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Always a pleasure to post something from Clare Spanks Men every now and then and as I recently had an email from Clare with a gallery from her Femdom F/m spanking site I thought it might be a good time to post something new :-) And I could hardly miss out on posting Miss Audrey could I? 🙂  Seems she has had to instill some discipline into another young man over at Clare Spanks Men and there is some really great video of it 🙂  And meanwhile I have some pics from the update for you all 😉

You can see more, and significantly larger pics from this video at the gallery I was sent HERE. Or more still along with the video now exclusively at Clare Spanks Men!

Hello and welcome again everybody!  Hope you all had a great new year! 🙂  This end I’m afraid I’m suffering a bit with a chest infection and huge headache so im going to keep my posts today a little short Im afraid.  Will try and talk more when im feeling a bit better 🙂

Anyway, it does seem that Tom is in trouble again with Miss Audrey at Clare Spanks Men!  I just recently received a new gallery that has come out to show what is going on over there with the beautiful Miss Audrey, one of my favorites at that site so I just could not help but publish it here 🙂  Or some of it anyway!  You can see the full gallery at this url but will need to go to Clare Spanks Men itself in order to see more of the pics or the video!  But really, you wont regret that because Miss Audrey in action is a sight to behold 🙂

Here are a few of the pics 🙂


Somehow you get the impression that whatever it is Tom is telling her, Miss Audrey just aint buying it? 🙂  You can already see the little cogs going round in her head about whether she will just spank him with her hand or whether she will use that wooden paddle!  And Tom just continues to dig himself in yet further 🙂




Yep the wooden paddle comes out and its a bare ass spanking too!  This lady is definitely NOT one to be messed around! 🙂

Anyway, you can see the video and more of the pics from this spanking along with many others now exclusively at Clare Spanks Men:-) Dont keep Miss Audrey waiting guys!  You can see what happens if you do!  Spankety spank! 🙂

A fairly recent new face on the net, Miss Audrey has now managed to get a pride of place at Clare Spanks Men and is this week starring in a new Point of View (POV) movie called Audrey Knights Point of View in which she delivers a really good spanking to her naughty boy over her knee!  And my favorite too as its a hand spanking! 🙂

You really need to see the video for this movie because it features some truly excellent discipline and scolding but I do have some pics here that I took from the site so thought I would post those 🙂


Yes you know you are in trouble when a strict lady walks into the room with that look on her face!  And your mind is now in turmoil!  What is that she is holding?  What have you done and what is she going to do about it?  And deep in your heart you know what she is going to do about it AND you know you deserve it right?  But just in case you don’t know…


Yes just in case you dont know, Miss Audrey tells you in full gory detail what it is that is going to happen to you next as she scolds you for your misbehaviour wagging her finger at you as she does!


And then your new Mistress sits down on her spanking chair patting her hairbrush on her hand as she waits for you to pull your trousers down!  Next thing you know you will be bent over those knee’s and your butt will be on fire!  That is after all, the life experience of the hapless male right? 🙂

And if you would like to see the video from which these pics were taken be sure to log on to Clare Spanks Men where this and many others are online waiting for you 🙂 And remember also that Clare Fonda has her own streaming theater now at Domination Theater!

I spoke last week about a really hot African American update over on Clare Spanks Men but I forgot that I didnt give you all the updates from a week or so earlier that I was sent by Clare Fonda for her site 🙂  And I do apologise for that because I really didn’t want to let the update with Miss Audrey Knight go without comment! 🙂  She is perhaps one of the cutest and sexiest Dommes  spanking the guys the net over in America at the moment and her latest batch of pictures from the Clare Spanks Men site are a credit to her I think 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites 🙂


See what I mean? 🙂  The strict lady grips the naughty boys chin and with a slap across the face she lets him know he is in big trouble!  He is stunned but he knows what is happening next!  A short trip across his strict Mistress’s knee and a blistering hairbrush spanking that will leave him close to humiliating tears before Miss Audrey sends him to the corner!




But before the relief of being allowed to retreat to the corner Miss Audrey’s servant must take a good strapping for the lip he has been giving her!

You can se the full femdom spanking gallery here :-) But there is also an additional gallery which Clare sent me here so be sure to see that one too 🙂 And be sure to visit Clare Spanks Men after you have seen it :-) Its really a great site :-) And remember also that Clare Fonda has her own streaming theater now at Domination Theater also!