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It has been a few years since we have seen Miss Catalina over at Strict Women but that is exactly who has shown her beautiful face once more at this top FemDom Fm spanking site!  Today she is dealing very firmly with Mike Smith who has been failing to do his chores to the level of satisfaction that Miss Catalina requires!   He of course thinks that all is fine but this ultra strict Goddess is determined to leave his bare bottom so red and sore that he will not be any illusions that it is what SHE thinks is a satisfactory job that matters and NOT what he believes is such!

And i have a few pics from this video to show you just how soundly mike is getting his backside spanked today!  And just how stunningly beautiful his new spanking Mistress really is!

Just slightly sore for now, Miss Catalina puts mike across her knee to spank his bottom with her hand.  MissCatalina always spanks with her hand first!  It lulls the boys into a false sense of security as that stinging hand spanking is all they think they are going to get!   Yet Miss Catalina has so many other implements she intends to paddle her boys bottoms with!  Such as, for example the hard soled sandal!

Ow!   Just for anybody that ever believed that a slipper spanking does not hurt i would invite you to bend over a womans knee and submit to a spanking with a hard soled sandal!   I have been spanked with the above sandal several times and i guarantee you that it hurts more than pretty much ANY leather paddle you might have ever felt and many of the wooden ones too!   Though perhaps not THIS wooden paddle which by the way has been passed down several generations through Miss Catalina’s family!  Her grandmother used to spank her husband with this and then it was passed to her mother and now to her!  And any naughty boy that serves Miss Catalina may feel his bottom on fire when spanked with THIS paddle!   For a mere look at its thickness will tell you just how how much it will hurt the naughty boy over her knee!


Think you can take a spanking like this one?  Well i would urge you all to log into the Strict Women site!  Go see the video boys and girls!  And then make up your mind!  🙂   This is an excellent little movie and you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women:-) Or if you wish, is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater where it has recently been published! :-)

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Hi Everybody!  Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Forgive my little intrusion here if you would but i just wanted to draw all of your attention to the fact that one of my favorourite little sites has just updated with a really nice Femdom Fm spanking site which those of you with a Net Verifier account can access 🙂

It is called Bent Over Her Knee and features Miss Jessica Wood, Mistress Valkyrie and Miss Catalina.

Here is the cover which is linked directly to the site 🙂

I actually really like this site because it is pretty much the size of any members site out there!  Except that it is made up of a whole bunch of AVS (adult verification sites) sites but when you get inside, it is not just a few galleries that you get to see but EVERY SINGLE SITE that is located in this domain as one huge members area!  Its easy to navigate and you get loads of great pics and clips 🙂 And it is not just Femdom Fm Spanking that you can expect to see but other spanking too….m/f, Ff, face sitting, foot domination and apparently they are developing a new Female Supremacy zone there too!  Membership is only about $20 and that lasts you 2 years not 10 days as in one or two sites out there!  You just can’t lose really 🙂

Do yourselves a favour and go take a look 🙂  There were 5 new sites added this last couple of weeks.  You just cant lose out 🙂  And remember every net verifier basic site (including ALL on this domain) is included in that one membership.  INCLUDING all those that used to be on the practically defunct and really irritating (in my opinion) cyberage.

Click Here to visit Bent Over Her Knee.

Click Here to visit FemDom And Spanking Sites

Beware of strangers bearing gifts for if that gift is Miss Catalina’s punishment book you know you are in for a really rough time!  And over at Strict Women, Its been a while since we have seen Miss Catalina but she has just  opened her punishment book and husband Dave is in trouble!

The storyline in this movie is fairly simple.  Miss Catalina maintains a punishment book in which all her husbands misdeeds are recorded and at the end of the week, he is soundly spanked for each and every minor infraction!  This of course is the minor infractions!  Major infractions such as disobedience or rudeness are dealt with immediately but when you add up all the minor things that irritate Miss Catalina (and believe me when I say there are millions of little things from not having your socks absolutely straight to missing a hair on your face when you shave!!!) that leads to one very sound spanking indeed!

Poor Dave is finding himself over his strict wife’s knee practically every day for one thing and another!  But today it is punishment day for all those minor infractions and we have some of the video from his punishment to show you all! 🙂

Yes he DOES know that he has annoyed her!  And that caning is only going to get more severe as Miss Catalina taps the insides of his legs to indicate that she wants them spread to spread the skin tight for the caning still to come! 🙂

It was a really fun shoot to be at on that particular day as I recall.  Miss Catalina brought one of her own wooden paddles (around 12 inches in diameter and around an inch thick!) which had been in her family for generations! Great grandmother, grandmother, mother and now her spanking husbands through the years and leaving them with very red stinging and bruised bottoms for many years gone and many years yet to come also!   Miss Catalina was probably one of the harshest Ladies ever to come to Strict Women over the years.  The video above of course should be viewed along with some of the others from Miss Catalina to get a good taste for how great this lady really is! 🙂  And you can of course see her now exclusively at Strict Women 🙂

Or if you prefer, you can buy the movie as a DVD or digital download at the FemDom Spanking Store or as always, watch it streaming over at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater! :-)

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Guaranteed to bring the hairs up on the back of the neck of most men used to being thrashed by a woman, one of Strict Women’s strictest and harder spanking ladies has produced not one but THREE separate canes in her latest movie to spank Mike with!

So the question is, what did he do to deserve this spanking?  Well where Miss Catalina is concerned, a guy does not need to do anything to deserve their spanking, it is more a matter for her whim mixed with his behaviour and you can find yourself dangling over her knees simply for walking through the kitchen a little too loudly if her whim is such!  But on THIS occasion I don’t think he can have ANY complaints quite frankly!  Because on THIS occasion Miss Catalina caught mike with his nose in the shoes which she had ordered him to clean and that was not all he had been rubbing in them!  I will draw a veil over the second part to prevent trauma to you, my blog readers but lets just say that Miss Catalina was, as one of my teachers once said in class, more than cross, she was ANNOYED!  Neigh…more than annoyed in fact, Miss Catalina was positively ANGRY!  And when a servant belonging to Miss Catalina crosses that line they know as do we that they are walking round with red stinging butts for several weeks to come!

Anyway, after around 40 strokes of the 3 canes Mike finds himself put back across Miss Catalina’s knee for another spanking to remind him of his place in life!  There is nothing that disorientates a guy more or puts the guy back in his place more than being put across a ladies knee and spanked with his pants around his ankles!  It humiliates and deflates the guy more than any caning can!  Of course the caning is a very effective punishment but the over the knee spanking I think really underlines the womans authority and superiority over her male charge far more effectively!   Where the cane will punish severely, the OTK spanking will punish effectively whilst humiliating and deflating the guy that bit more into the bargain 🙂  Of course that is just my view but hey…its my blog too! 🙂

Anyway, here is a preview clip 🙂

You can see more from Miss Catalina in Shoe Sniffer including that sound caning I have been telling you about now over on Strict Women!  Or alternatively if you wish, you can buy the DVD or full digital download of the movie from FemDom Spanking Store or watch them streaming and not have them on your pc’s hard drive at Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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You know I remember a year or so ago when Miss Catalina first came onto the pages of Strict Women thinking that she was probably one of the best I had seen at the time!  There were several many new and really hot faces that appeared about that time at the site.  Miss Catalina, Miss Rose and Miss Jessica just to name a few! I thought that Miss Catalina was great back then and I have not changed my mind since! 🙂

And so it was really  nice to visit Strict Women this morning to find that Miss Catalina has returned this week in a movie called ‘Punishment Book’ in which she spanks her husband for various failures throughout the week!

Here is a quick preview 🙂

Chuckle, only a dominant Mistress could think that she is giving the guy a break by allowing him not to count!  Of course Dodgy Dave would probably rather count and forgo the spanking!  But I guess he should be grateful for small mercies!  Miss Catalina is probably tired of hearing is voice which is why no doubt she has told him to shut up!  🙂

As you can see, Miss Catalina is not really spanking him with anything like the level of energy that she is used to spanking naughty boys with but you can bet she certainly left her mark!  In actual fact, she was probably one of the most severe Mistress’s at the site in many ways and if you saw that thick round Victorian paddle that she brought with her, trust me, it would bring fear to the heart of any regularly spanked male!  And even then you notice in this clip that she just cant seem to let go of that wooden hairbrush! 🙂

Well you can see this movie now at Strict Women.com in HQ video! 🙂  Or if you would prefer the DVD you can get this from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the video in streaming video over at Fetish Video Theater! 🙂

Anyway, I will leave this blog post here I think 🙂  Im on vacation from work next week so will see you for sure for a new update on Monday! 🙂  Woo! 🙂  And then on the Saturday I will be at the latest Strict Women shoot with Miss Hunter! 🙂  So that should be fun!  See you all then! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Cool!  Miss Catalina has returned to Strict Women in Shoe Sniffer and I notice that the six clips that were there from that movie already have now all been replaced with the new higher quality video 🙂  Ive really missed Miss Catalina over the last few months (I think its about 6 months since she was last published there) and its really great to see her back!

Meanwhile things are back in new year mode and new shoots are being planned with several new Mistress’s as well as one or two of the older favorites! Ive seen pictures and we are all in for a real treat in the coming year I think! More on those as they happen of course 🙂  But one is already booked! 🙂

Anyway just as a reminder of what this latest video with Miss Catalina was all about, you might recall that Mike who is in love with Miss Catalina’s feet and has been hiding a big secret from his Mistress!  He has been sniffing Her shoes and rubbing himself with them. On this ocasion Miss Catalina has walked in on him and caught him in his perverted ways and so decides as she so often does that he will now be punished!  And as you can see from the state of his bottom She knows how to spank a guy!

Here is a sneek domestic femdom spanking preview 🙂

And with that wooden hairbrush too.  Miss Catalina mentioned in the movie that she wanted him to be feeling his smacked bottom in 2 weeks time every time he sat down to remind him of how he got it and he sure did!  Two weeks later the bruises were still there!

I have to laugh at that part where she says see the difference when you bend down properly? Like its something he should be happy about as that paddle comes down that much harder!  LOL.  Yes its actually how hard it is that makes the sound rather than how far down he has been ordered to bend 🙂

Anyway, you can see more from this and other Miss Catalina movies over at Strict Women! 🙂  Or if you prefer to see the DVD instead or full download you can get that here! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Today at Strict Women Miss Catalina has returned in a new scenario called The Punishment Book in which she keeps a book within which she records all the misdemeanors that her husband Dodgy Dave commits throughout the week! And at the end of the week those misdemeanors are added up and he is spanked for every single one of them! And today is punishment day!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Miss Catalina is loved by those who like to see the harsher punishments with the most severe of paddles. In fact she even brought her own along with her! Try stopping a Mistress like Miss Catalina from using her own paddles! Practically impossible! 🙂

Yes its been a few weeks since Miss Catalina was shows here or on Strict Women but its always great to see her there and here too 🙂

I will shut up now. As Miss Catalina says, if i can still talk She is obviously not spanking hard enough! 🙂

Remember to come back on Thursday for more from the strict ladies of Strict Women 🙂

See more from this movie now exclusively at StrictWomen.com!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well its been a great bank holiday for me 🙂 A femdom spanking shoot, lager frenzy on a Sunday and no work on the Monday! 🙂 What more can a guy ask for! 🙂 Oh yeah…how about a top rated A+ femdom spanking update over on Strict Women? Yep…got that too! 🙂 This one is Miss Catalina who has returned to spank her naughty husband who she has caught sniffing her high heeled shoe and rubbing himself around his dick with it.

By the way, if you didn’t know, relief must be asked for and permission given as far as Miss Catalina is concerned and soon this will be made apparent to naughty mike as you can see in this video clip below! 🙂 And poor mike, he just cant help himself apologising! Yet just about every single lady in the Strict Women household have told him numerous times they are not interested in his apologies! Miss Zoe has even given him spankings for apologising when she has told him to shut up! Yet he STILL cant help himself! And here he is in today’s update at Strict Women where Miss Catalina spanks him with the hard soled sandal 🙂

The sandal by the way was a member request and Ive felt it myself and i can tell you that it hurts like crazy! Perhaps he will learn in future but we are at least able to say that he hasn’t touched Miss Catalina’s high heeled shoe since that day! So he has at least learned that lesson! So maybe THIS spanking was a spanking that DID work? 🙂

See the video now over at StrictWomen.com! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well from one harsh Mistress (Miss Zoe) to another (Miss Catalina) we see today, back to back updates from a couple of the least compromising Mistress’s in the site at Strict Women and in this update Miss Catalina certainly has not disapointed! I actually felt sorry for the poor guy which is rare for me! This lady picked out the biggest and most brutal paddles she could find and even brought several of her own along for good measure! And OK, they were not as mean as one that Miss Zara has for example with broken sea shells on it (no I’m not joking!) but it was a good half inch thick solid wooden paddle which was around 10 inches in diameter! Easy for her to use of course but the poor guy would not have been sitting comfortably for a couple of weeks after! LOL 🙂 The clip below doesn’t quite give the right impression or sum it up but trust me, it was a pretty good hiding he took that day! But then if he had only done as he was told right? 🙂

Anyway, this movie is called Serving A Strict Lady and if you ever wondered what it would be like to be owned by a beautiful strict lady who would keep you in your place with the use of regular hard spanking then this is the movie that will give you an idea of exactly what it is like! Painful! Mike has been slacking in his chores and Miss Catalina is now going to remind him why it is he should put more effort into serving her! 🙂 Here is a preview clip from this latest update 🙂

So see more from Miss Catalina and others now at StrictWomen.com! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Another weekend over 🙂 Unfortunately the shoot that was due to take place on Saturday with Miss Monica (new lady not featured anywhere else) had to be cancelled because she was stranded at the airport in Switzerland after missing her flight 🙁 Anyway, I’m told that another date will definitely be worked out so I’m looking forward to that! 🙂 Miss Monica is coming from the same source as Miss Zoe did so I’m real confident that its going to truly rock!

Anyway, there has been another great update at Strict Women has been released guys! This one features the very sexy and ultra strict Miss Catalina who in todays update plays the part of Miss Rowley-Williams who is the strict manageress at Dodgy Dave’s workplace! The video is set as a company training video where new employee’s who watch the video (including yourselves) are taught what happens if you are caught, to use Miss Catalina’s words “stealing from Miss!”. And it is not until around half way through his spanking that he is told there are camera’s up and filming him! The humiliation of this has clearly bitten in as deep as the cane! 🙂

Here is a short preview from the movie.

You can see another preview from this video here

See more of this classic full video at Strict Women now 🙂
Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys