I just noticed how Miss Shay’s tag in the tag cloud for this blog at the bottom of my right hand sidebar on this page has started to grow to become one of the most significant tags here on this blog!  And it should not really be any surprise!  Because since Miss Shay shot shone out like a bright star at the top of the Strict Women site she has gone on to do just the same at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Excelling as she does in pretty much every video that she stars in at that site! Given that Miss Shay is so obviously so stunning visually you might be forgiven for thinking that She would simply be eye candy at the new Institute of Feminine Discipline site but you would be VERY wrong if you did fall into that trap!  Because in addition to her obvious good looks She is also one of the hottest dominant characters in the Female Domination world to date.  There is a real steamy sultry feel about Miss Shays personality and naturally assertive nature that makes her truly intoxicating!

This week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Mike is in trouble once more.  Oh what has he done now i hear you say in unison!  Well at a recent  group wank session, he had asked Miss Shay if he might kiss her beautiful bottom.  Miss Shay of course was having none of it but undeterred from his efforts he made the mistake of telling Miss Shay that Miss Amy allowed such in group wank sessions that she oversaw.

It is well known across the world of course that Miss Amy would not even allow these sessions were it up to her let alone take any part in one but mike simply could not help himself in his overwhelming desire to worship Miss Shay’s bottom that much more than She was prepared to allow him to do so.

After some investigation, Miss Shay has decided to summon young mike to Her office to answer to the charges regarding his dishonesty.  And now it is time for a thoroughly well spanked bottom for our most deceitful resident at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline.

And i have a video preview :-)

See what i mean? :-)   Miss Shay is always a guarantee of quality and you only have to look at Her to see why :) And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  Dont miss it boys!  The site is truly awesome :-) And don’t forget, you can also see her in this video at the Domination Theater or on DVD / Digital Fm Spanking download at the FemDom Spanking Store :)   She is also at the IFD’s brand new Clips 4 Sale store!

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Wow another weekend has flown by and I can not believe how fast!  I have been watching this really great show on tv called Oz that i never even knew existed and its been quite thought provoking.  Even leaving aside the violence, rapes and so on, just basic things like how if you were in prison for life, your family and friends eventually stop visiting you and your letters slowly stop coming until eventually you even drop off the junk mail mailing lists to the extent that you might as well not exist.  Well…i could go on but you will be pleased to know that I am not going to!  LOL :-)  Heck, why should I right?  Something WAY more interesting going on!  From one hell to another that could just as easily be referred to as a heaven :)  Because Miss Karnell is putting Her own ‘bitch’ in his place with a sore and well spanked butt today over at Strict Women!

This is a great FemDom Fm spanking movie from the guys at Red Badger Productions who brought us all the Institute of Feminine Discipline which rumor has it, Miss Jodie may soon be shooting for!  Watch this space in that regard…

Meanwhile i have a spanking good video preview for you all  :-)

Never a naughty boy goes unpunished when Miss Karnell is in charge!  :-) And you can see the video from this movie now exclusively at Strict Women where you will also see so many other great FemDom Fm spanking Goddesses that spank simply because they can :-)  So be sure to get over there and visit them soon :-)

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In a classic tables turned scenario, Miss Dublin has returned to Strict Women with style as She plays the role of a Head Girl at the local private college!  When summoned to report to the strict but somewhat dodgy head master to be given a stiff talking to (or a stiff something anyway) She is delighted to find a bottle of whiskey in the filing cabinet and takes great delight in taking over all of the authority and putting the head master across her knee for a sound bare bottom spanking!

But Miss Dublin as She must now be addressed, does not intend to just leave matters there!  From now on ALL spankings that are administered at the college must only be administered by HER and it is only lecturers and head master that will be getting the spankings from now on!

And I have a video sample for you all :-)

This is a really great spanking video!  Miss Dublin is truly excellent in it as she really revels in her new found authority over Mr Floppy as she now calls him somewhat inappropriately given his probable state whilst over Her knee!  :)

And you can see this brand new movie now exclusively at Strict Women!!!  Don’t miss out on this video boys!  And if you join Strict Women you will see this and so much more really hot sexy Goddess’s administering much needed bare bottom spankings FemDom Fm spanking style!

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The chain of command is the reason that Dodgy Dave is in trouble with the very strict Miss Amy this week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  The chain of command that puts All Women head and shoulders above any and all males.  And Miss Amy ranking 3rd in the land amongst women.  But Dave felt that her ‘over zealous” and “bitchy” nature needed to be dealt with and as he was not able to do so himself…him clearly being lower than the chewing gum on the sole of her foot as she points out, he seeks to go right to the top of the tree to have her fired!  That is to Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia – leader of the governing body of the Board of Corrective Women!

A letter is therefore smuggled out of the Noitorious Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline by Alexis who was released that day!  Of course the arrival of that letter at Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia’s office immediately trigger’s Alexis’s recall to the IFD!  And hence Alexis too will no doubt face up to the discipline that will be coming his way!

But today in the concluding part of this particular movie at the great FemDom Fm Spanking site, Institute of Feminine Discipline, Miss Amy Hunter administers a very sound caning indeed.

And i have a video preview :-)

This is a truly excellent FemDom Fm Spanking video and for those of you who love to see hard Fm caning you will adore this movie.  Miss Amy is the typical Miss Amy that you all grow to know and love to watch with an added aire of supremacy and contempt for males even more than you often see in her other movies and Im sure you will love it as much as everybody else does :)

Anyway you can see this video now live over at the Institute of Feminine Discipline :-) And don’t forget both Miss Selina AND her grand mother Miss Zoe have films in both the FemDom Spanking Store and the Domination Theater :-) Oh and by the way, the movie is also available in 5 parts over at the Institute of Feminine Discipline’s new Clips 4 Sale store so you really have no excuse for not going to visit!  :-)

A purer warranty of quality could not be found than the label on a movie that says it comes from Miss Cassie!  Renowned the world over for hard FemDom Fm caning, strapping and spanking not to mention any other forms of Female Domination that you might care to mention, Miss Cassie leaves her victims stunned into submission and her viewers struck with shock and awe not to mention anxiety and fear that they might be next!  :-)

So it is with really great pleasure that i get to announce that Miss Cassie has been spanking Dodgy Dave over at Strict Women today!  And not me!  LOL ;-)   Only joking Dave :-)  Well…Im sure he will understand what i am talking about anyway as the memories of Miss Cassies strap and cane come flooding back with this latest video preview i have for you all!  And all because the lady loves milk tray?  Well…she might!  But she also HATES banana’s as dave now discovers!  :-)

And we have a preview clip :-) There is some Femdom Fm spanking video in theStrict Women update today where this spanking is over her knee with the bowl of fruit salad but i have shown some of that before so i thought today i would show you some hard strapping instead!  :-)

You can see why Miss Cassie has the reputation she does for not putting up with any nonsense from male underlings can’t you? :-)

And you can see it now exclusively at Strict Women!  :-)  Oh and by the way you can find Miss Cassie’s videos over on FemDom Spanking Store and also she has her very own theater with her own movies from her members site over atDomination Theater :-) Be sure to get out there soon!  :-)

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Its was a busy day yesterday for me in andy land.  I have been getting my butt spanked by one of the most drop dead gorgeous Overseer’s at the Board of Corrective Women in a tightly under wraps shoot, the contents of which are all tip top secret!  But kind of surprised to see Miss Shay with her new hair colour!  :)  A sort of gothic look is the order of the day and after a few minutes it does start to grow on you just as it does on her :-)

I can not go into the details of the shoot just yet as it would spoil it all for you all.  It probably will not be published for some time but Strict Women seem to have really gotten into a groove shooting new FemDom Fm spanking videos for the Institute of Feminine Discipline and I think this now makes 12 full length videos that Miss Shay has done for the Institute of Feminine Discipline alone!

And i have a fan sign for you all :-)

A thouroughly enjoyable day!  And all topped off with veggie burger, chips and beer!  :-)  Best veggie burger and chips i have had for years actually :-)  And taken with a smacked bottom from one of the most stunning Goddesses around it was one of the greatest combinations known to man :)

And it is not over yet!  For today Miss Zoe is popping round to shoot for the Institute of Feminine Discipline and for Her Own site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  So more top FemDom Fm Spanking will be ringing out the day :-)

Will let you all know how things went with Miss Zoe later :-)   Another busy day beckons…

Its been a couple of months since I got to take a look at the beautiful Japanese Goddess Miss Amrita and the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder is certainly true!  For you really notice this Goddess as standing out in the crowd after surfing around the various sites out there :-)  The one thing I really like above all at Strict Women and other FemDom Fm Spanking sites run by Miss Acacia is that the Women in the movies are allowed to be themselves rather than simply act the part of some other person in the imagination of the director.  That is a common theme in many of the other FemDom Fm Spanking sites out there which is why they all start and end the same and all say the same things!  You could be forgiven for thinking that the soundtracks with some of these producers were simply dubbed over other video’s to create the same movies!  They could probably save themselves a fortune if they could do poser art in video!  :)  Swap the girls face and hair colour etc and costume and bang, its all done.  use the same soundtrack time in and out again :-)

But that is not something that you get with Strict Women which is why i always loved them there :)  Its the women that take control, not the guys!  And long may that be the case :-)

This week the female domination at the FemDom Fm Spanking Blog comes from Miss Amrita as I say and she, once again, is truly awesome!  :-)

Great FemDom Fm spanking action doesn’t come much better than this!  :-)  The Japanese women really know how to spank a guys bottom and Miss Amrita is no exception to that rule!  Ouch!

As Strict Women put it on their site:

Based on a true real life story. A simple contractual arrangement goes badly wrong for Dodgy Dave when Miss Amrita discovers that She has received bank charges and embarrassing cancelled cheques due to Dodgy Dave charging more than the agreed price for a job on her car. He may have believed he would get away with this but Miss Amrita demonstrates how She deals with such people in Japan!

And i have a video preview clip :-)

Hard Femdom F/m hand spanking, paddling and strapping is applied with good hard force by strict and sexy Miss Amrita until Dave has truly learned his lesson!

And you can see more of this video now exclusively at StrictWomen.com!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

News has just come in of more new videos just released featuring Miss Selina (aka Miss Zoe) and Miss Shay onto DVD, digital downloadable files at the FemDom Spanking Store and of course streaming video at the best video theaters for Female Domination out there at Domination Theater.

You will also find some of these video’s at the Institutes Clips 4 Sale store at http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/48189

Here are the details ;-)

Miss Selinia:  Accounting For Past Discipline

Several days ago mike was caught outside Miss Shay’s bedroom whilst she was undressing peeping on her and having a bulge in his trousers for which Miss Shay marched him to the office by the ear for a sound bare bottom spanking.

Given that Miss Selina is filling in for Miss Amy however, it is part of Her job to review the punishments that have been administered over the previous week to ensure that they are all in compliance with Board of Corrective Women regulations.  Unfortunately for mike, Miss Selina is unconvinced by an entry in the punishment book which seems to exclude any reference to unlawful masturbation whilst mike was peeping at Miss Shay undressing.  Consequently Miss Selina summons mike to her office to explain what happened and to cross examine him using her specialist training that she has undergone in her days as a Remedial Behaviour Therapist in the Spanking Centre’s.  Miss Selina was always known for her awesome ability to get to the truth between the web of male lies!

As Miss Selina cross examines mike he finally breaks down and admits his offence and now must pay the price at the hands of this beautiful young Archon.
See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video As 5 Part Downloads at Clips 4 Sale
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Shay:  Miss Shay’s Group Wank 2

It is that time of the month again!  All of the boys that have not been banned from the monthly masturbation session by Miss Rebekah the previous month have reported to the office to find, to their absolute delight, that there is a brand new and absolutely stunning new Overseer in the Institute that is to take the monthly masturbation session today and that is Miss Shay!

But Miss Shay to their shock is simply not interested!  It is ‘such a waste of time’ says the beautiful Goddess as She sits reading Her Comic book at the Chief Overseer’s desk!  But the boys do not give in and together their powers of persuasion convince the reluctant Miss Shay to let them have their pleasures as long as they can behave!

The boys however can NOT behave!  At least not around the semi nude Miss Shay!  A month of sexual frustration and they simply can not keep their hands to themselves!

This leads to some very sore bottoms as a result!  And Miss Shay’s bottom remains very comfortable thank you…

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Selina: Caught Wanking In Her Bed

Always remember ‘wanking rhymes with spanking’ is the message on the posters on every male creatures bedroom wall, reminding them that they are not permitted to masturbate outside of the monthly supervised session under the supervision of one of the Overseers at the Institute.  But there are also some rules that go without saying!  One of which is that male creatures are not permitted in the Overseer’s living quarters unless supervised by the Overseer in question as they complete chores in those rooms.

So what do you think is likely to happen to a naughty boy that is caught masturbating in Grand Overseer Miss Amy’s bed in Miss Amy’s bedroom?  Because this is what happened when Miss Selina who was covering for Miss Amy that day found when she decided to retire for the evening to read in her temporary bedroom!  And Miss Selina administers one of the most severe spankings yet seen in the Institute of Feminine Discipline and poor dave was close to blubbing by the end!

But dave’s problems have only just begun!  For Miss Amy returns on Monday morning when Her first task is to review the punishments administered over the last few weeks in the Official BCW Punishment book. Imagine Miss Amy’s surprise when she reads the details of THIS spanking!  What do YOU think will happen?

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Anyway, as outlined above, there are 3 (three) brand new movies from this site now released ahead of the members site launch so you can see just what you are currently missing from the new site!  The movies are currently available on DVD or high quality digital downloadable files at FemDom Spanking Store or else you can stream them straight to your computers or internet tv via Domination Theater :-)

And don’t forget, you can see the brand new Institute of Feminine Discipline now has its own Clips 4 Sale store also!

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Well the weeks seem to fly by here in my world but the spankings never cease and why would they after all?  Years, decades and centuries may pass but there will always be guys being put over sexy women’s knees for a sound bare bottom blistering!  :-)

And today’s FemDom Fm spanking that is being dished out is coming courtesy of Miss Kaz, often known as Princess Kaz of Strict Women!  Miss Kaz is starring in a movie called Rehearsal for a Spanking in which she persuades hubby dave to help her take charge of a situation at work with a colleague who is irritating her!  She feels that a spanking is in order but wonders how she will get them to submit to it so asks Dave to help her practice in a little role play.  Or at least that is what he thinks it is!  But it soon becomes clear as he lays over her knee getting his butt soundly spanked that it is in fact a punishment spanking from her for the jip he has been giving her these past few years!

Miss Kaz is an absolute Goddess and so calmly in control that she absolutely oozes sexiness as she controls dave and takes up her rightful position as the family matriarch and authoritative disciplinarian.  By the time she finishes there will be no doubt in anybodies mind who is in charge!  You can bet your life this is not going to be hubbies last spanking over Miss Kaz’s knee!

Anyway, I have a video preview! :-)

A really great video from a really sexy lady! :-) Well worth seeing I think :-)

And you can see this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  Or if you wish you can own the DVD or full length digital download then you can get this from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch the movie streaming at or Domination Theater or at Fetish Video Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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Great things happening over at the Institute of Feminine Discipline today as a brand new Video gets broken open from the lovely Miss Selina Rothschild.  Miss Selina of course bearing truly remarkable resemblance to her Grand Mother, Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe.  Really incredible resemblance…i mean you could almost think they were one and the same if today was not in the year 2051 :-)  But its not the same Woman :-)  Get with the fantasy everybody! :)

So what is this one all about i hear you ask?  Well Mike is in trouble again.  Miss Amy has been summoned to the Board of Corrective Women HQ to a meeting with Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia and as such, next in command, Miss Selina has stepped into her shoes and taken up the helm of command at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline.

It seems mike was caught outside of Miss Shay’s bedroomw with a stiffie last week and was duly punished for that but Miss Selina, who is believed to be in the camp who oppose allowing male relief in any circumstances is not prepared to allow it to rest there and wants to know whether he was in fact doing anything else other than peeking through the keyhole or walking down the corridor with that stiffie.  I will draw a dark veil if you don’t mind over what that means except to say that unauthorized masturbation in the IFD is a spankable offense!

In any event, it is after all a part of the Board of Corrective Women‘s creed that males should be kept in a constant state of sexual frustration, that is part of how they are so easily controlled.  But there are two camps in the Board of Corrective Women hierarchy, those who, like Miss Amy and Miss Selina, believe that male relief is too messy, ruins their fun in teasing them and is just a waste of time, and those like Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia!

And i have a video preview :-)

Miss Selina does a really excellent job in this video and seems to be truly at home with the whole concept of Female Supremacy and authority.  Surprise surprise huh? :-)  And she does not let a single thing go unpunished it seems.

Anyway you can see this video now live over at the Institute of Feminine Discipline :-)   And don’t forget both Miss Selina AND her grand mother Miss Zoe have films in both the FemDom Spanking Store and the Domination Theater :-)

And don’t forget also everybody, the Institute of Feminine Discipline’s new Clips 4 Sale store where this video is now up for sale split into 5 parts :-)