News has just come in that leading FemDom Fm Spanking Video producer Red Badger Productions have updated their video store at FemDom Spanking Store and its streaming video theatre at Domination Theater.   Stars for the new videos include awesome names such as Miss Cassie (aka The Huntress), Miss Joanne and Miss Heelena!

Here are the details of these great new FemDom Fm Spanking Movies!;-)

Miss Cassie:  Spanking The Work Shy!

Miss Cassie Hunter - Spanking The Work Shy

After spending several months on sick leave, Alexis is sent to see the company doctor to give a report on when he can return to work. But clearly this lady is not as easy to manipulate into giving him a sick note as his own doctor is as she decides that there is in fact nothing at all wrong with him that a soundly smacked bottom can not put right! Soon Alexis is begging to be allowed to return to work!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Joanne:  Theft From Her Store

Miss Joanne Stars in Theft From Her Store

Miss Joanne is the manageress of a top clothes store in London and her servant (yes all staff are servants to Miss Joanne!) has brought a thief to her office that he has caught stealing women’s underwear. After some initial questioning Miss Joanne decides that what is actually needed with this idiot is a good sound spanking on his bare backside from a woman! Perhaps this will teach him to respect women more! Well…watch for this we will let you just watch this video and allow you to decide if she was right! Just remember though, Miss Joanne is ALWAYS right!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Heelena:  Criss Cross 3 – Caught With A Spanking Magazine

Miss Heelena Stars In Caught With A Spanking Magazine

Poor David is in more hot water than he could ever imagine when Miss Heelena catches him with a porn magazine! But when she discovers that it is a spanking magazine and one where women are spanked by men his trouble is compounded even more!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Some really great FemDom Fm Spanking action to be found there everybody…be sure to check it out!  Be there or be spanked! :-)

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

Mrs. Mathew and her friends spanked John till his buttocks were crimson red. They stopped spanking more as they did not want blood on his bottom. John felt sleepy as it was midnight. The maid servant dragged John back to his room. John slept till next evening dreaming about his spanking and crying as he did.

One day more passed. John felt that Mrs. Mathew would only detain him for rest of agreed period of captivity. But he was mistaken. On the third day, the maid servant took him to bath room and washed him neat. She also applied some ointment to his simmering bottom. She told him that this was Mrs. Mathew’s forty second birthday and that she wanted Johns presence also at that celebration.  John was very happy as he felt that his punishment was over and he would rejoice in birthday party.

The maid servant ordered him to walk on fours like a dog to the hall where celebration would take place and hand spanked him on the way. He was confused as to what Mrs. Mathew expected him to do. He reached the hall. There were  many guests- all women.

Forty two candles were lit on birthday cake. Happy birthday Mrs. Mathew John said. Thanking him for the wish she ordered him to stand on his fours. The party went on. Loud Music and dance continued. The maid servant served wine and snacks to John  with her hand as if he were no more than a dog.

Mrs. Mathew announced that there the celebration had a unique attraction. The guests would give forty two spanks on Johns bare bottom with a paddle. Mrs Mathew herself hand spanked him five times. This was in addition to the  hard spanking with paddle that would follow. The party with music and dance went on. The guests took their own time to spank John’s poor and miserable backside. They would chat and give one spank at pleasure. The maid servant was keeping count of the spanks. At 11 P.M. the party ended. When all guests had left, Mrs. Mathew was told that John had received only thirty five spanks from guests and so Mrs. Mathew gave the remaining seven spanks on his simmering crimson red buttocks. John cried bitterly but Mrs. Mathew threatened that more crying would invite the leather whip lash. The maid servant fetched a whip that Mrs. Mathew used on his back and buttocks.

The maid servant dragged him back to his room. Ultimately the week end arrived. John was allowed to bathe and wear the dress as usual. All the ladies who had spanked as well as John were also present.

Mrs. Mathew was very polite. She said- John, now is the time to bid you fare well. We are not  angry.  You are talented. You secured a large amount of money from numerous people and in turn earned a heavy commission. You are very successful salesman.  But you misused your talent for a fake and cheat company.  Hence, spanking was necessary to correct you. Now you are very nice. I wish to help you. I Hope you will use your talent better . I offer you an appointment in my leather products company as Chief Sales Manager. I Hope you will be happy with this assignment.

John accepted the assignment and earned good and fair income after that. Harsh spanking on his bare bottom was truly corrective.

To tell you that this video is perhaps one of the classics in FemDom Fm Spanking history is perhaps going to sound a little like a cliche given I am always praising Miss Zoe here on this blog right?  And why wouldn’t I be continually praising her?   She is probably one of the most notable names in the FemDom arena right now who can stand tall with even the biggest names in history.  But amongst the 60 or so films that I have made with Miss Zoe, there are maybe 6 or 7 that REALLY stand out in even that quite distinguished crowd as being particularly excellent and the movie I cover here entitled Devilicious is just one of those examples!   Others I think would probably include the two ‘Football Ticket Incident’ movies, Domme Bo Peep and perhaps Damaged Car Incident but in singling these particular videos out I do not seek to undervalue any of the others!  Quite the contrary.   I merely say what I am saying now to really drive home the point that this is a movie that EVERYBODY who loves FemDom Fm spanking and humiliation should have in their collection!

I remember watching this movie as it was playing out in the room and reflecting at the time that it was going to be one of Miss Zoe’s very best and i was not disappointed!   The spanking was hard, the domination was strong and rapid but moreover Miss Zoe really showed her ingenuity and artistic flare as she dreamed up yet more ways to humiliate Dodgy Dave…a real favourite pastime for her by the way!  And one that is probably a good portion of the reason he no longer wants to bend over the girls knees anymore!  Perhaps

Just as an example to illustrate what i mean is the fact that Miss Zoe made Dodgy wear a strap on dildo on his head which he was ordered to rub up and down as if wanting it and repeatedly sing “i like playing with my cock”  There was a moment of perhaps just 2 or 3 seconds when things died off a little and there was no noise in which i just could not stop myself bursting into laughter as the silence was broken by dodgy singing about how he loved playing with his cock!  LOL :)   With some people their limits are set by physical pain but with Dodgy it is definitely humiliation that he likes the least and the forced bi and feminisation is perhaps the hardest for him to deal with!   But then we should not kid ourselves…that is EXACTLY WHY Miss Zoe does it!

Anyway, i digress :)   Just suffice to say this is one you really should not miss!  And I have a video preview for you all :-)

And from there the spanking gets harder and harder!  :)   But the REALLY hot thing about this video which you will see at Strict Mistress Zoe in the coming months and of course if you buy the DVD or digital download at FemDom Fm Spanking Store or watch it streaming at the Female Domination Theater, is the outstanding Female Domination in respect of humiliation and debasement that Miss Zoe demonstrates!  The humiliation angle seems to be one of Her strongest suits in fact!  And you would be well advised to make sure you don’t challenge Her to prove it!  :)

A really great update from one of the best Mistress’s I have seen :-)  For some of the best FemDom Fm spanking action you really need to go visit Miss Zoe at her site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  There is so much great material there to see :-)

Anyway you can see more of Miss Zoe in this fantastic video now exclusively at Strict Mistress Zoe!  Or you can buy this video on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or see this video streaming at Domination Theater.

Strict Mistress Zoe

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

This is a video from Strict Women dedicated to the out of control journalists out there in the news here in the UK.  This movie was made in the light of some of the some of the sensationalist headlines that followed Max Mosley of Formula 1 Grand Prix fame when he dared to hire some Pro Dommes to live out one of his fantasies.  But not only to Max but several good friends of mine who run a spanking website and were caught up in this so called scandal but were not wealthy enough to sue.   In this world of fantasy in which we live, we have few ways to fight back or show our contempt I guess but one of mine is in the video i produce and this is one such video :)   Another was on the UK members of parliament stealing our money but that is another story.

Anyway…enter mike – editor and top journo at the Daily Bastard whose proudest moments were leading campaigns in the press to shut down local hospitals as some kind of commie conspiricy to defraud the poor top rate tax payers of their hard earned share dividends!  Sitting in his office one day abusing yet more people on the phone, mike is shocked to see the beautiful Miss Koko enter his office!   As Mss Koko complains about how his expose on her lifestyle as a Pro Domme has lost her business, mike appears to find the whole thing funny and dismissively begins to usher Miss Koko from the room!  But Miss Koko is having none of it and is determined to teach this naughty boy a lesson he will not forget!

Hey…phone hackers out there take note!  Because I have a video preview for you all!  :)  Just a pity it was administered to the wrong person but there is still time to put that right, right Miss Koko et al? :-)

All joking aside now, this was a great movie to watch and really great fun to make!  My one complaint though is that following Dodgy telling Miss Koko I had told him I thought her previous videos were no good (complete lie by the way) I got spanked considerably harder than Dodgy did!  He hardly got whacked at all!

Anyway, don’t miss this one boys and girls 😉   Its a great FemDom Fm spanking video!  And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!!!  Or if you prefer to get the DVD or full length digital download you can get that from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the video streaming from the internet servers onto your computers or tv screen over at Female Domination Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater



Just as we begin to move into March news is just in that FemDom And Spanking Sites has released yet another 6 AVS (Adult Verification Sites) to be available to everybody with a basic Net Verifier pass.These updates do seem to be significant updates as usual and seem to be taking place regularly around once a month so for the few dollars that a Net Verifier pass might cost you, it is well worth grabbing!  Especially as the subscription is annual (or even bi-annual) rather than monthly as with most sites.

These sites include 2 FemDom Fm spanking sites one of which is also a Female Supremacy site, 1 lezdom F/f spanking site, 1 Maledom M/f spanking site and 2 face sitting sites.

The Fm sites are called Bad Boy Spanked Again and the other Discipline Island – Miss Selina dedicated as it is to Miss Selina Rothschild of the Institute of Feminine Discipline (aka Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe:)

Bad Boy Spanked Again at FemDom And Spanking Sites  Discipline Island - Miss Selina
On the Maledom M/f spanking front you can see another site from friends at Spanked at Home called Submit To Spanking and the F/f Spanking Site is called She Spanks She!
She Spanks She - Now At FemDom And Spanking Sites!  Submit To Spanking Now at FemDom And Spanking Sites!
There are also two new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Russian Face Sitting and Competitive Squashing 1 – Mistress Shay (of Miss Shay fame as at the IFD! :)  But Miss Shay’s face sitting site is nothing to do with the Institute of Feminine Discipline in case you are wondering but rather shot for Andy of Deadly Females :-)
Russian Face Sitting - Now at FemDom And Spanking Sites!  Competitive Squashing 1 - Mistress Shay - Now at FemDom And Spanking Sites!
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites:-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  :-)

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Mike has been a naughty boy again!  The Board of Corrective Women have laid down their 10 Commandments a series of 10 rules that set the framework for males lives in the 2051 land of England, two of which mike is about to be punished for breaking!  That is to say, drinking alcohol which is strictly forbidden and being not only out of bed but also out of the grounds after 9pm!  And as you might imagine, whilst Miss Shay might have been able to use her discretion to be kind to mike and not spank him for breaking ONE of those rules (though highly unlikely), she would NOT be doing so for 2!   So once again mike faces time across Miss Shay’s silky beautiful thighs getting his bare bottom spanked!

As Female Supremacy and FemDom Fm spanking videos go this is an excellent addition to the archive at the Institute of Feminine Discipline that you would be foolish to miss!   Not to mention the fact that you are likely to get into trouble if you do!

And i have a spanking good video for you all :)

And you can see this video featuring Miss Shay along with many others spanking the boys exclusively now at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  :-)  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :) Alteratively if you wish, you can get the DVD or full length high quality digital download of the full movie at the Femdom Fm Spanking Video Store or watch it streaming from the internet at Domination Theater:-)

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

All you boys out there that ever thought you could simply surf the porn sites without any kind of consequence will be viewing this blog post with alarm today as Miss Jade shoots that idea clean out of the water with HER naughty boy!  For when Miss Jade returned home one day to find Alexis surfing Strict Women without having first obtained Her permission!

There is only one way to deal with this kind of behaviour in Miss Jade’s world and that is by putting the boy across her knees for a well deserved hard spanking!  And so it will not surprise you to hear that this is exactly what she does!   And i have a video preview for y’all :-)

And you can see more from Miss Jade in this video now exclusively over at Strict Women! This full 30 minute video is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theaterwhere it has recently been published! :-)

Be sure to visit her quick because she has been known to spank for lateness! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Domination Theater

FemDom Spanking Store

Naughty boys out there had best beware! As Miss Jodie (or Miss Karnell as she prefers to be addressed) has returned to Strict Women today ad is taking no prisoners! Having caught her naughty boy Alexis with a porn magazine she wastes absolutely no time whatsoever with hesitation and immediately sends him to fetch her spade paddle (and others) proceeding then to administer one of the soundest bare bottom spankings that he has ever endured!

Make no mistake, like Miss Rebekah and Miss Zoe Miss Jodie Karnell is a disciplinarian that is not for the feint hearted!  This is a lady that reaches for the paddle with little provocation on your part as the boy who serves her and does not believe in sparing the rod!  If you are ever ordered across her knee in fact, expect a very sore bottom indeed by the time she has finished with you!  Many have been spanked to tears by this lady and many beyond!

And we have a video preview for you all :-)

So be sure to behave when around this Goddess boys!  And girls too for that matter!  As you see above, she is not one to forgive and forget without discipline to correct your behaviour!

And you can now see all of this video available now exclusively at Strict!  Or alternatively if you prefer to get the video on DVD or full length digital download then you can do so at the FemDom Spanking Store or if you prefer you may watch it streaming to your tv media centre or pc via the Domination Theater!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Domination Theater

You may notice we have a little surprise for you all below today.  We have published the first story for some time.  That is because we now have a new contributor whose love is to write FemDom Fm Spanking Stories, the first of which has been published below :-)

Please give him a big welcome everybody and support him as you have always supported me in the past :)  I will still be here of course…its my blog and i love chatting to you all :)  But as the offer came in I just felt like perhaps it would be nice to have that little extra being published here from a fresh eye so to speak :-) Plus of course, I think many of you out there will enjoy reading some of his stories.

If there are others out there that have an artistic flare like this who would like to see their work published here please do get in touch.  I don’t guarantee that i will publish everything that is submitted but i will consider it all with honesty :)   The only stipulations being that it should not even remotely refer to children and generally not be simply for the promotion of a website as that is my job and i don’t wan’t to give that bit up :-)

Welcome Gulshan.  Looking forward to working with you :)  Meanwhile, you can see Gulshan’s first story ‘John Spared Jail Sentence’ published here or just look below this post :)

John was a petty clerk in a factory. He had small income but big ambitions. He got in habit of lavish drink and eating in bug hotels. So He was in miserable financial condition. However he was surprised how  others who worked like him in petty jobs were so comfortable. He asked one of his friends who would give him company in drink and dining. He told John that this was simple. He was working for funds raising by an investment company. This was on chain basis. His friend Thomas introduced him to the company. Next day John persuaded some friends and relatives to invest Rs. 1,000/- each in the company. He made some of them members also. So the funds invested through agents subordinate in chain to Thomas will earn commission to everyone in the chain. Thus income depended not only on direct business but also on those down in the link. In a month, John had one hundred agents down in his chain. He began earning Rs. 10,000/ every month without any extra efforts. .

One day, the company management left the premises. The investors were scared. The promoters/ directors of company could not be traced. But police arrested Thomas and other agents Thomas pleaded that he did not know that the company was fake and cheating people. The investors did not want any leniency.

Thomas had a reputation in society. He did not want that this be tarnished at all. He was too poor to fight case. He was told that he would get minimum ten year jail sentence. He pleaded that he be given mercy as he was innocent. A lawyer told him that only the investors who had deposited his money through him could compromise. But they were very adamant.

The case dragged for two years. He had no chance of escape from jail sentence. He wept bitterly. The public prosecutor was a little sympathetic and he offered to help him. He talked with some of the investors and arranged compromise.

Mrs. Mathew was an influential person who invested heavy amount and she could persuade others also to show some relaxation. she offered compromise in court but on the understanding that Thomas would remain in her personal custody for a week and accept whatever punishment she chose. Thomas wanted to avoid jail at all costs. so he accepted the deal. and accompanied Mrs. Mathew to her A compromise was made and Thomas went with Mrs. Mathew.

Mrs. Mathew was living alone in her house and had many dogs to watch. She took off all clothes of John, chained him and ordered him to sleep on floor. He slept whole night dreaming what Mrs. Mathew would do to him. He waited till next evening. He was given some food and water. He felt very uneasy without wine. A maid servant ame to his room in the evening and dragged him to a big hall where Mrs. Mathew was enjoying wine with her friends. She shouted at John- You stupid!. You helped the fake company for your greed. Now see what you get in return. But any way, take two pegs of whiskey before we go on. I shall not deprive you of food and drinks but teach you a lesson by spanking your bare butt. You have become so stupid because your mom and your teacher st school did not spank you enough. Mrs Mathew made him stand on all fours like a horse. One of her friends how much she invested through stupid and was told Rs. twenty thousand. Mrs. Mathew gave a paddle to her and said” okay give him twenty spanks.

The friend of Mrs. Mathew went on spanking using angry words with every whack- You bastard- Take reward for cheating me.
Then Mrs Mathew invited another woman who had invested Rs. twenty thousand. to spank Thomas on his bare buttocks.
Thomas’ buttocks were crimson red with cruel spanking but the ladies were inviting. One of them said- Spanking is best punishment for such cheats.

When all ladies had finished their spanking quota, they poured wine on red crimson butts of Thomas. He cried bitterly but in vain. There was no mercy.