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A look back into time today everybody as Lady Samantha returns to the screens of Strict Women in a video that was thought to have been lost to the world!  But the tape along with another one has turned up and hey presto, Lady Samantha is back!  Not sure what actually ever happened to her.   Her website has disappeared from sight a number of years ago.  So its nice to see her once again as she was so popular for so long 🙂

In this video Lady Samantha outlines a new discipline regime for her husband Dave.  It basically entails him spending Saturdays over her knee rather than at the pub with his pals.   Miss Samantha uses a lot of tease and denial in this movie.

I thought i would grab you some pics 😉  So here goes y’all 😉

SW120-069 SW120-089 SW120-034


Well i liked the pics 🙂    Though the last one is not spanking it just says a lot 🙂   He is obediently worshipping his wives shoes and grovelling at her feet and she is not even interested enough to look up from her book 🙂   Just knows her lackie husband is doing as he is told so she will not spank him just yet 🙂

Don’t forget though that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store as well! See some great clips from the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell, Miss Rebekah and others! As well as some of the older favorites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha and so many other Goddesses of yesteryear at their site


News has just come in of more new videos just released from by the lovely Miss Zoe and Miss Rebekah and Lady Samantha, all of Red Badger Productions onto DVD, digital downloadable files at the FemDom Spanking Store and of course streaming video at the best video theaters for Female Domination out there at Domination Theater

Miss Rebekah’s video, Unlawful Masturbation, gives another rare glimpse into the new site that will soon be opened at Institute of  Feminine Discipline.  The videos are below along with their links to view them :-) By the way I give the videos the same synopsis as the Domination Theater gives :-)

Miss Rebekah:  Unlawful Masturbation!

Following on from Mike’s disclosure to Miss Rebekah in respect of his accomplice in the attempted theft of the official Board of Corrective Women Punishment Book, Alexis is called before Miss Rebekah to face the music.  Miss Rebekah decides to do a spot underwear inspection to check for signs of unlawful masturbation however and finds evidence of masturbation in his underpants.  This being a clear breach of Commandement 1 of the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments for male creatures, Alexis is severely punished for his breach of discipline.

As this movie stars Miss Rebekah, expect to see VERY hard spanking and paddling that will make her naughty boy TRULY wish he had obeyed her!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Zoe & Miss Natasha:  Spanking The Sexual Harasser

Manageress Miss Zoe is sat in her office when her real life sister Miss Natasha rushes in close to tears as Andrew (aka Lorne) had been touching her inaproprietely in the workplace and had slapped her bottom. Miss Zoe is furious and is determined to correct this behaviour in a very severe fashion.

Fetching Andrew by the ear, Miss Zoe confronts his behaviour with severe scolding and several stinging face slaps before she bends him over for sister Natasha to spank with a paddle.

But this punishmnet has only just begun and Andrew simply does not realise the whole world of trouble he is now in!See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Lady Samantha:  Saturday Night Over Her Knee

Lady Samantha has decided that this weekend her servant Dave will spend some quality time over her knee!  Watch as he is soundly spanked and teased.  He must also worship his Goddess in any way that She pleases!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Be sure to come back later for news on what’s new at Strict Women and Strict Mistress Zoe!

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Well today sees the conclusion of Lady Samantha’s movie Train Itinerary Incident over at Strict Women and she certainly makes the wait worthwhile! These final clips from a movie are often some of the better ones as the spanking is that much harder towards the end and that is certainly the case in this movies case even though you might not get that impression from the preview clip. But in the Strict Women site itself there is some fairly hard caning in this latest update along with some hard slipper spanking also in fact! But the harder spanking is mixed with some less harsh punishment which I think is part of Lady Samantha’s playful demeanor because she clearly likes to follow up 2 or 3 cane strokes which are quite light with one that is really quite hard indeed and this makes that harder cane stroke bite in that much more! Oh and of course for the guy on the receiving end, he knows the harder stroke is coming, yet is less able to prepare himself for it because he simply does not know WHEN it is coming! This is the sort of time when a spanking can be teasing.

Anyway, this movie was based on what was kind of a true story as Lady Samantha was fairly delayed in arriving for this shoot by train delays. This of course was clearly the fault of her slave that she brought with her though he, luckily for him, was not the subject of the punishment for this transgression as he was frightened of making a movie in which he shows his face due to reasons of his employment. And Strict Women being a domestic femdom spanking site (the first on the net) could not in good conscience (and would not) film the movie with him in a mask. Well…it just destroys the feel of the movie really doesn’t it? It is not a BDSM site and Strict Women members deserve and get better. SO in steps Dave as the whipping boy to take his place! 🙂 And so Dave is now in trouble with his manageress, Lady Samantha (aka Miss Samantha) as he was given a very simple simple task to complete! All he had to do was to arrange an itinerary of trains for this Strict Woman and he couldn’t even do that properly! The fact is that one should NEVER rely on train times! So clearly he must now pay for the fact that Miss Samantha has spent hours on end sat on a hot sweaty train and she is NOT amused

And we have a preview clip 🙂

Thats right! Bad boys do NOT get to choose their punishment, that is the realm of their disciplinarian! We all know that! In any event, you dont tell your Mistress what to do! 🙂 Just try doing that with Miss Zoe and see what happens! LOL 🙂

You know that side to side spanking is one I really hate! 🙂 It is all soft skin but so many of the girls love to do it! 🙂

By the way, does anybody know what has happened to Lady Samantha? I notice her site has disappeared now from the net? I guess she has closed it down but I’m not sure what has happened to her since or why?

Anyway you can see this and many other videos now exclusively at Strict Women! And you can also get this movie as a DVD or digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or see it streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater! So be sure to visit and watch the whole video soon! 🙂 And now from me its bye bye till tomorrow when I get to come back and tell you all about another update from Miss Zoe!

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Wow, Thursday is here again and its almost the end of the week!  Where does all the time go?  I really wish it would slow down sometimes!

For those that don’t know which is most of you, I started growing my own veg this year!  I have some potato barrels outside on my patio and just planted 3 blueberry bushes 🙂  Doing my best now to get my back garden up to scratch!  And its HARD work!  I think I need Miss Zoe here tapping her cane against her hand to put the life into me that I need to complete it!  BUT Ive FINALLY started seeing some buds appearing in my potato barrels that I was sure were never going to grow given the seed potatoes have been in there for about 2 months with NO sign of life!  So I’m really lifted now 🙂  Heck…on the back of all that I may even plant some swede or parsnips and spinach so i can have the sort of dinners my wonderful grandmother used to make when i used to visit her on Sundays all those years ago…only without all the pepper! LOL  🙂  Well…we will see i guess! 🙂

But ANYWAY, Ive just been over and taken a look over on the Strict Women site and I see they have updated with Lady Samantha!  Hurray!  Ive missed her! 🙂  She has apparently been trailing around London having missed her train or rather her train having been missed for her (cancelled…wrong type of leaves on the line perhaps?  And right in the middle of Autumn as this movie was filmed when you least expect it?) and now she has returned home to confront the man who set out her itinerary for her!  Why didn’t he plan for the train to be cancelled?  Other routes?  Other possibilities?  But no, he simply bought her tickets and gave her the times for those tickets and abandoned her to good luck and fortune which as we all known reckless even putting it mildly!

So anyway, as you can imagine, poor dodgy Dave, Miss Samantha’s lacky has some explaining to do!  But can he appease this strict Goddess in the bad mood that his incompetence has now placed her in?  Nope!  Because even he has to admit he was incompetent!  And now he has to be punished for that incompetence in order to focus his mind on improvement so that Lady Samantha never has to go through another day like this due to his carelessness again!

And that punishment of course can now be seen over at Strict Women where Lady Samantha has her best slipper out in her hand to spank him with!  Here is a preview 🙂

And of course Dodgy loses count in several spots or else doesn’t know what comes between 6 and 9?  Its a sad reflection really on education today?  That whilst Dodgy is of course tremendously well integrated into society as the government has tried its best to ensure, he cant actually read write or do sums? 🙂  Anyway, its probably as well because I have to admit I tend to get bored quickly with video where the girls constantly get the guy counting each spank and/or saying thank you for it?  Its OK in general but it tends to get a bit repetitive after a while especially if they decide the naughty boy is getting like a hundred spanks?  So Dodgy’s insolence as Miss Samantha puts it served 2 great purposes, firstly it spared us listening to him counting and secondly it enabled us to see his Mistress give him an additional 5 spank punishment for miscounting! 🙂  And you’ve gotta love that!  🙂

Anyway its a really great video and well worth seeing 🙂

Meanwhile, my next 3 weekends on the trot are taken up with FemDom Spanking shoots! 🙂  Yep…more invites!  This Saturday I am going to be at a shoot with Miss Arella, a real cute lady from the Czech Republic!  And next week it will be her sister! 🙂  They are shooting as much content as they can at Strict Women at the moment in order to take some time off from shoots over the summer months when it is hot and sticky which I can understand.  If you think it is hot anyway, trust me, under 4 kilowatts of studio lighting its MUCH hotter! And add to that some of the cutest women in the world who spank men and its even hotter again! 🙂

So be sure to come back here on Sunday or Monday when I will be telling you all about my weekend with another new Goddess! 🙂  And in the meantime be sure to report quickly to Lady Samantha now showing at Strict Women!  Or alternatively if you wish, you can see this movie on DVD or digital full video download at the FemDom Spanking Store or if you would prefer not to have any video on your pc or findable in your home, why not watch it streaming now at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater along with SO MANY more? 🙂

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Lady Samantha has been getting more and more irritated with Mikes behaviour as of late.  So much so that yesterday when he was giving her lip and she was too busy to put him across her knee there and then, she instead scheduled a spanking for him at 8am this morning!  To that end he was supposed to get up early and report to his Mistress with canes and paddles for her to spank his bottom for him with!  But instead he decides he does not fancy getting up early, especially to face his Mistress’s discipline!

Phew!  Well I guess you can imagine the scene as this strict lady sits tapping her fingers on the table top waiting for her breakfast to the point where she is likely to be late for work and may have to reschedule his spanking!  And whats the point?  After all, is he simply going to do the same thing next time?  But luckily for him, or possibly unluckily for him he turns up just in time for Miss Samantha to dish out some well deserved discipline to her naughty boy and dish it out she certainly does!

And as usual i have a preview movie for you all 🙂

Anyway you can see more from Lady Samantha in this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  That is you can see it as long as you are not mike for Mike is currently doing corner time for his lateness with his trousers and pants round his ankles!

Meanwhile, there is some exciting news…for me that is, as Strict Women are restarting their shoot season!  Which means this Sunday I will be in the company of the one and only Miss Zoe!  And also another Domina who will be doing a double up with Miss Zoe spanking some naughty males bare butt!  I cant wait!!! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Lady Samantha has returned to Strict Women this morning with an update to the great little FemDom spanking video, Train Itinerary Incident 🙂

In this movie, Dodgy Dave is in trouble with his new manageress, Miss Samantha aka Lady Samantha. He was given a very simple task to complete! All he had to do was to arrange an itinerary of trains for his Strict manageress and he couldn’t even do that properly! Of course, he didn’t factor in that one can never rely on train times! Especially not with British Rail right?  So clearly he must now pay for the fact that Miss Samantha has spent hours on end sat on a hot sweaty train and she is NOT amused! And of course it  goes without saying that Lady Samantha has her own way of dealing with naughty servants who get things wrong like this! And that is to put them across her knee and spank them!

And here at the FemDom Spanking Blog we have a short video sample from that very spanking!

You can see more from this and other Lady Samantha movies now at Strict Women!

Meanwhile I will be back for another great update after work for the morning with the very sexy Miss Zoe! 🙂

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Its one thing to turn up late when you are given a time to report to your Mistress but another altogether to turn up late for a spanking that she has scheduled for you! Not too bright! Make her even madder! But that is what Mike did! And you would think with the amount he gets spanked he would know better by now!

This latest update to Strict Women features some fairly hard spanking from probably one of the more premiere Mistress’s on the net and its always nice to feature Her here 🙂

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Chuckle, another one of those no win statements where whatever you say you know she is going to get ever madder! 🙂  In reply to a question about how sorry he was he replied very sorry but that wasnt good enough, so he used several other adjectives and none were sorry enough until he had added ‘plus one’ yet this too simply made her madder and madder until he had added endless zero’s to the end! 🙂

As always from Lady Samantha, this is a great update and you can see more of it now exclusively at Strict Women!  And you can see much more besides at the site also! 🙂  So dont delay, visit today!  You wont be sorry 🙂

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Streaming video fans will be pleased to hear that Domination Theater and Fetish Video Theater have been updated once more 🙂  This time the updates include Miss Rebekka in The Stripper Incident and the world famed Domme, Lady Samantha in Late  for his scheduled spanking and Train Itinerary
Incident and once again all 3 movies are in high quality video 🙂

Streaming video is great for those who do not want to keep video on their pc’s for whatever reason…perhaps they do not want their wife or kids to find it for example?  Worried about legality or if you simply do not want to wait for the video to download!  You simply buy your time on the theater and watch the video as usual 🙂  Its also a great way to view parts of a movie before you buy the DVD!

Anyway here is a preview clip from the latest 3 femdom spanking movies to be added 🙂

See more of these movies now at!  The movies will also soon be available for full download (not just clips) or DVD at!

Domination Theater

As promised to members of Strict Women who were giving such good feedback on the latest update from Lady Samantha, we today see another update featuring one of the nets long time Goddess’s, Lady Samantha! But only today.  For on Monday I’m told that they go back to the schedule where different women appear each update!  And there are quite a few to choose from it seems, not least a number of new Mistress’s which are biting at the bit to appear in the site. Mike who you might remember did shoots with the long time stars such as Miss Amanda, Miss Katelyn, Miss Trudy and others recently did a shoot in the US with a new Lady who is as hot as hell! I haven’t seen the video but I HAVE seen her picture!  And trust me, she is GORGEOUS with a capitol G! Not only that but the Strict Women team are also in discussions at the moment with another big and long time FemDom spanking video producer in the US which, if it comes off, will mean there will be another big run of strict American girls coming into the site!  And also, because that new working relationship will soon come off, we will be featuring some great new movies with some of the hottest ladies in the USA!  Not just the regular girls which that particular video producer loves to use (though those too) but also some new rising stars which you will have to see in action to believe! SO….keep your eyes peeled on this blog for the news as it begins to take place! 🙂

In this video today though Lady Samantha had scheduled a spanking for her servant and husband Mike after he had gone to the bar when he was supposed to have taken her to a resteraunt!  But what happens?  He arrives late for that spanking and asks her if she is ready to go on out to the bar?  Clearly not a good idea as she was already as mad as heck that he had disrespected her not to mention disobeyed her once more by turning up late!

So…what do we have?  Disrespect and disobedience! And what does that equal to a strict woman like Lady Samantha?  Yep spot on!  A very sore backside!  Here is a preview clip 😉

You can see more now from Lady Samantha exclusively at Strict Women!  Dont keep her waiting guys!  You can see above what happened to the last male that tried that little trick!

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Some time ago many of you may remember how I mentioned that I had been on a shoot with Strict Women and met Lady Samantha! Well today they have just published her video in a movie called Train Itinery Incident! This was actually based on a real incident too! Though not for the victim in the movie which was Dave! Her slave had gotten the train times wrong and then took her onto the wrong train which delayed her for some time before the shoot could begin! So obviously SOME male had to be punished for it, her slave didnt want to be in the movie without a mask on (which never happens in domestic spanking videos right?) and so as it was Dodgy Dave’s turn for a sore backside it was obviously him that was going to pay for this!

The spanking starts fairly light in comparison to later in the movie but here is a preview from todays update 🙂

But then look, lets be fair to her slave here, as anybody who has ever lived or even BEEN to London will tell you, its not as if you can rely on the trains there is it?  So perhaps he can be forgiven.  In any event, it wasnt him that was punished so… 🙂

Anyway, Strict Women are rightly VERY proud of recruiting Lady Samantha to their ranks! So much so in fact that they have offered a reduced price membership which will be available to past members of the site for the until Monday of next week. I have been working hard nagging and nagging at them in order to persuade them to let all of my loyal blog readers here also have access to that membership deal and they have agreed! Heck, this site has been going since around about the year 2000! They update twice a week and have had several weeks in that time where they updated daily! 3 movie clips in an update twice a week over 8 years. You do the maths! And they are cheaper than just about ANY of the other femdom spanking sites out there even at the normal rate which has stayed the same for the last 5 years or so! And now they have reduced it to you, our readers from USD$19.95 to $14.95 for 30 days access. That’s about £8 UK pounds! Try beating that deal! ESPECIALLY with the new higher quality video which you really must see!

But to sign up for that offer you must do so at the special promotional page on the site that is NOT linked up from anywhere else! Go see it at where you will also see a few more pics (all reduced in size of course) featuring the beautiful Lady Samantha!

In the meantime, I’m told that she is going to be in the updates again on Thursday as the feedback from members in the site, so far has been so good!

So go take a look at her now over at Strict Women 🙂  At that price and for all you get,  you can hardly be disapointed 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys