her permission but more than that, he is surfing a porn site so decides she will take matters into her own hands and give him the sound bare bottom spanking that he deserves!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Rebekah in Day in the life of Miss Rebekah

Movie Synopsis:

Part of David’s job is to help his strict beautiful Mistress Miss Rebekah to dress in the morning. Of course as always as he brushes her hair he can not help looking at her bottom and nipping her ear on the bristles of the hairbrush! All the things that annoy Miss Rebekah and just as she does every day she decides to put Dave across her knee for a good spanking. You’re invited to join her in her room as he suffers his humiliating punishment!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Kaz inDay in the life of White Van Man

Movie Synopsis:

Mike the ignorant white van parcel courier has crashed his van into Miss Kaz’s brand new car and she is furious! But rather than apologize for his incompetence he begins blaming HER for her parking ability! Princess Kaz decides that enough is enough and that his employer needs to be told! Rather than lose his job mike agrees to be put across Miss Kaz’s knee for a spanking but he may soon regret his decision!

Links To this movie are:

After almost a year relaxing on the comfy sofa Miss Sandie has come back to Strict Women with avengeance!  She has always been one of my favorites and when you see her in action again you will see why 🙂  There is such a smooth confidence about this lady, she just knows she is above you in all things and it shows in all her dealings with any male when she decides to get her paddle or hairbrush out 🙂

Anyway, in this movie today at Strict Women, Miss Sandie is a high powered CEO of her own company. Dodgy Dave has come to give her a quote for double glazing for her head office premises and thinks because she is a woman he can blind her with science and convince her to take a quote way over the odds for her order! How wrong can he be?  Paddle handed, Miss Sandie administers spank after spank to his bare backside as she drives his offer down by thousands upon thousands of pounds!   He resists of course at first but when the hairbrush comes out it does not take Miss Sandie long to make him relent!

And we have a video preview for you 🙂

Anyway you can see this movie featuring the very strict Miss Sandie Caine now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can buy the movie as a DVD or digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store or as always, watch it streaming over at Domination Theater or Fetish Video theater! 🙂

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Today at Strict Women Miss Sandie stars as the strict company Boss (proprietor, CEO, call her what you will as long as it is with deep respect and reverence or else…!!!) who must deal with the Dodgy double glazing salesman, none other than Dodgy Dave! He seems to think that because she is a woman, he can fluff her off (as Miss Catalina often puts it) with any old nonsense about the windows he is trying to sell her and to get her to sign on the dotted line without even reading the contract! Oh poor soul, how wrong can he be! That just simply is NOT Miss Sandie’s way at all! She has not built that company up from scratch like that by being so naive! And neither is she going to let him think even for a second that she is!

Dont Irk Miss Sandie!

Ahhh the good old fashioned scolding! And a very worried looking Dodgy looks at his new Mistress as she takes him down a few pegs!

Very soon though Dodgy Dave finds himself over Miss Sandie’s knee with a sore behind!

Strict Miss Sandie

Yes a great look of satisfaction on Miss Sandie’s face there! By the looks of it, she has only just started to give her naughty boy this correction but don’t worry, she will certainly leave him very red and sore by the time she has finished and puts him into the corner! 🙂

Unfortunately the video editing pc for Strict Women is feeling very poorly today folks 🙁 It has been taken to the pc hospital and is under the knife as we speak undergoing surgery. Keep the pc in your prayers boys and Girls! We want it working real quickly because I want to have some flash video for you for Thursday PLUS the video for the new Miss Zoe site will need that pc working to be edited and made available in its better quality format!

Anyway tomorrow I am going to another shoot with Strict Women! 🙂 I am on holiday from work this week (yep I’m a winner again! Hurrah!) and I get to meet up once more with the beautiful Miss Chloe who is shooting for the Strict Women site! So see you all hopefully on Wednesday with a fan sign perhaps? 😉

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

If you ever wondered what would happen to you if you were married to a strict woman and came home drunk waking her up this movie will give you a pretty good idea! Miss Sandie gives an absolutely excellent performance where she puts hubby across her knee for some well earned discipline after she had been kept awake for hours as hubby made loud noise through the night and then returns home from work to find him sleeping with his shoes on the bed! Boy is he in trouble!

As you can probably imagine, it doesn’t take long for Miss Sandie to pull his trousers and under pants down and order him over her knee and though he protests some in the beginning, as always for a regularly spanked husband, he knows its pointless trying and eventually does as he is told! But you cant blame him for trying I guess.

Of course this naughty boy is really asking for it today! Its one thing when he tries to persuade his strict wife and Mistress not to spank him but another entirely when he actually has the gaul to suggest that she is the one to blame for her lack of sleep and not him as if she had gone to bed earlier she would have gotten more sleep! Boy does this infuriate Her! And boy does she make him pay for it! And quite right too! He clearly needs a few lessons in manners anyway 🙂

See a preview clip below 🙂

Yes…Miss Sandie raging and sure shows it! 🙂  He also suggests in another part that she is hormonal which really cheers her up!  LOL 🙂  Some guys are just really dim sometimes….he chooses the moment he is over her knee and she has a hairbrush in her hand to tell her something like that?  Not the brightest spark… 🙂

Anyway, see more from Miss Sandie now exclusively at StrictWomen.com! :-)

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Monday again and I’m on holiday! Hurray!!! 🙂 So I’m going to take it easy today 🙂 Its nice to have a rest from work

Dodgy Dave thought he was going to have a nice easy day too when he turned up to try and sell some double glazing to a business lead he was given, especially when he saw that the CEO there was Miss Sandie! But little did he know that this lady was strict and little did he know that she has her own way of driving down the prices from salesmen like him! And they involve paddles, canes and hairbrush’s! 🙂 Here is a preview from todays update 🙂

Dodgy Dave just never quite gets it does he? 🙂 By now you would think he would have learned to just say Yes Ma’am and shut up but no…he has to carry on giving his new Mistress grief which isn’t very smart when she has a paddle in her hand and your butt over her knee! 🙂

Anyway, its a great movie with some great action in it so make sure you get yourself over to Strict Women and take a look! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Another great update in Strict Women yesterday i see 🙂 This one stars Miss Sandie who returns in a new movie in which she stars as a high powered CEO of a large corporation. Dodgy Dave thinks that he can sluff her off with a high quote because she is a woman but boy does she put him straight! See how Miss Sandie knocks both Dave’s quote AND him himself back into place with her own brand of discipline! Here is a short clip 🙂

Personally I think she should spank him a lot harder! Even as she spanks he is still giving her back chat! But at least he is not screaming at the top of his voice like that guy who was over Miss Kathryn’s knee here!

So to see more from Miss Sandie and others, go visit StrictWomen.com. Oh and by the way, Im told that the video from the Miss Rebekah shoot has now been despatched to the States from the UK so it shouldnt be long now… :-)) I cant wait!

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Ahhhh…I always love it when i see some video from a shoot ive been present at! 🙂 And this is just such! Miss Sandie was terrific that day and with both her and Miss Joanne together playing off to see who could be the most strict and most demanding that day it was hard work keeping out of trouble! And each had a thick wooden paddle to reinforce their authority! Scary stuff! 🙂 But we all survived even though most of us went home with a sore backside that day! 🙂

In this movie, now published at Strict Women, Miss Sandie plays the part of a very strict girlfriend who was woken by Her boyfriend the evening before after he came home late from the pub worse for wear from drink! He failed to make Her sandwiches for work and failed to feed the cat and now he is going to be punished!

See the video preview below:

Well, the naughty boy may well wriggle but if he had not been so lippy with Miss Sandie he probably wouldn’t have been punished so much! Anyway, he deserved it 🙂

See more of this video now along with thousands of others at StrictWomen.com
Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys