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Miss Jennifer Lynn of Strict Women has had her panty drawer tape dusted off and is now up at Strict Women in high quality video!  This gal was always one of the most loved and best dominatrix’s from the Chicago shoots and I know you will love her movies! Here she is administering the belt to her naughty boy!  Check it out now at Strict Women

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  See this now at Strict Women!!!


Three awesome new movies have just been released on the nets best video store and streaming video theater for FemDom fans!  That is the news of the day!  With a completely remastered movie from old favourite Miss Jennifer Lynn plus new movies from Miss Acacia and Miss Antscha and Viktoria who could go wrong?  Well apart from the boys over their knees!

Here they are!  Better movies than you or even Miss Viktoria could shake a stick at!  🙂

Miss Jennifer Lynn: Ye Olde Panty Drawer  


Perhaps one of the most frequent reasons that naughty boys get spanked, Miss Jennifer Lynn catches this college employee in her dorm room. But is this the first time?

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Miss Antscha & Viktoria: Spanking Centre 2


Fly on the wall footage of just a few hours in one August day at the notorious Chelsea Spanking Centre as Spanking Centre Secretary Miss Antscha joins forces with Remedial Behavioural Therapist Miss Viktoria to discipline each of the miscreants sent to them.

As we know unowned and supervised male creatures are expected to report regularly to the local Spanking Centre to account for self confessed acts that they may have been spotted by surveillance camera’s doing or where they are summoned by the Board of Corrective Women or instructed to report by any superior Woman in the street where that woman does not have time or energy to fulfil their civic duty to spank the bottom of any male misbehaving.

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Miss Acacia: MLF Decapitated


Miss Acacia summons dave to her office where she has decided she wishes to tackle him about the offensive emails to her using Miss Amy’s email address. In this way, Miss Acacia sets the tone right from the beginning about who is in charge of the meeting and who is beneath her.

Dave tries to trivialise the matter saying about how there are always casualties in war but this does not go down well and Miss Acacia decides to spank him personally to show him his place.

Due to dodgy dave’s complicity in sending offensive emails, blackmailing other male creatures in the institute as well as organizing escapes and other unacceptable activities, Miss Acacia insists that all of these activities should cease immediately.

As the spanking continues, dodgy dave begins to lament on the futility of the entire MLF mission and begins to offer to reveal names of its high ranking officials if he is given special treatment..

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