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News has just come in of more new videos just released from from the legendary Miss Kelly Payne of Tantrum Trainers out now at Domination Theater!  Miss Kelly’s videos were missing for a while but now they are back with vengeance and wow you should see them for the HARD spanking that she is famous the world over for!  🙂  If you like hard spanking videos these are going rock your world! 🙂  There are 2 Fm spanking videos and 2 Ff videos…which before people start yelling at me about I should just say I KNOW its woman spanking woman but many people DO like it and though I mention them here, you should not fear, this blog will remain Fm focussed for eternity!  😉

The videos are below along with their links to view them :-) By the way I give the videos the same synopsis as the Domination Theater gives :-)

Miss Kelly Payne:  Chaperone Part 2 (Fm Spanking)

In Part One This young lady did not show up for an important dinner she was instead with her boyfriend fooling around. The chaperone had enough and decided to punish this young lady with a hard OTK, spanking, strapping and lifts her off the floor and up over her one knee and beats the pants off her. She is also given an enema for not respecting her diet. Now In part 2 her selfish boyfriend gets some of the same a good sound bare bottom spanking, strapping and paddling. He too is lifted off the floor and gets the pants beat off him. Then his girlfriend takes over and gives him a spanking, makes him eat her ass and then she gives him a few suppositories and keeps them in with a butt plug while she paddles him again.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Kelly Payne:  Brandon’s First Enema! (Fm Spanking & Enema)

A young man is taken ill and needs a visiting nurse to give him a check up. She decides after much consideration that he needs numerous enemas. It is his first time in real life ever to receive an enema. lets se how he takes it and what his real reactions are….He is put through all the steps of a regular exam, but when he refuses the rectal temperature he is spanked and given his temperature and rectal exam. Then his bottom is fingered. He given numerous enemas and his bottom is reamed with different toys

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Kelly Payne:  PA Punk 2 (F/f Spanking)

Daisy is back again after numerous times of not showing up and canceling on me. Personally I think she did it on purpose, but I show her that this is no way to get what you may think you want. A spanking but this spanking is for real. And boy is she sorry she stood me up and had no common courtesy to let me know she would not be coming. She may think my time is invaluable but I showed her that she needs to respect me even if she is coming for a spanking video. It is not a joke and this spanking she gets is real.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Kelly Payne:  Spoiled Sister (Ff Spanking)

Annie is watching her sister Katie while their parents are out. Katie is the younger of the two. She is also the spoiled one who never gets into trouble. Annie is always getting into trouble becasue of Katie. Now that she is in charge she is not letting her sister get away with anything. When Annie tells her to do something & Katie gets fresh and snotty Annie does not hesitate in taking her over her knee for a sound spanking. Annie is 6 feet tall. Katie is 4 feet 11 inches no match for her sister.So Annie decides she is going to teach her little sister a lesson. When Katie decides to walk away from her while being scolded Annie literally picks her up over her shoulder and carries her to a chair by the bed, turns her over and gives her a good spanking over her knee. When Katie tries to block her hand Annie decides to take out some of her toys, a pair of bondage mitts which she proceeds to use by clamping her to the bed and taking her panties down and spanking her bare bottom until she apologizes. 45min. Medium spanking.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Be sure to go visit Domination Theater for these movies now!  And dont forget to visit Miss Kelly’s own site at Tantrum Trainers!

Domination Theater

New Story 1

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New Story 2

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