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In a house where the owner has her own ‘dungeon’ it is somewhat dumb to turn up late for a building job!  But thats what this naughty builder did to Miss Clare Fonda!  And he soon found out why its a dumb idea too as she took him by the ear to the room and put him over her knee!   Ouch!

Check out this latest awesome video from Clare Spanks Men where gals get what they want and bad boys get stinging red bottoms!

And i have some of the awesome domestic femdom spanking pics!

Don’t forget to visit Clare Spanks Men!  They have some really wonderful videos there!  🙂

Clare Spanks Men

One of the more humiliating experiences a naughty boy can go through is to be spanked publicly in front of several giggling and smirking gals who find his painful spanking entertaining!  But that is what happens in Miss Fonda’s college lecture when you arrive late!  At least it does if you are male!  Check out this latest awesome video from Clare Spanks Men where gals get what they want and bad boys get stinging red bottoms!

And i have some of the awesome domestic femdom spanking pics!

Don’t forget to visit Clare Spanks Men!  They have some really wonderful videos there!  🙂

Clare Spanks Men

Always a pleasure to post something from Clare Spanks Men every now and then and as I recently had an email from Clare with a gallery from her Femdom F/m spanking site I thought it might be a good time to post something new 🙂  Anyway, I liked some of the pics in it and I do promise to post these here when they come up so here goes!  🙂  Oh by the way, this is a strict mother spanking her son scenario so you can see the video over at Clare Spanks Men!  🙂

Here are a few sample Fm spanking pics 🙂

You can see more, and significantly larger pics from this video at the gallery I was sent HERE. Or more still along with the video now exclusively at Clare Spanks Men!

Its always nice to visit the site at Clare Spanks Men and now I have been given a pass and permission to let you all know whats going on there (grin) I can do my posts on this site even more! 🙂 The sites updated 3 times a week but I’m going to try and add a post a week anyway for now and maybe increase it if there is an update I particularly like! 🙂

Today there is a particularly good update there with Miss Clare (aka Clare Fonda) and Miss Chelsea (aka Chelsea Pfeiffer) in which they give the pizza man a really good spanking!  Its mostly OTK hand spanking at the moment but they have just started on using the belt and both are really hot!  OTK hand spanking is my favorite anyway so its always nice to see that! 😉  But sadly as the ladies dont tend to like doing it a lot (it makes their hands sting) you don’t tend to see a great deal of it out there!  And so when you do see it, you appreciate it that much more 🙂

Anyway, the naughty boy in this video is being punished because both Miss Clare and Miss Chelsea are apparently vegetarians and he has brought a meat pizza!  And not only that but he keeps drinking from their beer bottles so he clearly needs what is coming!

Here are a few pics 🙂




You can bet with a good OTK hand spanking on his bare butt he will learn!  He is also forced to address Miss Chelsea as Momma Chelsea which you can see he hates!  LOL 🙂

Anyway if you would like to see the video from which these pics were taken be sure to log on to Clare Spanks Men where this and many others are online waiting for you :-) And remember also that Clare Fonda has her own streaming theater now at Domination Theater!

Some of you may not realise this but some time ago before Clare Fonda’s hugely successful group of spanking websites hit the net, Clare was making some of the best FemDom spanking movies around and selling them as VHS tapes.   It was about that time that Fetish Video Theater opened a new theater with some of Clares very best movies around!  This was before Mistress Clare started creating women spanking men movies however but even then, she was producing the most awesome F/f spanking videos around.

Of course this was some time ago and the theater had not been updated for some time.  Several years in fact.  But all of that has now changed however as Fetish Video Theater and Domination Theater have been in discussions with Mistress Clare and have secured a deal to start showing some of her best video at the site for those of you who do not like joining members sites for whatever reason!  Why would people not want to join FemDom spanking sites?  Well…some of you do not want to get caught by your wives or girlfriends with Fm spanking video or pictures perhaps on your pc?  We have shown several videos of what happens when a naughty male is caught by his wife or girlfriend with FemDom spanking video on their computer so you will probably feel suitably warned before you end up with a sore bottom!  Others may just not wish to download video.  There could be many reasons but for all of you who don’t want to download the video featuring women spanking men the streaming video theaters are there!  And as they work by streaming the video from the Internet, as long as you clear your cache in your browser, there will be NO evidence on your pc to earn yourself that spanked bottom with!

Anyway, as I have said, for some considerable time, Clare’s theater was not updated.  THAT now has all changed however as some discussion has taken place between Mistress Clare Fonda and Domination Theater to begin showing you some more of her incredibly well made and sexy videos from her Clare Spanks Men Site!  Currently there are two clips from a really hot lady called Miss Kay!  This is her below!


She is in 2 videos at the Domination Theater entitled Kay’s Proposal Part 1 and Kays Proposal Part 2.  They are only 4 or 5 minutes a piece but they are the first of what will hopefully be many and will give you an excellent little preview into how good the Clare Spanks Men members site is!  These two particular clips are quite interesting as they are ‘point of view’ clips or ‘you are there’ clips as they are sometimes called!  That is to say that the camera acts as your own eyes as Miss Kay is your girlfriend who decides to introduce regular spanking into your life and relationship!  Part one takes you from the point at which you offer her a ring asking her to marry you which unfortunately for you is not a diamond ring!  So you get punished for that!  Then Part 2 Miss Kay brings out the cane and you are spanked with a cane for daring to touch her bottom when she hugs you!  Really good stuff 🙂

Anyway be sure to go see this theater now at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater! 🙂

Domination Theater