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News has just come in of more new videos just released from by the lovely Miss Zoe and Miss Rebekah and Miss Jewel all of Red Badger Productions onto DVD, digital downloadable files at the FemDom Spanking Store and of course streaming video at the best video theaters for Female Domination out there at Domination Theater

Miss Rebekah’s video, Group Wank, gives another rare glimpse into the new site that will soon be opened at Institute of  Feminine Discipline.  The videos are below along with their links to view them :-) By the way I give the videos the same synopsis as the Domination Theater gives :-)

Miss Rebekah:  Group Wank!

On command of Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia, males at the Institute of Feminine Discipline are allowed ONE supervised masturbation session each month in which they may masturbate whilst looking with reverence at one of the Superior Female Overseers at the Institute.  The Board of Corrective Women are split on whether even this should be allowed however with many members believing allowing such simply wastes time that could be spent on work and this is the view of every one of the Female Overseer’s at the notorious Surrey IFD.  Consequently Miss Rebekah is not pleased that She must supervise this current Group Wank though She does take pleasure in the humiliating nature as she commands both male creatures to start and then stop at her whim just when she believes they are past the point of no control!  Good behavior must be maintained at all times however and so when Miss Rebekah tires of her charges male mischief and bad attitude she orders Alexis to leave and soundly tans Dave’s backside for him with various paddles.

This movie is a fantastic tease and denial, femdom chastity and FemDom spanking movie that could well get you in trouble with your own Overseer!  Remember, erections during this video are strictly forbidden at the IFD!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Zoe:  Lemon Spanking

I wonder sometimes why I bother even having men around! What use are they? I mean really? I send David off to the store to fetch some lemons for a table centre piece for a dinner party that I am hosting and he comes back with practically the entire store in his shopping bag EXCEPT for the lemons! He even directly disobeys my previous edict that he was not to drink alcohol EVER again after an embarassing episode with him in Yorkshire some months ago!

I have had enough of his absent mindedness and disobedience and so I decide to severely punish and humiliate him in all the ways that I know he HATES the most!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
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Miss Jewel:  Spanking The IT Consultant

Miss Jewel has just returned from a business trip which went wrong when her laptop was found to have a dangerous virus infecting it. Summoning David the IT consultant she commands him to his knees and explains how she is going to take the matter out on his bare butt! And so begins a good discipline session for Dave from this American beauty!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Be sure to come back later for news on what’s new at Strict Women and Strict Mistress Zoe!

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huckle, I just had an email from the Strict Women webmaster who is biting his lip at the moment cos thinking it was Thursday he just updated the site and then discovered that it was only Wednesday!  LOL 🙂 So those of you who get over there today will see the site already has its update done!  They have never been late with updates but the early updates just prove their dedication I guess!  LOL.

ANYWAY…today’s (tomorrow’s?) update features Miss Jewel Marceau who was voted top bondage model a couple of times I believe.  She made a point of telling us on the day so that’s why I’m telling you and Im sure she has great reason to be proud of this because there are one heck of a lot of bondage sites out there!  Getting on for 44 million of them in fact and that’s just the ones that are listed in Google!  So not bad going really 🙂  Anyway, the update comes as a brand new video from Jewel Marceau in which she is infuriated by Dave’s failure to check out her laptop properly before she goes off to a business trip and though he thought he would be safe being that she is based in California and he is based in London, he didn’t reckon on the fact that high flying strict women don’t worry about the number of air miles they rack up to tan a guys hide for him!   And so the stage is set for a pretty good spanking this week in what I think was probably Jewel’s best video.

Here is a FemDom spanking video preview 🙂

Anyway, you can see the full update now at Strict Women so be sure to see them there now!

By the way, if you would like to buy some of Miss Jewel’s DVD’s or full length digital downloads then dont forget there are a couple of them available at the Femdom Spanking Store or if you wish to simply view it without any clips being left on your PC or evidence of DVD’s around the house then you can see some of her videos streamed for you to your computer from the net at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater which are both dedicated FemDom and spanking (and in particular FemDom spanking) helix streaming video theaters :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

This is just a quick note to let you all know that there are new FemDom Spanking videos where cute women spank the men at both the FemDom Spanking Store available as DVDs and as digital downloadable files AND as streaming video should you not want to download them to your own pc at Domination Theater!

The movies in question are:

Miss Jewel Starring in Upskirt Spanking.


You have seen the preview for this movie and a little introduction for it below but it basically features naughty mike being punished for peeking at his new Mistress’s breasts and panties upskirt when he should be concentrating on his job of dressing her!  He is spanked soundly for this both across Miss Jewels knee and then paddled and caned as he bends over the bed.  Its a great little movie that I’m sure you will all enjoy and comes from a lady who was top bondage model several  years running on the net so you can be sure of quality 🙂

See these FemDom Women Spanking Men Videos at these links:

Streaming at Domination Theater
DVD/Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

Miss Chloe in Tables Turned.


This movie features a guy who seriously thought that he could raise a hand to Miss Chloe and to spank her bottom?  Boy was he in for a shock!  He may have got 2 or 3 quick spanks in but the tables are VERY SOON turned around on this guy and Miss Chloe administers one of the strictest spankings that she has administered in a VERY long time!  He is given a humiliating spanking over her knee and then bent over a chair for a paddling and then finally a sound caning!  By the end he certainly knows who is the REAL boss in his little world and it sure isn’t him now that Miss Chloe has entered into it!  NO male EVER tells Miss Chloe what to do!

See this FemDom Women Spanking Men Videos at these links:

Streaming at Domination Theater
DVD/Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

Anyway, you can see these movies streaming or buy the DVD as they are now fully published as full FemDom Spanking Movies at the given links 🙂

See you all on Thursday for another update to my FemDom Spanking Blog 🙂

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Well another day passes and I thought maybe I would go take a look over at Strict Women now my day at work is over and see who they have updated with!  And today is an American day because Miss Jewel is back dealing with the British guys and putting them in their place!

This is a new movie at the site called Upskirt Discipline Spanking and in this movie, Mike is serving his new Mistress by helping her to dress but just cant help himself with looking up her skirt and ogling his breasts as he serves her!  Very disrespectful!  And Miss Jewel is not about to let him get away with it!

Obviously this is the beginning of the movie so the cane has not been brought out as yet but Miss Jewel is more than capable of leaving Mike with a very sore butt regardless even with her hand!  And of course following on as this does from the previous movie where Miss Jewel gave Mike a real hiding, his butt is already sore from the previous spanking so even over his trousers you can bet this spanking from Miss Jewel hurts!  All she actually has to do is relight the fire in his bottom that she has already left there and that will serve as a very strong reminder of his place!

Here is a short video sample 🙂

Yes you would think Mike would know better by now than to stare at a ladies breasts and up her skirt given all the times he has been put across different ladies knees for a domestic style femdom spanking but I guess he does need a reminder from time to time!

Anyway, you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you prefer, you can see it streaming at Domination Theater or buy the DVD or full digital download video at FemDom Spanking Store! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Well its been a long day at work but i have finally got home and thought I would go pay a visit to the Strict Women site!  And boy is it a great update this week 🙂 Mike the naughty plumber come burglar has been caught in Miss Jewel’s bedroom when he was not even invited into the house and sniffing her knickers!  And now a very angry Miss Jewel has gotten her paddles out and has decided to teach him the sort of lesson that a strict woman only teaches by spanking the guys bare backside!  And boy does she make it hurt!  Because Miss Jewel has decided to spank him with not one paddle but two!  And its not good enough to use them separately, instead she uses both together at the same time!  Ouch! 🙂

Anyway, as always i have a video preview for you all where Mike has been put across Miss Jewel’s knee 🙂

Hard to know what to say to these questions huh?  Admit that you sniffed panties in the past and be punished harder and longer or say you haven’t and be spanked for contradicting your new Mistress!  A no win situation! 🙂  Probably the best strategy is to stay quiet or to try  to slowly change the subject i would think!  LOL 🙂

Anyway,  you can this video now at Strict Women.com!  Or if you wish to buy the DVD or full HQ video download then you can do this too at the FemDom Spanking Store along with so many others! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Ive just come back from Strict Women where I see Miss Jewel Marceau has become the new star for today’s update 🙂

This is definitely one for those who like to see the harder spankings!  This is a lady that won top bondage model award for several years running so I kind of guessed she would be pretty good at this though her aim with those straps and paddles was either slightly off or else she just enjoyed inflicting the most pain that she could because although she told him once or twice to stick his butt out so she could spank him properly, probably about 40-60% of the spanks she administered landed just between his butt and his back! 🙂  But it was sure effective in teaching naughty Mike right from wrong anyway! 🙂

In this video,Mike has been caught on one of his favorite routines which is sniffing the ladies underwear at the Strict Women mansion! And Miss Jewel, perhaps unsurprisingly was not very impressed! She has already decreed that she is going to spank his bottom for him but rather than apologize he begins telling her he is from the gas board and that sniffing her panties is part of the platinum service he has been told to give her gas central heating! Miss Jewel is not fooled however and soon Mike finds himself over her knee being spanked!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Yes there is that thick double strap again!  Stings like the blazes!  🙂  Mike of course, thankfully, is not screaming or making the fuss that the other guy did with Miss Rene recently! 🙂 You have to wonder what sort of noise he would have made if he had been spanked with 3 paddles at once like Mike is above? 🙂

Yes a 3 paddle spanking 🙂  You don’t see that every day? 🙂  Actually there was another scene in another movie yet to be published with Miss Jewel Marceau in where she spanks Dodgy Dave with 2 canes at once!  Ouch!  🙂  I’m looking forward to showing you some of that when it is published!

But for now, why not go report for your discipline at the home of FemDom Spanking on the net, that of Strict Women!  The first women spanking men members site ever to open…first, biggest and still the very best in my opinion 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

A truly great update today has been posted at the nets premiere FemDom spanking site, Strict Women where the world renowned bondage Queen, Mistress Jewel Marceau delivers one of the hardest spankings ive seen in quite a while!  Actually…hardest since Miss Zoe but the angles of the video in this movie really bring it to life exceptionally well and its a video update in which some of the heaviest straps are administered to his bared bottom with enough force to make his butt bounce on camera! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t much care to see guys butts but this particular part of the video was really quite intoxicating!  And Miss Jewel didn’t stop there because after she had been spanking his bottom she commands him to hold his hands out and gives both his hands the sort of warming with the strap that would bring a tear to the eye of any naughty male out there standing in the corner awaiting his turn!

So the question now that i hear you all asking is what was it that Mike had done to deserve this punishment?  Well Miss Jewel had caught him in her apartment rifling through her underwear drawer!  Yep, its an oldie but goldie scenario! But one which the liar Mike tries desperately to convince his strict new disciplinarian he should not be punished for as he is entirely innocent!  And his reasoning for this?  That he is from the gas board and that inspecting her knickers (as opposed to sniffing them) was part of the platinum service which was a free upgrade from the contract which he says she held with his employer who of course are not really his employer!  So is Miss Jewel fooled by this?  What…you think this lady is stupid?  No not a bit of it!  In no time at all this guy finds himself bent over her knee with his trousers and pants round his ankles getting the sort of spanking that we all dream about!

And to that end i have some video to show you all where you can preview the update 🙂

As you can see, this is a kind of an exception to a lot of the FemDom spanking video out there because 9 times out of 10 the sexiest Ive seen is OTK yet in this one its definitely the part where the strict Miss Jewel stands as she has her charge bent over a stool!   And as you can see, She is truly making his butt bounce with every spank that she administers with that heavy leather strap! 🙂  And as she does, that tight short skirt begins to ride up to give you all the glimpse of the stockings and suspenders as well as a pair of her panties that have put Mike into so much trouble in the first place!

Just imagine here as you watch this video that you are standing in the corner awaiting YOUR turn!  Yes nose touching the wall as per Miss Jewels command but with a glimpse of the action from a mirror placed nearby and of course your heart thumping as you hear each spank splat against Mikes butt knowing that with every spank Miss Jewel is getting more and more worked up and more and more angry!  And soon it will be YOU bent over that stool!  Do you think you will be able to take it without begging for her forgiveness or mercy?  And without the inevitable tears coming from your eyes which will be treated with complete indifference by Miss Jewel as she mocks your weakness?

Well for more of this movie you must go join Strict Women!  But its a great site to see anyway with tonnes of video from many many strict Ladies who you have already seen all over this site 🙂  So dont delay, why not get yourself a Christmas pressie this year just for you?  A sound bare bottom spanking!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Some of you will remember my recent fan sign from Miss Jewel Marceau who was in a shoot with Strict Women a month or two ago and Im really pleased to see her now today featured at Strict Women where this American beauty takes up her rightful place with the other supreme Goddess’s in the site!  That is to say above all males along with ALL Women as Miss Joanne once put it 🙂

In this video Miss Jewel catches Mike rifling through a drawer with containing several pairs of her knickers and demands an explanation!  Ahhhh well, its like this he says, I’m a gas service professional and I’m here to service your central heating! So what does that have to do with sniffing her knickers you might ask?  And its a damned good question!  Well the answer, Mike says, is that its all part of the new platingham service!  Gold service of course doesn’t include the knicker sniffing routine but platingham does!  And he SERIOUSLY expects Miss Jewel to believe that?  Is he an idiot?  Or does he just think that SHE is?

Anyway, it doesn’t take long as you can imagine before Mike finds himself once more over a new pair of ladies knees getting his bare bottom spanked!  Clearly he MUST love it because it happens to him so often!  But still he protests!  Though of course the protests fall on deaf ears just as they should! 🙂

Here is a short video preview of the nets top American bondage star as she takes on her newfound Mistress duties 🙂

Yes as you can see she is not very impressed with Mikes reasoning about inspecting her knickers as part of the platingham service!  LOL 🙂  Well…with an excuse like that, really he deserves all he is getting! 🙂

There is quite a funny bit in there as well where Miss Jewel comments how he is lucky she didn’t get her gun! Luckily for him she points out she is only using her hand and not her gun!  LOL.  Yep, i suppose that is pretty lucky for him!  He does point out that possession of a gun is illegal but it seems she doesn’t think it is if she has a licence which of course in the UK at least she isn’t likely to get in a hundred years for a hand gun held in the home! Listen, Im not going to get involved in that gun lobby debate, after all this is just a movie right?  But obviously we should point out at this point that neither Red Badger nor Strict Women condone shooting people…that these people in this movie are professional Mistress and idiot victim and that in no way should you try this with shooting people at home! 😉  It is though a really interesting little culture comparison in this video which was fun to see between the two nations 🙂

Anyway, meanwhile why not go check out the rest of this video update along with all the countless others now at StrictWomen.com!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys