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Hey everybody and welcome back to the FemDom Spanking Blog where this week i thought I would mention Miss Lina just for the heck of it ūüôā ¬†Well…not quite just for that but rather its kind of an unusual storyline so i wanted to touch on it ūüôā

The video is basically Miss lina demonstrating how a dominant woman wins in the end no matter what the male is like!  This is a demonstration on how a dominant woman can put a male on her leash no matter who they are or what they are like.  Yes the can be the most dominant and assertive people you can imagine but a wise dominant woman can still win through and have them obediently following their rules or submitting to their discipline!

The secret?  Find out what it is that turns the guy on and then make it available ONLY on the woman terms!  When the woman wins this little battle the male may as well be a puppy for training for they will do anything to be allowed that pleasure!!

In this case Arjun who has just married Miss Lina has a fetish for sniffing women hair and simply wants to sniff her hair. ¬† Unusual you might think but its actually for real! ¬†Hey there is very little about a woman that is not sexy when you think about it! ¬†And for Arjun it is sniffing hair which as I looked in ¬†google discovered is kinda common around Asia where his roots are from ūüôā ¬†So that was an interesting little detour ūüôā

SW236-163 SW236-096 SW236-097

Anyway i got some pics from the video but if you wanna see Miss Lina expertly enslave her new hubby and her methods for doing so you had best get your butts to Strict Women where it is available with so many others! ¬†ūüôā

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strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

Welcome back to the Femdom Spanking Blog where this week we have a movie somewhere between a regular spanking video as you are all used to and a documentary on how a newly married Dominant Woman collars and enslaves her husband to bend to her will…metaphorically AND physically!

Strict Women being the nets only Female owned Fm spanking site, run as it is by two dominant sisters from California, has produced this excellent movie with Miss Lina Birch to show how easy it is to ensnare even the most determined males simply by discovering what it is that turns them on and using their femininity to its maximum for THEIR benefit!

Whatever may have happened in the past and whatever may happen in more male dominated societies this movie demonstrates how women really do hold all the cards! As a male if you wish to have sex or any sexual experience whatsoever with your new wife (or indeed girlfriend) you must give her what SHE wants! In fact you must bend to her every will. And it is not long before with rewards and treats go penalties! In Arjuns case Miss Lina has already detected a submissive desire to be dominated but all males can be treated this way by a strong willed woman who is determined enough! Males after all are effectively slaves to their dicks and will give anything to satisfy that lust!

Miss Lina truly demonstrates well just how to enslave and bring a man around to accepting her authority and her right to spank him at her whim and will without complaint! Or if there is complaint then that too can be punished!

And i have a few FemDom Fm spanking pics for you all from this excellent movie ūüôā




And you can see more now exclusively at Strict Women!

Awesome update at Strict Women as Miss Lina Birch continues to demonstrate her method of enslaving a normally dominant guy into a submissive lackey at her beck and call.  The secret of Womankind over the centuries as she uses her sexuality to reduce him to a quivering lump of testosterone dangling the mere possibility of sex in front of his face but ONLY on HER terms!  And those terms are he does as he is told and submits to her discipline in the form of corporal punishment should he disobey or fail her in any way!

Arjun for his part is so desperate to be sniffing his wives hair that he will do or give anything. ¬†And though he thinks that she is joking at first when she explains his new life he just can’t help accepting the terms.

Yes Miss Lina has broken the man and now has a submissive lackie in her charge.

And I have a few domestic Fm spanking pics from the update :)  Obviously much larger images are in the site itself :-)


And you can see more now over at Miss Chloes page in Strict Women!  :)

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strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

For all of us who love dominant women and want to serve them I so often come across so many that simply do not really understand the true nature of it. ¬† Men who have their fantasies which they expect women to follow as if they were a train going along a track without any option to deviate. ¬† I like being dominated the way I like being dominated they will cry. ¬†But this misses out on so much of the essence and fiery nature of true Female Domination because in actual fact if you really are a lover of Female Domination you understand that what you want and what you like is of little importance and actually far richer reward comes from seeking simply to please the woman in whom you seek to serve. ¬† Making Mistress happy may be almost impossible at times but yet you try to do it because the thought that you make her unhappy and earning her displeasure hurts. ¬† I don’t mean that in the sense that she spanks you and the spanking hurts because that is male focus once again but rather you just do not like making her sad or irritated. ¬†So as I have said here several times there is a gap between the genuine submissive and the masochist. ¬† The nature of the submissive is to seek to make his Mistress happy not angry and it has nothing to do with his desires to be spanked but his desires to be of some value to the woman that now owns him. ¬†The masoshist may become like this but it takes some mind alteration for them to feel the real powerful and intoxicating nature of the fantasy of serving a dominant woman.

As for the women? ¬† Well the other thing i hear so often is that there are no dominant women in the persons neighbourhood and this is the real falocy I think because in actual fact most women with any self confidence have a dominant nature within them. ¬†For some it may need to be brought out but the more submissive a guy is the more likely that self confident assertive nature will come forward to plug the vacuum left by the males self confidence. ¬†Im reminded here of Miss Karlene who’s knees I’ve been put over several times when she mentioned how when she would return home to her normal marriage that her husband would give her hard looks when she would be bossing him around just as she had been doing all day to me in the shoot! ¬†A beautiful model but one that could be living next door to anyone really ūüôā

But we hear a lot about how do males persuade women to be dominant so i thought i would, given this nature of the movie, let you into the secret of the dominant woman and how SHE can reduce even the most dominant of males to mere putty in her hands.  To shape and mould that most arrogant and dominant of males into a submissive servant she is able to boss around and spank whenever SHE feels like it!  Because remember the message at the beginning?  Female Domination, just like Female Supremacy, is about the woman and not the man.  And this movie from Miss Lina demonstrates the technique perfectly.   Find out what turns the man on and then enslave him with her body and her ability to either grant or refuse him that privilege!  Women have used sex to control men for centuries and this is just a little extension onto that.

Oh and by the way this is a scenario written entirely by Miss Acacia from the woman’s perspective. ¬†It is quite unique in many ways and almost like an educational video for those women trying to figure out how to obtain their own male slave that they can boss around and yes discipline as and when they wish to. ¬† It is as close to reality as we could get it. ¬†Sure I could have asked Arjun to be kissing Miss Lina’s bottom rather than sniffing her hair but Arjuns fantasy is sniffing womens hair and this video was one I wanted to make as realistic as I possibly could ūüôā

Here is a video preview for you all ūüôā

[SWF]flash/SW236LinaWeddingNight_01.swf, 360, 288[/SWF]

And you can see the first of 4 parts of this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  :)

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strictwomen-bannerfdssDomination Theater

News is hot off the press once more that Red Badger, video producers for sites like Strict Women, Strict Mistress Zoe and Institute of Feminine Discipline has just released 3 of its titles to Domination Theater and Femdom Spanking Store as both full length digital downloads and DVD’s as well as streaming to your tv’s and computers via the Domination Theater! ¬† The videos feature Miss Amber/Siobahn, Miss Zoe and Miss Lina Birch!

Miss Amber/Siobahn (Institute of Feminine Discipline) : Reasserting Her Authority


Miss Siobahn has been transferred for the day from the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline down to the Gloucestershire IFD and is feeling well and truly at home as the latest recruit to the Campaign for Stricter Discipline! In her heart Miss Siobahn has always believed firmly in strict and hard corporal punishemnt for male creatures and had felt her skills in spanking males bottoms were not fully utilised under the control of Miss Amy at the Surrey Institute!

Now working as she is for Miss Marnette Kelly Miss Siobahn wastes no time at all in asserting her authority and control over two trouble makers at the Gloucestershire IFD, Paul and Adam.

Watch out any male creature in the South West of England who believes they may get one over on THIS strict Woman!

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Zoe (Strict Women) Queened


Miss Zoe has been discipliining her lackie boy Simple Simon by smothering him under her bottom which she knows he hates. But when he fails to properly thank his Goddess for the privilige of being her throne that she sits upon she decides some stricter measures are in order! Yes boys its spanking time again and Simple Simon and his buddy must spend some time over her knee getting theier bare bottoms paddled and hand spanked!

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Lina Birch (Institute of Feminine Discipline): Strict Wanking Intervention


Adam has been summoned to the common room at the Yorkshire Institute of Feminine Discipline to¬†explain why his name continues to constantly appear in the punishmeent book. Miss Lina who is Miss Acacia’s chief of staff has become the most prolific offender for unauthorised and unsupervised male masturbation and this has lead his name to be entered into the Board of Corrective Womens official punishment book more than any other male creature in the Institute!

Adam has already been redirected to the Gloucestershire Institute of Feminine Discipline under the care and supervision of Miss Marnette Kelly of the Campaign for Stricter Discipline and it seems that even this is not working! But when confronted by Miss Lina about this Adam simply can not help to have a few jabs at the regime under the supervision of the Campaign For Stricter Discipline and one wonders how this will be reacted to by its head! For now however Adam faces a strict spanking for his behaviour!

Note:   This video is in High Definition (HD) Format.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

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Domination Theater

Awesome news in everybody as Red Badger, video producers for the best kick ass Fm spanking sites around release 3 brand new Fm spanking videos featuring Miss Amy Hunter, Miss Lina Birch, Miss Shay Hendrix and Goddess Miss Kelly at both Domination Theater and FemDom Spanking store.

Miss Amy Hunter(Strict Women):  Budget Spanking (Final Confrontation)


In this, the final confrontation with her father and brother, both of whom have been flagrantly disobedient regarding hourse rules and the budget, Miss Amy does a fantastic job, of putting both in their place. Their place, being once again, over her knees, for some final re-enforcement.

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Lina Birch (Institute of Feminine Discipline) Miss Lina: Chief Of Staff


An increase in activity from the Male Liberation Front and the introduction of the new break away Womens campaign group, the Campaign for Stricter Discipline has lead Miss Overser Supreme Acacia to appoint a new Chief of Staf to take charge of all Spanking Centres, IFD’s and other areas of the Board of Corrective Women’s regime of male discipline across the nation.

Known for her strong belief in the enforcement of standards and accountability Miss Lina, a close friend of Miss Acacia since they were room mates at Cambridge University halls of residence was a natural choice for Miss Acacia to pick for the role and Miss Lina when she begins work hits the ground running! After a full and frank meeting with IFD and Spanking Centre Archons Miss Amy and Miss Selina, Miss Lina takes away notes on all male creatures who have been slacking and making the jobs of these two high ranking Board of Corrective Women Archons difficult and is determined to add her own brand of discipline into the regime for chronicaly ill behavedm ales.

The first male creature summoned for discipline is Simon who has been working as a grounds keeper and care taker at the Gloucestershire Institute of Feminine Discipline and it is no long before Miss Lina administers a very sound bare bottom spanking indeed.

Now male creatures know that there is a new rung in management at the Board of Corrective Women! Miss Amy and Miss Selina have been demoted and warned about the rise in rebelious activity. It is a very dangerous time indeed for male creatures as the power struggle within teh Board of Corrective Women takes an unexpected turn!

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See Video at Domination Theater.

Goddess Miss Kelly (Strict Women): Make Up Failure


After checking on the make up that Mike was sent to purchase at the store Miss Kelly discovers that he has substituted her usual exclusive brands for cheaper supermarket own label products of a vastly inferior quality.

Miss Kelly is not used to being treated in this way and decides firmly that mikes disobedience will be severely punished with a very sound hand spanking and paddling.

Before mike knows it he finds himself bent over Miss Kelly’s knee withh is trousers and pants around his ankles and his bare bottom red and on fire from the discipline that Miss Kelly administers to her naughty disobedient lackie servant.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Shay Hendrix (Institute of Feminine Discipline): Outside Privileges


Every male creature held for reprogramming in the Institute of Feminine Discipline is expected to work. Work is considered to be good for the soul of a male and with the strong belief at the Board of Corrective Women that the devil finds work for idle hands being so prevalent, it is hardly any surprise that male creatures are worked hard with at least 15 hours per day of hard physical labour keeping them out of male mischief and Male Liberation Front activity.

Alexis however has been a good boy for several weeks and is therefore allowed to work outside in the sun for the the day sweeping up leaves and keeping the Institutes grounds spick and span(k). But as with all male creatures, when the regime he is subjected to begins to go easier on him and give him privileges and treats he simply abuses them and decides to take an unauthorized nap instead on the garden seat. A seat incidentally which only Women are permitted to sit on let alone sleep on!

It does not take long however for Miss Shay as She patrols around the perimeter to notice this naughty boy slacking in his duties and to deal with his behavior in the appropriate manner! That is by pulling his trousers and pants to his ankles and soundly spanking his bare bottom! Male creatures at the Institute of Feminine Discipline are expected to behave and this is what naughty boys should expect when they are disobedient!

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See Video at Domination Theater.

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Domination Theater