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Miss Amy Hunter(Strict Women):  Budget Spanking (Final Confrontation)


In this, the final confrontation with her father and brother, both of whom have been flagrantly disobedient regarding hourse rules and the budget, Miss Amy does a fantastic job, of putting both in their place. Their place, being once again, over her knees, for some final re-enforcement.

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Miss Lina Birch (Institute of Feminine Discipline) Miss Lina: Chief Of Staff


An increase in activity from the Male Liberation Front and the introduction of the new break away Womens campaign group, the Campaign for Stricter Discipline has lead Miss Overser Supreme Acacia to appoint a new Chief of Staf to take charge of all Spanking Centres, IFD’s and other areas of the Board of Corrective Women’s regime of male discipline across the nation.

Known for her strong belief in the enforcement of standards and accountability Miss Lina, a close friend of Miss Acacia since they were room mates at Cambridge University halls of residence was a natural choice for Miss Acacia to pick for the role and Miss Lina when she begins work hits the ground running! After a full and frank meeting with IFD and Spanking Centre Archons Miss Amy and Miss Selina, Miss Lina takes away notes on all male creatures who have been slacking and making the jobs of these two high ranking Board of Corrective Women Archons difficult and is determined to add her own brand of discipline into the regime for chronicaly ill behavedm ales.

The first male creature summoned for discipline is Simon who has been working as a grounds keeper and care taker at the Gloucestershire Institute of Feminine Discipline and it is no long before Miss Lina administers a very sound bare bottom spanking indeed.

Now male creatures know that there is a new rung in management at the Board of Corrective Women! Miss Amy and Miss Selina have been demoted and warned about the rise in rebelious activity. It is a very dangerous time indeed for male creatures as the power struggle within teh Board of Corrective Women takes an unexpected turn!

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Goddess Miss Kelly (Strict Women): Make Up Failure


After checking on the make up that Mike was sent to purchase at the store Miss Kelly discovers that he has substituted her usual exclusive brands for cheaper supermarket own label products of a vastly inferior quality.

Miss Kelly is not used to being treated in this way and decides firmly that mikes disobedience will be severely punished with a very sound hand spanking and paddling.

Before mike knows it he finds himself bent over Miss Kelly’s knee withh is trousers and pants around his ankles and his bare bottom red and on fire from the discipline that Miss Kelly administers to her naughty disobedient lackie servant.

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Miss Shay Hendrix (Institute of Feminine Discipline): Outside Privileges


Every male creature held for reprogramming in the Institute of Feminine Discipline is expected to work. Work is considered to be good for the soul of a male and with the strong belief at the Board of Corrective Women that the devil finds work for idle hands being so prevalent, it is hardly any surprise that male creatures are worked hard with at least 15 hours per day of hard physical labour keeping them out of male mischief and Male Liberation Front activity.

Alexis however has been a good boy for several weeks and is therefore allowed to work outside in the sun for the the day sweeping up leaves and keeping the Institutes grounds spick and span(k). But as with all male creatures, when the regime he is subjected to begins to go easier on him and give him privileges and treats he simply abuses them and decides to take an unauthorized nap instead on the garden seat. A seat incidentally which only Women are permitted to sit on let alone sleep on!

It does not take long however for Miss Shay as She patrols around the perimeter to notice this naughty boy slacking in his duties and to deal with his behavior in the appropriate manner! That is by pulling his trousers and pants to his ankles and soundly spanking his bare bottom! Male creatures at the Institute of Feminine Discipline are expected to behave and this is what naughty boys should expect when they are disobedient!

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