Freshly back from the IFD where he has been getting his butt whupped by Miss Amy for his penis manipulation habit, dodgy dave is back and today he is facing the wrath of Mis Zoe over at Strict Mistress Zoe!   Miss Zoe sent him out to buy a new iron and ironing board so that he can keep her clothes nicely ironed whilst she is doing important stuff like shopping for shoes and suchlike.  But Miss Zoe is enraged when he returns with an iron and ironing board which have no place anywhere except perhaps a museum!  Convinced that he has bought these items at the local church jumble sale, Miss Zoe and pocketed the rest for a night at the pub or a dirty magazine She decides that enough is enough and it is way  past time for him to get another close up view of her ankles!  That is to be put across her knee!  And so the spanking begins!

And we have a great Femdom Fm spanking video preview for you all :)

And you can see this video now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Don’t miss out boys,Miss Zoe has been known to spank when she is ignored!  :)

Strict Mistress Zoe

FemDom Spanking Store

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Wow the days just keep flying by when you are getting your butt whacked boys!  Thats life at the FemDom Spanking Blog and we wouldn’t want it any other way!  Today the Goddess that is spanking the boys is none other than the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell!  Perhaps one of the best strict women in the history of FemDom video…certainly recent femdom video anyway.  You never fail to come back from a shoot with this Goddess without one of the most sore bottoms you have had in years and yet she is always so much fun!   Yes fun even though you need to remember right throughout who is in charge and what happens if you annoy her!  Mike managed to forget this little lesson in the last shoot when he made the mistake of poking fun at her at the dinner table as she was eating her lunch between videos!   He could not complain of course, it was not as if She had not warned him!  But mike just kept on and before he knew it, lunch was over and he was being dragged by the ear to the nearest room and given one of the hardest and most sustained bare bottom spankings that any of the Ladies attending shoots have given in this out take video.  The action was so hot that we simply could not resist turning the cameras on and filming it!  We knew full well what was going to happen very early on by the looks on Miss Karnells face as mike goaded her!  So we do have most of this on video!  And members of Strict Women can see this lady in action in this video featuring a real life real punishment!

Anyway, the video is now published on Strict Women in todays update and I have a preview sample for you all ;-)

You know the mere name Miss Jodie Karnell is like a guarantee of quality and this movie is no exception :) She is really incredibly innovating in this video :)She lives now in Dublin it seems keeping the naughty boys over there in line :)So if you ever go over there be sure to pay her a visit!  :)  Meanwhile you can see many of her great works along with so many other sexy strict women now exclusively at Strict Women who have been serving the FemDom Fm spanking member site lovers longer than ANY other Fm spanking members site on the net!  A good 13 years plus and counting now!  If that gives you any indication as to how large the sites archives have become!  :-)

You can also see this video now as a DVD or a full length digital downloadable video at the FemDom Spanking Store or see it streaming to your computers and televisions at Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Well once again, Male Liberation Front leader Dodgy Dave is in trouble!  Miss Amy has discovered that when Miss Rebekah had spanked his bottom last week, he had deliberately not informed her that he had been punished by Miss Amy the week previous for a very similar offence!   Seems that he can not keep his hands away from his penis!   Readers of my blog here at FemDom Spanking Blog will recall how i disclosed to you all that Dodgy had been incarcerated at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline in the first place for exposing his penis to old ladies and young women in the street!  Well david dare not do such a thing in the Institute of Feminine Discipline but he still can not obey the rules with regards to unauthorised erections or masturbation!  And this despite all of the posers everywhere reminding the boys there that wanting rhymes with spanking!   And may Goddess help him when Miss Amy reads the punishment book and discovers he got up to his filthy ways in HER BED!

Anyway, dave has today been summoned to the Grand Overseer’s Office (that’s Miss Amy by the way) to pay the piper for his non disclosure. It seems that if you commit a similar offence within 4 weeks of a corporal punishment session then your punishment is automatically doubled!   Keep this in mind boys for any time you join and think it might be nice to explain to Miss Acacia in the members confessions zone at the site that you have been naughty!  Because the punishments Miss Acacia sentences you to at the site may well double!  Yes Miss Acacia REALLY DOES manage this site and She REALLY DOES award spankings to any boy who confesses there that he is having trouble behaving and following the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments!  This is just ONE of the many benefits of membership to this amazing site which has just had its very first birthday last week!

And I have a video preview from today’s update!

And you can see this video featuring Miss Amy along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  :-)  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Alteratively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Spanking Fm Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater! :-)

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A little while ago I remember telling you all about how much Head Girl Dublin had enjoyed putting the head master over her knee at Strict Women!  Well now she is back with vengeance today in the movie sequel – Disciplinary Measures!  In Disciplinary Measures, Miss Dublin hears through the grapevine that the head master is holding a disciplinary hearing for one of her teachers in which he is considering giving Mr Switch (aka Alexis Switch) a written warning for the poor exam results experienced by some of his pupils.  Miss Dublin who has already dished out several smacked bottoms for (and to) the head master dodgy dave is enraged as she feels that it is SHE that deals with discipline now at this school!  Consequently you can imagine the scene right?  Head master and teacher sitting in a room discussing these results when angry Miss Dublin storms into the room interrupting everything and decides that both boys are going to be getting a soundly spanked bottom!  The Femdom Fm Spanking kind that Miss Dublin is famous for!

And i have a preview for you all :-)

By the way, on an unrelated topic, did you know that Dublin had the fastest growing population in the world?   Yes its because it keeps dublin and dublin and dublin 😉   Only joking LOL :)  Anyway…seriously now!  :)   This is a really great spanking video!  Miss Dublin is truly excellent in it as she really revels in her new found authority over Mr Floppy as she now calls him somewhat inappropriately given his probable state whilst over Her knee!  :)

And you can see this brand new movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  Don’t miss out on this video boys!  And if you join Strict Women you will see this and so much more really hot sexy Goddess’s administering much needed bare bottom spankings FemDom Fm spanking style!

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John was on pleasure trip to Happy Hills,  a bachelors paradise.  In addition to the plentiful wine, there are always pretty women not to mention the natural scenery that a tourist would love such as water falls, hills, and lakes.  John roamed for a week in the hills duly escorted by  pretty lady tourist guides.

One day, he made up his mind to drink his full of  alcoholic drinks.   To that end, John came across a magnificent hotel, bar and restaurant named ‘Home for bliss and pain’.  The ‘and pain’ however were in very small letters.  Unsurprisingly John misread the Hotel name plate as ‘Home for bliss’.   Entering the hotel bar, a waitress  asked what he would like by way of drink and snacks. John ordered for a large drink.  Looking embarrassed the waitress explained that the administration had imposed a policy of prohibition a year ago and that the sale of alcohol was now illegal.  John was extremely annoyed.   Then how are you serving whiskey and rum to the customers here he ranted in irritation..

Please be calm sir, said the waitress.   I shall  explain.  There are many drunkards in the area. The tourist trade,  liqueur industry and state  revenue depend on  alcoholic drinks and so a powerful lobby of industrialists and businessmen challenged the ruling in High Court.  The court ruled against absolute ban citing principles of democracy and civil liberties.   Prohibiting alcohol however is state directive principle.  Hence,  consumption of alcoholic drink may be regulated in the manner  at discretion of  sale outlets. Therefore Sir, she stated, I scan serve you one large drink only and no more.  John retorted- No I want no limit. I never take less than half a bottle.

The waitress told John to see the counter manager.  The counter manager told John that he would go to underground hall where he may drink as much as he liked  but only on agreeing to submit to a hard spanking.   John was so astonished- Why spanking. I can pay extra money.   Rejecting this counter proposal however the manager explained – Sir, we did this in the beginning. But it is ineffective.  So, hard spanking for heavy drinkers has been prescribed for enforcing prohibition on alcoholic consumption.   It is also required that if you go to the drinkers hall, you do so completely nude.  You will deposit all your clothes and cash on this counter.  Grudgingly, John removed his clothes and handed them together with his wallet to the counter manager.

It was not long before two sexy young women arrived, each holding a whippy cane in their hand and guided John to the underground hall, one smacking John hard on his bare bottom as they made their way.  You are a drunkard she snarled.  I will spank your bare bottom until I make it crimson red!  Through the corner of his eye, John noticed some other nude customers were drinking.  Each had red welts on their backsides.  As John sat in the hall, a waitress asked him for his order.  Two large whiskey’s and a a fried chicken he replied.  But the waitress simply made John kneel on all fours like a dog and spanked him hard with the wooden paddle she was holding four times.  Drinks were then served with whiskey.  John squirmed as he sat back in his chair, his bare bottom crimson red and stinging. It was a unique experience he had not experienced before.   Spanked simply for wanting to drink.   Yet he could not avoid the alcohol and thus could not avoid the spanking.

Thirty minutes later, John asked for two more drinks.  In a matter of fact voice, the waitress replied “well sir, you will have had four drinks in all.  You therefore get sixteen spanks minus the four spanks you have received so far making 12 spanks.  Kneel down on all fours again young man, she commanded.  I am going to give you another 12 hard stinging spanks.  John obeyed and gritted his teeth.  With each spank the pretty young waitress rebuked ‘you silly drunken idiot!  I shall spank you so hard that you will not sit for an entire year!  Your bottom will be so swollen, simmer and crimson red that you will forget drink for the rest of your life!

After each spank, John cried out in pain.  The spanking was intolerable.  But the pretty young waitress showed no mercy and simply continued on spanking him as hard as she possibly could!  As his disciplinarian scolded him, he noticed other customers were enjoying the show.  There were many young ladies in the hall and most of them were taking soft drinks as this was also government policy.   In tears, John queried “Ma’am, I understand that you have to spank me for drinking as this is the policy but do you really need to insult me in front of so many people?   In a stern matter of fact voice the waitress simply replied that this was also government policy.  The female patrons at the club had paid for the entertainment of watching the bare bottom spanking of drunkards and some pay for the opportunity to administer the spanking themselves!  They love to spank and watch the spanking and your cries give them happiness.

After the spanking had ended, John slowly drank his two additional drinks and as he did, the pain in his bottom faded.  He could not resist ordering another 2 drinks.  Somewhat bemused, the young waitress replied ‘you have now had six drinks in total and that would mean you receive thirty six hard spanks.   I advise you to stop now.  I shall not spank you any further this evening.  If you continue drinking, you may get whatever drinks you wish this evening but you will be spanked to settle the score tomorrow morning in a ceremony in the presence of the city mayor.

To this John happily agreed.  He could drink all the drinks he liked.  As there was no immediate spanking he simply could not care less what might happen on another day.  The waitress brought him the drinks as ordered and round after round, John simply kept drinking.   In the end John had become so intoxicated that he could not even stand up to walk to his room.   The bar staff helped him from his chair and dragged him to his room where he slept for many hours.

Upon awakening, John found himself nude and so called the waitress on the intercom asking for his clothes.   This request however was denied.  No clothes she said.  Take your bath and you will then take breakfast and lunch in your birthday suit.  You will receive your reward for the heaviest drinking tonight in the function room.

John was taken to town hall where many people, male and female had gathered waiting for the function to begin.  Again John was ordered to kneel on all fours where he did so with three other males helplessly obeying by his side.  After long wait,  Mrs. D.  Silva, city mayor arrived. All stood in her honor.

Mrs.  Silva declared the function open.   She began the function by a small address:   Ladies and gentlemen. As you know we are democratic and liberal community.   We all have the right to eat, drink and do as we wish.  But in the interests of  society, we need restrict these rights.  Everyone is free to take one drink at a time. To discourage this,  the sale outlets are directed to place some restrictions.  I am happy that spanking is proving an effective way to reduce alcoholic consumption.  Here are four heavy drinkers, who deserve exemplary  spanking before gathering of distinguished citizens. This  is also useful lesson to those participating in this function.  We believe in the principle- Spare the whip, spoil the male.  I sincerely advise all lovers of alcoholic beverages to be moderate so that there is no need to spank them. Let them pity their own  backsides and spare these from spanks.  Silva gave one spank to each of the culprits.  Then a panel of four  young women  spanked the four drinkers.    After a few spanks, they were made to move among the gathering.   They were  spanked even while walking on fours among the audience.  Many women in the gathering also spanked them.

John’s backside was simmering and had become crimson red and he wept bitterly.   After the function he was returned to the hotel where his clothes and wallet were returned to him.   Paying the bill, John reflected on the fact that he had learned his lesson the hard way.  Convinced now that there is a limit to every pleasure!  In future he reflected, I will drink only moderately!  Cruel spanking had taught John a truly unforgettable lesson.

Forever a Queen of FemDom Fm Spanking, Miss Zoe comes forward today to conclude this classic Female Domination movie entitled Devilicious!  Miss Zoe is perhaps one of the leading talents at humiliating males in FemDom history and this movie really underscores this!  I mentioned this in my previous note on the movie here maybe a month or two ago and Josh commented that he could not see the level of humiliation in the clip that I showed in that post as opposed to others.  Well, unfortunately without showing you all the entire movie, it is impossible to really demonstrate what I mean.  But trust me, this particular movie as it develops leads into being perhaps Miss Zoe’s hardest core humiliation films to date.  I may not be able to show you everything here today but if you do not want to take my word for it, maybe give the site at Strict Mistress Zoe a visit and see it there :)

Forced to wear a strap on dildo on his head and rub it up and down whilst singing ‘i like playing with my cock’ is none other than Dodgy Dave who grits his teeth and through a contorted face wishing for the earth to swallow him up, he can not quite escape from the realisation that should the earth actually do just that, he would simply sink into a heated pit of brimstone and fire where his Goddess, Miss Zoe would actually be at home dishing out all the same humiliation as she does in this film!  Only now, the gloves would be off and there would be no legal framework of human rights legislation to protect him (if indeed it ever did!!!) :)  This is the life of the hapless male my friends.  So before you wish for a life serving a dominant Goddess like Miss Zoe, be careful what you wish for!  Because these two boys did just that and then in a puff of smoke, Miss Zoe appeared to make their nightmares come true!  Good laugh for me though on the cameras that day!  😉

And i have a v ideo preview in which Dodgy Dave and Drew leave the room holding hands…just because Miss Zoe wanted it on film just how easily dave falls into this routine at her command!  :-)

A really great update from one of the best Mistress’s I have seen :-)  For some of the best FemDom Fm spanking action you really need to go visit Miss Zoe at her site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  There is so much great material there to see :-)

Anyway you can see more of Miss Zoe in this fantastic video now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or you can buy this video on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or see this video streaming at Domination Theater.

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News has just come in of more new FemDom Fm and Ff spanking videos just released on the FemDom Spanking Store as DVD and digital downloadable files and also streaming to your computer or internet tv from Domination Theater!

The videos are from 2 of the most awesome names in spanking today – Ms Dana Spect and Sarah Gregory.

Here are the details ;-)

Ms Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory:  Sarah’s Strict Mommy

Sarah’s Mom (Dana Specht) is at her wits end with her bad behavior and announces she is being sent to a private boarding school, where punished girls receive bare bottom spankings. To show her what’s in store for her, her Mom turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed. When she comes in to check on her, Sarah sasses Mom and gets her mouth washed out with soap. Next morning she is hauled out of the bathtub and given another spanking on her wet behind. When Sarah returns home for a weekend break, Mom learns she was spanked at school and gives her a caning and finishes it off with a sound bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush. Lots of action in this newest video with Sarah Gregory.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Ms Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory:  Sarah’s Real Punishment

Sarah confessed to me she was texting while driving and knew she deserved to be punished for this. She wanted a real off-camera punishment because of the seriousness of such careless behavior. We did end up filming it because I wanted her to have a copy of her punishment to remind her if she ever did something so foolish again. I set aside the last day of her visit with me for her punishment and in the morning I told her to go to her room and wait for me. She was wearing her pajamas and was sitting on her bed when I walked in with just the basic implements I was going to use – my wide leather strap, my double strap, and my short Spencer paddle. I gave her a long lecture about the dangers of texting and cell phone use while driving and told her I was very disappointed in her, that she should know better. She began to cry then and I knew now was the time to take action. I turned her over my knee and spanked her bare bottom very hard. I made her lie on the bed and I strapped her with both straps while she cried her eyes out. Finally I sat on the bed and put her in a tight leg lock and paddled her red bottom with my short Spencer paddle. After her punishment, I sat her on my knee and forgave her, kissing away her tears and calming her down. This video is 21 minutes long but a very real punishment.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Ms Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory:  Over Her Boss’ Knee


Ms Dana Specht is a strict no-nonsense boss and believes in corporal punishment in the work place. When her secretary Sarah Gregory misses an important deadline Ms Specht turns her over her knee for a bare bottom spanking then stands her in the corner with her panties pulled down to think about her poor work performance.

See Video at Domination Theater.

Anyway, as outlined above, there are 3 (three) brand new movies available on DVD or high quality digital downloadable files at FemDom Spanking Store or else you can stream them straight to your computers or internet tv via Domination Theater :-)

FemDom Spanking Store

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Wow it only seems like yesterday when i was telling you all about the latest updates over at FemDom and Spanking Sites and yet here they are again (early by a few days) announcing 6 more sites added to their list!   And keeping too to their promise that every site will be available to you with the most basic Net Verifier membership!  And Net Verifier as an adult verification service charge approximately for 1 – 2 years membership what some sites charge for a month!

This latest update includes 2 FemDom Fm spanking sites, 1 lezdom F/f spanking site, 1 Maledom M/f spanking site and 2 face sitting sites.

The Fm sites are called Miss Wong Spanks David and the other Miss Lani Spanks Cowboy both of which are dedicated to the great site Strict Women!   :)

On the Maledom M/f spanking front you can see another site from friends at Spanked at Home called Home Spanking and the F/f Spanking Site is called  Strict Southern Spanking!
There are also two new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Russian Face Sitting and Competitive Squashing 2 – Mistress Zoe (of Miss Zoe fame as at Strict Mistress Zoe for our friend Andy at Deadly Females with a second site called Smothered Under Pussy from our friends at Brutal Face Sitting :-)
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  :-)

Click Here to visit FemDom And Spanking Sites

Miss Shay may be young and drop dead beautiful!  But behind that stunning beauty lies a very strict and uncompromising individual indeed!   Miss Shay has been on a fast track since leaving FemDom Training College several years ago when she turned 18 and has now risen to the rank of Advanced Behavioural Therapist!  In fact, as Male Liberation Front activity increases, Miss Acacia of the Board of Corrective Women has even toyed with the idea of placing her in direct charge of the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline from time to time!  So it is clear that Miss Shay has a very bright future leading the world of Female Supremacy as the world moves from the year 2051 and onwards towards the 22nd century!

But do not let Miss Shay’s obvious beauty lull you into a false sense of security.  Miss Shay is a very determined young Woman who knows her own mind, her authority and moreover is comfortable with exercising that authority over male creatures to keep them in their place!  And what is that place?  Once asked this question, our Welsh Goddess simply curtly replied, wherever the hell I tell them it is!  So your place can be face down in the mud for the next 6 weeks boys if Miss Shay says so!  But more likely than not, it will be over her knees or under her bottom!  :)  Or perhaps just an extra piece of furniture that She can put her Feet up on after administering this stinging bare bottom spanking on mike this week!

So why is mike in trouble this week?  Well he has left his bed without permission in the evening, absconded (once again) from the IFD and has been seen drinking at the local bar.  Now by today’s standards you might think this is a little extreme to spank him for such?  Well put those views out of your head!  Because in every household in the land where a male answers to a dominant Female partner, every one of us submissive males knows that we are subject to being spanked if he we disobey the rules laid down for us!  But this is not the year 2012, it is the year 2051!  The country is now a matriarchy under strict female rule where males are spanked twice a day, every day, simply to keep them in their place!  And then they can expect further corporal punishment if they misbehave or slack beyond such!   Perhaps it is little wonder Miss Shay has taken to this world like a duck to water?

You must remember that the world is now run by the Board of Corrective Women who have laid out 10 simple rules for all males.  These are known as the Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments!  And mike has broken 2 of those commandments!  Firstly he has consumed alcohol contrary to commandment 7 and secondly he has been seen out of bed after 9pm which is laid down by the Board of Corrective Women as bed time for all males!  And by the way he has probably broken Commandment 9 about maintaining monolithic silence unless spoken to also knowing him!  He can not even bend over Miss Shay’s knee without having a moan or asking her if she is sure!  :)   So given all of this it should not be any surprise to you that mike is in trouble today!

And I have a video preview for you all :)

And you can see this video featuring Miss Shay along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  :-)  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Alteratively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Fm Spanking Video Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater:-)

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Hi again everybody and welcome back to my FemDom Fm Spanking blog.  Before i start, a big thank you goes out to those of you who wrote get well messages through last week.  Your wishes seem to have worked thankfully as my chest infection seems to be now under control.  Though not before getting in the way of and killing off the first of the shoots for this year with two brand new Hungarian women who were due to come into Strict Women this year :(   Oh well…there will be other times i guess.

Anyway, enough about me!   Its time to look at what is going on in the FemDom spanking world out there!  And it seems to that end, that one of the sexiest Goddesses at Strict Women has returned and is busy delivering a blistering hot bare bottom spanking to mike after he fails to “learn your lesson” (as the movie is called).  Miss Sandra for those of you who have not seen her before, has one of the sexiest bottoms I have seen on any site anywhere!  And she has driven so many of the boys (myself included) nuts at Strict Women with those tight denim shorts and black stockings that she has been wearing!  But poor mike does not get to spend a lot of time looking at his strict young Mistresses bottom as he spends most of the day today across those firm thighs getting his butt roasted by her paddle and hairbrush!  Well…if he had done as he was told, he would not be getting spanked right now would he?   And perhaps he could be looking at her bottom with the rest of the world if he dares!  :)

Anyway i have a video preview taken from today’s update!  :)

Ouch!  :)   And you can see this brand new movie now exclusively at Strict Women!!!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the video streaming from the internet servers onto your computers or tv screen over at Female Domination Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Domination Theater