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It is always a pleasure to update this blog when it is Miss Rebekka on the schedule!  🙂  And one look at this video preview will tell you why!   For Miss Rebekka’s lackey servant has few jobs that he must undertake and none of them as enviable as helping his Goddess to dress in the morning!  So perhaps it is little wonder he continually screws this one up if he gets to be put over her knees dressed in the type of attire that Miss Rebekka is dressed in today!  And failing miserably to make his Owner happy with his performance as he does it is little wonder that Miss Rebekka chooses to put her naughty boy over her knee as often as she does!  And today is just one of those times when she must exercise her natural feminine authority and administer some discipline!

And i have a video preview for you all 🙂

Sexy or what? 🙂   Form an orderly queue here boys to replace Dave as Miss Rebekka’s servant but do at least TRY to get it right as tempting as being put across her knee must be! 🙂

And you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget that Miss Rebekka also has a number of videos out on DVD or available as a full movie digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or streaming at theDomination Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

You would think that he would have learned by now wouldn’t you but nooooooo….   Mike is in trouble once more after Miss Rebekka catches him organising a stripper for his friend Daniel’s birthday party! And worse than that, when his strict wife decides that she is going to spank his bottom or it, he think he somehow has the right to argue with her about it?  Like discipline is a matter for him rather than his Mistress?  Sorry Mike but things just do not work that way my friend!  And after a well spanked butt over Miss Rebekkah’s knee he will soon realise what life is like for a male living the FemDom Fm spanking lifestyle as he now is!  🙂

And I have a preview clip! :-)

Anyway, you can see more of this video from Miss Rebekka now at Strict Women where her video is exclusively published! :-)

See you all tomorrow for another update to the FemDom Spanking Blog!  🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Another week begins and Strict Women have begun theirs with a trip for naughty Mike over Miss Rebekka’s knee!  He has failed to hand in a report on time and seems to think that he can sot soap his strict Mistress/Manageress with back chat but she soon sorts him out!  Kneeling on the floor with his nose in the carpet and his butt up in the air Miss Rebekka applies a real good spanking and not just to his butt either but all the soft skin his butt like his sides, back and…well…lets just say its a good job he had his legs closed because I would not like to have been in his place had they been open!  And even without them being open it would have hurt like hell!

We have a preview clip from the update today :-)

Yep thats right! A TWO paddle spanking there! Miss Rebekka is determined that he WILL learn! 🙂

ANYWAY…its a really great movie and you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can buy the entire movie on DVD or digital download from the FemDom Spanking Store or you can watch it streaming as a full length femdom Fm spanking movie at Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Wow dont the weeks ever just fly by?  It only seems like yesterday that I was telling you all about how the lovely Miss Rebekah Dee had decided to spank Mikes butt for him and all of a sudden im back here reporting back to you all about how Miss Rebekka Raynor has been flexing the cane over at Strict Women in this latest update!  Well, actually not so much the cane as 3 or 4 thick leather straps but either way Dave is in the process of learning his lesson!  🙂

The interesting thing with Miss Rebekka in this movie is that she has her own little discipline regime which is slightly different from many of the other ladies out there!  I say that because with most women who spank their men, they do so immediately they are aware of his bad behaviour but Miss Rebekka does not do this.  Rather, Miss Rebekka sets a day upon which Dave must report to her and face the music for all his indiscretions throughout the entire week!  Of course, if Dave has done something extra bad then he is spanked there and then just to put him back in his place and on track but that does not mean that he does not face justice for his actions at 12 mid day on Saturday afternoon when Miss Rebekka expect’s his presence in order to receive the spanking that he knows will shortly ensue!  In this way, as any strict Woman who operates this system of discipline will attest to, a sore bottom for several days always creates a well behaved boy and as the soreness goes down, the anticipation of an impending trip back across that ladies knee on Saturday at 12pm makes him that bit more nervous about doing anything that will add spanks to his punishment which he will receive all at the same time!  In fact, the closer the spanking comes, the more nervous the naughty husband becomes!  And this is especially the case on the day of the spanking itself as the hours tick down towards that impending tanned backside that is coming his way!  In fact, Miss Rebekka swears by this method as she says that you just would not believe how desperate the boy is to please her when he knows what is soon going to be taking place and in the vein hope that perhaps she will on this one occasion be kind and let him off his punishment!  This NEVER happens of course but you can’t blame a guy for trying can you?

Anyway, today is Saturday at 12 mid day and Miss Rebekka is therefore taking the time to discipline her naughty husband who just can not help but open what Miss Zoe once referred to as his ‘big fat mouth’ and to give her lip throughout this spanking!  Not too bright! But he does at least pay for it!  And to that end, we have a video preview 🙂

Yes now you get to see some of the sadistic side of Miss Rebekka as she spanks vertically down Daves butt catching the tops of his thighs here!  Very painful as it is on soft skin!  Very effective in stopping the backchat that Dave can never seem to resist giving ladies who are punishing him!  And if that does not work, as Miss Rebekka points out, she can always apply that strap down to his front side!  Ouch!  🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget that Miss Rebekka also has a number of videos out on DVD or available as a full movie digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or streaming at theDomination Theater and Fetish Video Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Its been about 3 months now since I had a chance to post the lovely Miss Rebekka and so it was kind of pleasing to see her back up there as the star of the Strict Women site today! 🙂  The matter of fact strict sounding Scottish accent I know is a real blood pressure booster for so many of you out there and she just never fails to please when she appears at the site paddle handed as she does! 🙂

So what is today’s update all about?  Well Miss Rebekka plays the part of David’s very strict wife who knows full well as a dominant woman that she needs to take a firm hand with her husband David and indeed, that firm hand needs to be used to smack his backside for him on a regular basis!  Not just him of course, but any male but as Davids wife, Miss Rebekka is the lady that is charged with the task of dealing with his discipline!  🙂

Husbands afterall, are like all males and they need that regular feminine discipline!  To that end, Dave is no different to any other male!  But where he does differ is that when he is due that regular spanking, most other males know it is coming and behave themselves! Dave instead chooses to be disobedient and even pokes fun at his Mistress’s discipline with those awful boxer shorts!  The same boxer shorts incidently that Miss Amy once referred to as ‘that rediciclous backdrop’ 🙂  And still he wears them!  🙂  Anyway, Miss Rebekka is not going to stand for it and delivers a very long and sound spanking to teach him the error of his ways as well as topping up his discipline!

And as always I have a nice little video preview for you all 🙂

You know Dave likened Miss Rebekka to Miss Jean Brody from the tv series some years ago called the Prime of Miss Jean Brody? 🙂  I can only just remember it though Dave, who is actually a good bit older than I am (smile) (actually he should be getting his bus pass soon if whoever wins the coming election do not do away with that! 😉 )  tells me that she (Miss Rebekka) is so very much like her? 🙂  Looks wise there is not a lot of similarity I dont think as for a start Miss Rebekka is not blonde (!!!) but with eyesight failing Dave as it must at his age (grin) but there are some similarities in her demenour!  🙂  That strict voice with the expectation of complete obedience (or else) is certainly something that they share! 🙂

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget that Miss Rebekka also has a number of videos out on DVD or available as a full movie digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or streaming at theDomination Theater and Fetish Video Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Husbands, like all males need regular feminine discipline.  We all know that right? After all, if we didn’t believe that then I wouldn’t be writing this blog and you wouldn’t be reading it!  And to that end, Dave is no different to any other male.  No different that is except that most males that are regularly spanked by strict women know their place and know that it is not a good idea to go annoying that Lady just as she is about to put you across her knee!  Common sense right?  But Dave just doesn’t seem to get it!  And even at the very beginning, he turns up late for his spanking!  So how can he possibly make that situation any worse?  Well he uses the excuse that he was washing the dishes which as Miss Rebekka so rightly points out, are dishes that he was supposed to have washed YESTERDAY!  So in fact he actually reminds her that he has been disobedient JUST AS She is about to bend him over her knee!  Good move Dave!  Have you ever heard of that saying about when you are in a pit, stop digging?  No?  Well apparently neither has Dave!

So how can he rescue himself from this situation and calm his Mistress down?  Does he buy her chocolates?  Does he bring her flowers?  No!  He wears those awful boxer shorts that SO MANY of the ladies at Strict Women have poked fun at over the years!  Miss Amy, Miss Rose, Miss Zoe and so many others and oh…one more to add to the list, Miss Rebekka who we see today! 🙂  And as she points out, she didn’t want to see those boxer shorts again and so she pulls them up between his butt  cheeks to give him one of the best wedgies that any of the girls have given him in a long time!

And i have a video preview 🙂

Yes as you can see from the little smiling chuckle from Miss Rebekka here, she is clearly very sympathetic to poor Dave’s suffering…NOT!

Question is of course, is Miss Rebekka correct when she says that Dave only misbehaves like this in order to get himself spanked!?!  I guess the answer to that one would probably be yes he does but it certainly doesn’t stop Miss Rebekka GIVING him that spanking does it?  Looks like she enjoys it every bit as much as Dave does, IF indeed he DOES enjoy it!

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching the clips in the site and im sure you will too 🙂 They were really quite entertaining 🙂  I haven’t seen the wedgie done for some time but it was certainly effective!  LOL 🙂  And even if it wasnt, the spanking he got over her knee sure was!

Anyway, you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  And don’t forget that Miss Rebekka also has a number of videos out on DVD or available as a full movie digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or streaming at the Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Sorry this is a bit late and a little short in length guys but Ive hurt my wrist and its painful to write im afraid 🙁  So bear with me if you will…

Anyway, its been a couple of months now since we have seen the lovely Miss Rebekka but today at Strict Women she is back and she is back with avengence armed with her traditional Scottish tawse and ready to put any guy who steps out of line firmly across her knee!

In today’s update, Mike has been caught by his Mistress, Miss Rebekka arranging a stripper! Not only that but he then insults his Mistress on the phone to his friend Daniel and then argues with her as she disciplines him! Clearly he needs a lesson in respect and Miss Rebekka is just the woman to teach it to him!  And give it to him she does!  Big time!

And I have a preview clip! 🙂

Yep, as you see, vertical spanking with the tip of the paddle biting into the soft skin of his upper thigh!  Ouch! But as always he deserves it just as Miss Rebekka points out! 🙂  And whether he deserves it or not of course he is going to get it!  That of course is HER decision as his disciplinarian and as a woman not his! 🙂

Well with my wrist playing up im going to sign off here for now.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow but either way, I will be here to post my update as usual for Friday with news on whats happening at the Miss Zoe site so keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂

You can see more of this video from Miss Rebekka now at Strict Women where her video is exclusively published! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

News has just come in that Red Badger Productions has just released new movies at its theaters at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater and DVD’s and digital downloads at FemDom Spanking Store for these full length femdom spanking movies 🙂

Miss Rebekka In The Tax Inspector

Movie Synopsis:

Dave has been hiding money from the tax inspector but she has been tracking those invoices for canes and paddles that he was buying for a spanking website he runs! Yet no income has been declared so perhaps she should claim the balance in flesh from his bared backside!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Sandie In The Morning After

Movie Synopsis:

Miss Sandie has arrived home to find that her lazy good for nothing boyfriend has remained in bed since she left for work this morning and not done any of that she left him to do. Reason? He had been out till the early hours in the morning at the local bar getting drunk and she knows this because he woke her coming in!

Just about at the end of her tether with his behaviour Miss Sandie decides she is going to give him some old fashioned discipline and so he soon finds himself over her knee with his pants down!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Red (below) in The Day My Sister Spanked Me

Movie Synopsis:

Miss Red plays simple simons strict sister who catches him on the Internet without her permission but more than that, he is surfing a porn site so decides she will take matters into her own hands and give him the sound bare bottom spanking that he deserves!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Rebekah in Day in the life of Miss Rebekah

Movie Synopsis:

Part of David’s job is to help his strict beautiful Mistress Miss Rebekah to dress in the morning. Of course as always as he brushes her hair he can not help looking at her bottom and nipping her ear on the bristles of the hairbrush! All the things that annoy Miss Rebekah and just as she does every day she decides to put Dave across her knee for a good spanking. You’re invited to join her in her room as he suffers his humiliating punishment!

Links To this movie are:

Miss Kaz inDay in the life of White Van Man

Movie Synopsis:

Mike the ignorant white van parcel courier has crashed his van into Miss Kaz’s brand new car and she is furious! But rather than apologize for his incompetence he begins blaming HER for her parking ability! Princess Kaz decides that enough is enough and that his employer needs to be told! Rather than lose his job mike agrees to be put across Miss Kaz’s knee for a spanking but he may soon regret his decision!

Links To this movie are:

Just been over to Strict Women and there has been yet another great update!  This time the star is Miss Rebekka who features at the site as a strict tax inspector who has noticed how Dave has been claiming for spanking paddles in his companies tax returns!  And yet there has been no income declared?  Perhaps she should take the balance of monies she feels the tax Mistress is owed in pounds of flesh? 🙂  And of course she can not resist but try all of those paddles Dave has claimed for out on him PLUS a few of her own which she brings along with her in her handbag!  🙂

And we have a FemDom spanking video preview for you 🙂  And of course this cane also is one of Miss Rebekka’s that she has brought along to spank Dave with!

And as the cane wraps around his butt and down into his leg you can see WHY he is squirming 🙂  This is actually a deceptive spanking here from Miss Rebekka.  Hardly looks like she is touching him at all does it?  Yet the way that cane wraps around you can bet it is hurting for sure! 🙂  But then if he did as he was told he wouldn’t be in trouble right now would he? 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Rebekka in this movie now exclusively at Strict Women! Don’t forget to visit us again for another update to the FemDom Spanking Blog! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Just had word that Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater have both recently been updated with 2 new Red Badger FemDom Spanking movies!  One is from Miss Joanne and called Spanking Her Perverted Employee and the other from Miss Rebekka who is mentioned in this same movie below, called Humiliated By His Manageress!

I have given the descriptions of these great movies below with a pic 🙂  See?  More freebies from the FemDom Spanking Blog! 😉  You can get a larger image though from the theaters themselves where you can view the videos and see what else is on offer there on a video pay per view basis 🙂

Spanking Her Pervert Employee Starring Miss Joanne.


Miss Joanne has been receiving complaints about naughty Mike and his new found habit of filming the office girls in the toilets and so in Miss Joanne’s own individual way she informs him that he has been naughty and what naughty boys get! Mike thinks, as he always does, that he can talk his way out of it but Miss Joanne is having none of it and she soon finds himself over her knee with his pants down!

Humiliated By Manageress Rebekka


Mike has been doing a stock take in Miss Rebekka’s warehouse but has made a whole bunch of mistakes! When he is confronted by Miss Rebekka with his mistakes he becomes cheeky and so he clearly both needed AND deserved the spanking that Miss Rebekka sent his way!

As I say, you can see these movies at the Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater now by clicking on these links!

Domination Theater:

Spanking Her Pervert Employee Starring Miss Joanne.
Humiliated By Manageress Rebekka

Fetish Video Theater:

Spanking Her Pervert Employee Starring Miss Joanne.
Humiliated By Manageress Rebekka

Domination Theater