Back to the realms of Strict Women today is none other than the awesome Femdom Spanking Star, Miss Jodie Karnell who is driving dodgy dave nuts teasing him with her beautiful bottom.  It seems he has a problem with the concept of look but don’t touch!  And moreover he has a problem with the concept of asking permission to look!  Of course the reality of life when serving a beautiful strict dominant woman is clear and should be clear to dodgy dave also but he seems to think he is on a par with a Goddess and that does not compute in a world of Female Domination 🙂

The most basic principle behind life as a submissive male serving a dominant Goddess is that you need permission to do practically anything and everything.  She owns you and you have no free will. Therefore if you think you want to look at that beautiful bottom of hers then you ask her permission and resist the way your eyes are automatically drawn to the beauty of her curves.   Permission may be granted or it may be denied.  And this is the difference between you and her.  Simply in order to look at her bottom you first need her permission.  This is Miss Karnells rule.  But she can bare and spank your butt whenever she likes, however hard she likes and even in public if she so wishes.  And furthermore you have no say in the matter except to say yes Miss and thank you Miss. And this is what dave does not seem to quite grasp.  Thus the training.  He must now follow Miss Karnells bottom around the room but knowing all the time that he is NOT permitted to touch. Can he resist?  Well lets see.  I have a video preview from today’s update to the awesome FemDom Fm spanking site Strict Women 🙂

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Awesome 🙂

And so much fun that day in the shoot too 🙂  To see more you need to go to Strict Women so don’t delay, get your butt over there and worship Miss Karnell’s beautiful bottom.  Members have permission to touch 🙂

And you can see the conclusion of this great FemDom Fm spanking video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you wish to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get it from the FemDom Fm Spanking Store.  Or why not watch it streaming at the Red Badger Domination Theater?

And don’t forget, Strict Women also have their own Clips 4 Sale store as well!   See some great clips from the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell, Miss Rebekah and others!  As well as some of the older favorites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha and so many other Goddesses of yesteryear at their site :)

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Well approximately 2 months has now gone by since i last told you all about the latest update at FemDom And Spanking sites but they have been real busy it seems.  The sites entire back end has been fully updated to the very latest software and although this may not mean a lot to you, it does indicate that they have every intention (given that this was all consuming for around a month) of keeping this site going with constant updates 🙂   FemDom And Spanking sites was actually updated around a week ago so its not quite as late with this update as you might think but they have made up for the time lapse in any event with a bumper big update of 9 sites.  Usually it is around 5 or 6 for the month.   And the sites I can tell you are really awesome 🙂   And with Miss Jade and Amy Hunter as well as a dominant Bryanna Cox of Spanking Bare Butts and some of the best female domination from Hand Spanking in Japan there is something there for everybody who is a lover of spanking whether Fm, Ff or Mf 🙂

This latest update includes 2 FemDom Fm spanking sites, 2 lezdom F/f spanking site, 2 Maledom M/f spanking site and 3 face sitting sites.

The Fm sites are called Spanked By Miss Amy and Spanked by Miss Jade both of which are dedicated to the great site Strict Women!   :)

On the LezDom F/f spanking side you can see another site from friends at Spanking Bare Butts called Carol Gets A Sore Bottom and also one from our friends at Hand Spanking called Bad Girls Correction.
On the Maledom M/f spanking front you can see another two sites from friends at Girls Boarding School called Smacked and Spanked and Spanked For Smoking.
There are also three new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Face Sit Submission and East European Ass Domination from our friends at Brutal Face Sitting and Competitive Squashing 4 with Miss Jade (as seen above in Spanked By Miss Jade) from our friends at Deadly Females.
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site containing over 100 sites like the above together with an additional 50 or so links directly into their older discontinued Cyberage sites costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂

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All across the country in 2051 the notoriety of the sexiest world leader, Miss Acacia, spreads from building to building.   Naughty boys had better beware as this Goddess has so many of them removed from their homes and placed in an Institute of Feminine Discipline (IFD) merely for ‘treasonous’ talk of ‘equality’ and overthrowing Feminine rule throughout the land.

One of the ways in which Miss Acacia spreads her notoriety is to summon two male creatures at random from each IFD she visits and leaves them to tremble outside of Her office whilst she decides which boy she will reward and which boy she will spank.   Neither boy has done anything wrong in particular (else they would have already been spanked) or anything right for that matter, but the anxiety that each boy feels as the 7 day wait to know which his fate will be in the run up to the reward or punishment routine tends to be extremely difficult for both males concerned

This is the subject matter of the latest update to the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club update this week.   It is Miss Acacia doing what She does best which is exercising Her Feminine authority and power over males and randomly picking one to spank simply because She can.   There is no better way to demonstrate, She feels, Her supremacy over the boys than to exercise Her authority in this way.  It demonstrates after all just how little either of the male creatures concerned have any say, control or even influence in the matter.  It demonstrates to them and all around them that Women make the decisions and control all that makes them happy and all that makes them sad.  As soon as males understand this basic concept and surrender to it, they are well on the way, Miss Acacia argues, to finally leaving the IFD and becoming a useful member of male society serving Womankind.

And to that end we have managed to secure a video preview from today’s update at the nations most notorious Surrey IFD 🙂

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Forever oozing sexiness out of every pour of Her Body Miss Acacia never fails to put the boys in their place as this clip shows 🙂

Oh and by the way, 2 new Goddesses were filmed at the Chelsea Spanking Centre for the Institute of Feminine Discipline’s Members Club on Friday and just wait till you see them in action!  🙂   How could i describe them?  Well Miss Viktoria is drop dead beautiful.  She is strict and she is non compromising.  Very much like Miss Rebekah in many ways.  Her friend Miss Antscha really had some living up to do next to Miss Viktoria but She managed it and then some!  How can I describe her?  Well imagine if you would a woman with the energy and ingenuity of Miss Zoe, the calm collected reasoning and scolding from Miss Amy and the sadistic smile in spade loads that we often see from Miss Rebekah when she is clearly enjoying her power trip over the males and then add a sexy East European accent and a fantastic body and you are somewhere in the ball park 🙂  Miss Viktoria too is stunning and will blow your world away!  These two Women are going to be BIG stars.   And they will be appearing also shortly on Strict women.  Here is a pic from the shoot for the IFD Members club by the way 🙂

To the left you have Miss Antscha with the hairbrush and to the right with the pink paddle you have Miss Viktoria.  Just wait till you see these two in action!!!

The talk at the IFD now is where these Women will be placed.   The Institute of Feminine Discipline is incredibly picky who actually makes it into the IFD and these two Women made such a splash in their shoots for Strict Women that the two together in a spanking centre video was inevitable. Believe me, one of the commonest criticism’s of the IFD site is the smaller number of Overseers that are there and this is testament to the fact that only the very best make it into this site.  That is the down side.  The upside is that you can be absolutely sure that every single video at the IFD site is as incredible as every other video.  The question now will be the turn that the IFD is going to make at this point with these two new Goddesses who were both hitting the mark so to speak.   Will they continue to manage the Chelsea Spanking Centre or be moved into the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline as Advanced Behavioral Therapists?  That is the question that Miss Acacia is now pondering.  We will have to wait and see what She decides.  But one thing is for sure, if the Chelsea Spanking Centre gets to keep either one of these Women let alone both of them, it is going to become one of the most popular parts of this site!  Of that much you can bet your doughnuts boys and Girls!

Watch this space for more news as it comes along…

You can find see this update featuring the stunning Miss Acacia now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Alternatively if you do not want to wait for later updates and wish to see the entire video at once, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Fm Spanking Video Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater:-)

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Glass of water of wine at mechanic shop 

Roshan left for market by his motor cycle.  On the way, his bike abruptly stopped. He could not restart the vehicle.  Luckily auto repair shop was very near.  The mechanic said that he would take a few hours to mend the bike.

The motor mechanic gave Roshan a glass of water to drink.  Roshan drank the water very quickly as he was thirsty and tired.  He  walked some distance with a view to receive  the bike after repair.

On the way, he saw  Mrs.  Chatterjee, his next door neighbor.  She angrily  shouted:  Roshan! What is wrong.  Now you drink Liqueur even during day.  He retorted: No Ma’am  You are mistaken. I just gave my bike for repair and drank a glass of water.

Mrs. Chatterjee covered her nose with handkerchief and said- You fool.  You are giving such foul smell. Can’t you avoid drink at least during day?

Where Roshan’s clothes went 

Roshan left the spot as he wanted no more argument with Mrs. Chatterjee.  He saw a Buddhist monk  also covering his nose with a handkerchief. This convinced him that he must have taken liqueur giving very bad smell.  He looked for some lonely spot.  Suddenly, he found that he had no clothes on his body.  He was at a loss. He could not make out what was in store for him.

Visit to a closed building with no exit 

Roshan thought of going to a colony. Perhaps,  he may get some one who would understand and help him.  He entered an isolated building.  He went upstairs.  There he found Mr.  Ashoka, a  known person.  He was a trader  of  computer hardware and electronic goods.   Ashoka was very jolly person. Seeing Roshan totally nude,  he exclaimed- Oh! How nice to see Roshan!  Ashoka caught Roshan’s shoulders and danced with him saying- so nice! so nice!.   But Roshan said:  Please help me.  Dance  will not help. I need clothes.  Smilingly, Ashoka said:  Well!  I could give you computer and electronic items. I am not dealer in ready made garments. Sorry Sir!

Ridiculed and spanked 

Ashoka’s wife shouted at her husband- why are you playing with this drunkard? Just throw him.  Ashoka said- He is my friend.   Ashoka’s daughter said- Daddy! don’t be so funny. Let me see this nude drunkard.

Ashoka’s teen aged daughter spanked  Roshan’s behinds with a hair brush.

Roshan ran away and reached another room.  He met there some men.  He told them of his shame and bizarre condition and asked for a way out from the building. The men said-  There is no way to go out except this window.  You may jump and leave.  But Roshan knew that if he jumped,   his bones broken and he would reach the ground dead.

Then, he entered another room.  Surprisingly, there was no way to leave the building.  He walked to next room.  There were several girls in the room.  He begged them to give him some clothes and show  him way to leave the building.

Group spanking and exit   

The leader of those girls said:  You are yourself responsible for your bizarre position.  We shall punish you very hard and then give clothes and also allow a safe passage out from this building.

The girl said-  No one!

First  girl came forward and spanked Roshan’s behind with a flexible cane.  Roshan cried with pain.

The leader said: Two

Another girl   spanked Roshan very hard twice.

Thus,  all the ten  girls spanked him very hard.  Roshan’s bottoms got crimson red and swollen.  He cried bitterly with tears in his eyes.

When all the girls spanked Roshan,  the leader came forward and used a leather strap to once again spank him.  She spanked Roshan ten times very hard with a dreadful cane.

The girls brought under garments, shirts and trousers and helped Roshan wear dress.  They called a driver and told him to take Roshan to his residence.

Woke from dream. Spanking was real 

Roshan awoke. He found this was all dream.  But his behind was simmering badly.  He came before a mirror and found that there were welts of leather strap and cane on his bottoms, back and shoulders.  He wondered how spanking could be real when this was all in dream.

Real Spanking by distant cousin during his sleep 

He heard a woman laughing.  He saw,  Radha,  his distant cousin approaching near.   She said- surprised!.  Did I not tell you once that I love your rounded and smooth bottoms.  These are so fleshy and attractive.  I waited for years to  redden your lovely bottoms.  During sleep, you were murmuring and crying begging for not spanking.  So, I gave you real spanking in your sleep.

Roshan said- Radha! Now you are happy!

Radha said- How! I am to give you real spanking in day time.

Real spanking next night 

Roshan and Radha both bathed and took breakfast.   They spent the day gossiping.  As dark set in,  Radha ordered Roshan to strip.   She gave quick ten spanks on Roshan’s bottoms.

Then, she and Roshan both got one drink.

Thereafter, she spanked Roshan with her leather strip twenty times.

Thus, they enjoyed drink . After every drink, Radha would spank Roshan.

A few hours later both slept.   In the morning, Radha bid good bye saying- we had a good time. I shall come every week for spanking session.

Forever finding himself in trouble with Miss Zoe, mike plays the part of an idiotic chauffeur this morning at Strict Mistress Zoe as the beginning of a brand new movie is published entitled “Driving His Goddess Mad”.

The movie begins with sexy Miss Zoe  dragging her miscreant into the room by the ear and demanding to know what the hell he thought he was playing at driving through stop signs, red lights and speeding at 90 mph in a 40 mph zone.  But mike makes light of this and suggests that the police officer that stopped them was somehow at fault!  When Miss Zoe puts him right on this matter he then suggests that it was HER fault and that she should pay the fines for the tickets as it was her car!  So as you can imagine, mike’s fate was sealed from this moment on!  And it does not take long for Miss Zoe to put him across her knees for a well deserved and very sound bare bottom spanking!

This is a really excellent FemDom Fm spanking video from which I have a video preview for you all 🙂

This movie requires Flash Player 9

And the spanking does not stop either!  Miss Zoe makes a point of paddling his butt until he is literally begging her to stop!  And then she simply spanks him some more just to safely drive her point home as he was supposed to drive HER home safely!

Done miss this one boys and girls!  You can see it now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!

Strict Mistress Zoe

Hot news off the press now in is that the very strict and hard spanker Countess Wolfsong of Sterntime FemDom Spanking Video and Strict Mistress Zoe of Red Badger Fm Spanking Productions have released 3 new videos between them to digital download and DVD at the FemDom Spanking Store & streaming to your computers or internet tv at Domination Theater!

Here are the details ;-)

Miss Zoe:  Driving His Goddess Mad


Miss Zoe’s cheurour has been driving like a maniac and has been stopped and booked by the police.He has been going through red lights and speeding through stop signs not to mention speeding at 90 mph through a 40 mph zone. When he refuses to accept his errors and suggests that it will be Miss Zoe paying for the tickets however she decides that the time has come to remind him of his place! And there is no better way to do this than to put him over her knee!  Movie contains good hard fm spanking and discipline

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Countess Wolfsong:  Nurse Fantasy

If you’ve ever had a nurse fantasy you might enjoy this one! Countess Wolfsong is our nurse. The patient waiting for his turn to see the doctor apparently falls asleep and awakens to see a whole different nurse than what he is used to seeing. The “therapy” she administers to his bare ass is quite therapeutic! Very sound FemDom Fm Spanking! Countess Wolfsong always administers “therapy” quite strong….apparently she enjoys her work.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Countess Wolfsong: Discipline Angel

Here’s a guy just messing around in his garage, knowing there’s a lot of clean up work to do, but really not in the mood to do it. Might as well just kick back and relax. He can’t help but think about a disciplinarian woman he once had in his life. Used to make him take care of houshold duties…. or else! But those were the old days. Suddenly, a sexy angel appears! Is he dreaming?! Is she real?!

With a simple clap of the hands she has him naked and in a variety of discipline positions using a number of implements, like, hand, paddle, strap, whip and a nasty cane. After his ass finally splits, she disappears! Was she really there? Was it a dream? Will she come back?!!

Video contains very sound FemDom Fm spaning, paddling, strapping, whipping and caning.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

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Perhaps the strictest and most certainly the hardest spanker at the Institute of Feminine Discipline, Miss Rebekah has returned today at the IFD to discover two very naughty boys in her office disguised in ski masks as they attempt to steal the punishment book from her desk drawer!

Make no mistake about Miss Rebekah, if there is one thing that angers her quicker than anything else at the Institute of Feminine Discipline, it is a naughty boy that challenges the supremacy of Feminine authority!  So it will not be any surprise to any of you out there to discover that the mere mention of the Male Liberation Front has resulted in the miscreant finding himself dangling over Miss Rebekah’s knees with his pants down!   So it goes without saying that once this sexy Female Dominatrix discovered mike and an accomplice in her office wearing MLF issue ski masks and attempting to steal not only the official Board of Corrective Women punishment book but all of Miss Rebekah’s paddles also, the fate of the naughty boy She managed to snag was set in stone!

Miss Rebekah is known to be the hardest spanker at the Institute of Feminine Discipline and one of the prettiest also along with her colleagues Miss Shay and of course Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia herself as we demonstrated on this very site with a photo of her bottom the other day!  And so mike knew when he was caught that he was in for a very long and hard spanking indeed.  And that was even before he failed his underpants inspection in which Miss Rebekah claimed to have found evidence of masturbation!  Now I will leave it to you to decide whether that evidence was there or not but it would not be the first time such had been claimed by Miss Rebekah and what naughty boy would ever dare argue with her when she is about to spank his bottom in any event?   Its a clear no win situation for him right?

Here is a short video preview from todays update 🙂

This movie requires Flash Player 9

Pretty hot huh?  A good description for mikes butt by the end too by the way!

You can find see this update featuring the ultra strict Miss Rebekah now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  🙂  Alternatively if you do not want to wait for later updates and wish to see the entire video at once, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Fm Spanking Video Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater:-)

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A naughty husband knows full well what fate awaits him if he lives in the Strict Women household and mike of all people should know better!  But after embarrassing his sexy but very strict wife, Miss Jade the two of them return home and mike must face the music (and the inevitable spanking)!

Mike just can not keep his mouth to himself however.  Even when he is about to be put across Miss Jade’s knee for a well deserved bare bottom spanking, he can not resist giving her lip and even blaming her for his transgressions!  But Miss Jade unsurprisingly accepts none of this and bringing her own true style of female domination she bends poor mike across her knee for blistering bare butt paddling! This is perhaps one of the sexiest FemDom Fm spanking videos i have seen for some time and Miss Jade certainly knows how to keep a naughty boy in order!

So in a slight detour from the usual video’s I thought today i would publish a few photos from this video instead 🙂

You are In Trouble!

You know you are in trouble when you get a look like this from a Goddess!  Those sexy creamy thighs you will soon be bent over and it will be her ankles and the backs of her thighs you will be looking at as she soundly spanks your bare bottom!

You are a VERY naughty boy!

Even a seasoned naughty boy like mike feels that paddle as Miss Jade spanks his bare bottom over her knee!  Will he be rude again?   Not for a while!

Spanked As She Sits On his Back

Spanked as strict Miss Jade sits on his back, mike is incapable of struggling out of this spanking!

And you can see the conclusion of this great FemDom Fm spanking video now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you wish to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get it from the FemDom Spanking Store.  Or why not watch it streaming at the Red Badger Domination Theater?

And don’t forget, Strict Women also have their own Clips 4 Sale store as well!   See some great clips from the beautiful Miss Jodie Karnell, Miss Rebekah and others!  As well as some of the older favorites like Miss Amanda, Miss Samantha and so many other Goddesses of yesteryear at their site :)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Hot news off the press now in is that 3 brand new movies have been released as DVD and Digital Download at the FemDom Spanking Store and as streaming video to the domination Theater!

Two of the movies include the awesome yet rarely seen Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia of the Institute of Feminine Discipline together with her Surrey IFD employee Miss Rebekah!  Though in this case Miss Rebekah’s movie is actually one that was Shot for Strict Women!  Actually, to be fair, so was Miss Acacia’s in this particular case!

In addition there is an awesome new movie featuring the legenary Ms Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory.  This is particularly an interesting movie because more recently Sarah has become Miss Sarah and has taken on a more dominant personality!  And yes she is spanking naughty boys too!  Mostly at the moment it is only in paid sessions but i suspect she will be showing her face in some of the Fm spanking sites eventually….  And apparently she has been taking lessons in strict scolding and spanking from her mentor Ms Dana so that should be interesting!!!

Here are the details ;-)

Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia:  Wedding Night Discipline

Yes you see why Miss Acacia is causing such a stir huh? 🙂   And she is currently only spanking naughty boys in Institute of Feminine Discipline.  But soon the movie above will be showing in Strict Women too.  It is an awesome instructional video from Miss Acacia to women everywhere on how to put your collar of ownership on males and control them henceforth from wedding night itself onwards…

As the description outlines…

On their wedding night, Elizabeth (played by Miss Acacia Bryson Lovesgrove of the Institute of Feminine Discipline) and Dave are in the bedroom. Miss Elizabeth dressed in lingerie, stockings and suspenders explains to her new lackie husband david kneeling at her command before her that every night from now on before bed he will be put across her knee for a spanking to keep him in line. David it goes without saying does not like the idea but is so doe eyed at his stunning new Goddess wife that he would agree to anything. Little does he know that the life he has in store for him would be so different to the one he had always imagined!

Miss Acacia of the Institute of Feminine Discipline, President of the Board of Corrective Women truly excels in this movie as she demonstrates on the best way to truly enslave a male using, as she does, simply the curves of her body and her own feminimity. David is simply putty within her hand. If you ever wondered why a man would submit to a woman this movie explains it perfectly. He submits because he knows ultimately it is the only way he will ever be granted either time with her or affection from her!

Miss Rebekah:  Anniversary Spanking

Dressed in lingerie, stockings and suspenders Miss Rebekah has been waiting for builder husband mike to return home on this very special day! It is their anniversary and She has been waiting excitedly for days to see what diamonds would be in that beautiful bracelet she has been expecting him to buy her! But when he returns in jeans, tea shirt and gym shoes lies on the bed and answers questions as to what day it is with answers like Saturday and “St Georges Day” it becomes clear that once again he has forgotten their wedding anniversary! Can She fix him? Yes She Can! A good sound spanking over her knee and paddling over the bed teaches mike to think of others before himself!

This movie contains Fm spanking, humiliation and Female Domination!
See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Ms Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory: Detention Discipline

Miss Sarah Gregory is a new teacher and not very good at controlling misbehaving students. When principal Ms Dana Specht walks by the detention room and sees the unruly Scarlet misbehaving and the frustrated Miss Gregory, she steps in and takes charge. Students who misbehave in class need discipline and that discipline is a bare bottom spanking! If Miss Gregory can’t or won’t administer a proper spanking, than Ms Specht surely will. Scarlet gets her first bare bottom spanking as does Miss Gregory for not administering correct discipline in the school.

In relation to this movie by the way you might want to take a look at my blog post at Amateur OTK Spanking Blog which has a few more pics 🙂

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Dana Specht - Disciplinarian

Miss Shay has taught mike smith a very valuable lesson over Her Knee this morning!  It seems given his illness he believed that he would get away with telling Miss Shay that Miss Amy had given him dispensation from his daily spanking due to his illness.  But as we have already seen from several posts here at the FemDom Fm Spanking Blog, Miss Amy did no such thing!  Mike believed that the paddling, over the knee spanking and caning he received from Miss Amy was an end to the matter but he did not bank on a somewhat irritated Miss Shay determined to use this incident to make an example of Mike to the entire population of the Institute and administer a bare bottom spanking that would have him squirming on his seat every time he tried to sit down!

The truth is, that as Miss Shay viewed this event, by Her trust and compassion She had allowed mike to get one over on Her and to establish a reputation for Her at the IFD as a bit of a push over.  And Miss Shay was determined to dispel any remnants of this belief once and for all!  Usually if Miss Amy took up the matter and spanked the boy concerned, this would be an end to the matter but boys have no say in matters of discipline and it is entirely for the Women’s own discretion whether they end up getting a bare bottom spanking or not!  Just as it should be in a Matriarch society by the way!  Or a non Matriarch one for that matter!

And i have a video preview for you all from the nets real up and coming FemDom Fm Spanking & Female Supremacy site 🙂

This movie requires Flash Player 9

Awesome 🙂  Take the biscuit.  Does anybody actually know where that saying even comes from? LOL 🙂  Mike is certainly VERY quickly hushed there though…no smart alec comments allowed when Miss Shay is spanking your bottom!  🙂

And you can see why the boys go wild over Miss Shay when she leads the group masturbation sessions at the site too with Her Bottom being as sexy as it is!  🙂

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!  And also many others besides.  Or if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish to see it streaming to your computer or internet tv then you can see it now at Domination Theater.  And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either!  Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!  🙂

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater