Hey everybody and welcome back to the FemDom Spanking Blog where this week i thought I would mention Miss Lina just for the heck of it :)  Well…not quite just for that but rather its kind of an unusual storyline so i wanted to touch on it :)

The video is basically Miss lina demonstrating how a dominant woman wins in the end no matter what the male is like!  This is a demonstration on how a dominant woman can put a male on her leash no matter who they are or what they are like.  Yes the can be the most dominant and assertive people you can imagine but a wise dominant woman can still win through and have them obediently following their rules or submitting to their discipline!

The secret?  Find out what it is that turns the guy on and then make it available ONLY on the woman terms!  When the woman wins this little battle the male may as well be a puppy for training for they will do anything to be allowed that pleasure!!

In this case Arjun who has just married Miss Lina has a fetish for sniffing women hair and simply wants to sniff her hair.   Unusual you might think but its actually for real!  Hey there is very little about a woman that is not sexy when you think about it!  And for Arjun it is sniffing hair which as I looked in  google discovered is kinda common around Asia where his roots are from :)  So that was an interesting little detour :)

SW236-163 SW236-096 SW236-097

Anyway i got some pics from the video but if you wanna see Miss Lina expertly enslave her new hubby and her methods for doing so you had best get your butts to Strict Women where it is available with so many others!  :)

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News just in everybody that Red Badger have just released 3 awesome new FemDom Fm spanking videos on the awesome video store at FemDom Spanking Store and on their streaming video theatre at Domination Theater.

See details of the movies below!

Miss Amber : Practical Jokers Spanking


Sat chuckling to himself on the sofa, Adam contemplates how he has played a practical joke on his strict wife. In response to her emailing everybody in his office with a photo of his spanked bottom last time she had put him across her knee he has photshopped her face onto an embarassing photo and emailed it to everybody in her office.

Adam of course remembers how funny she found the stories about how he had been mocked at work for his spanking and genuinely thought she would find his practical joke to be just as funny. She on the other hand most certainly does NOT Find it amusing and in fact she has decided that this action will not go unpunished! It is most certainly a spankable offence and Adam must now submit to her whim and bend over her knee once more for a sound hand and hairbrush spanking

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Acacia: Handling The Grievance


Mike, Steve and Alexis have all submitted an official complaint to the Board of Corrective Women that the tensions within the leadership of the IFD have caused them not to be allowed to squirt during the monthly supervised group masturbation sessions. Alexis has not bothered to attend the meeting with Miss Acacia believing the process to be pre judged and ultimately futile and so a call is put out for him only to discover that he has eloped from the building without permission.

This leaves Mike and Steve alone to face the MOS and put the case regarding how they are never allowed to squirt in the supervised masturbation sessions despite the right that is given to them in the 10 commandments signed by the MOS herself. Thus their human rights are being violated.

During a telephone call to Miss Amy however, Miss Acacia is informed that the reason that they had not been allowed to squirt was because they had not been behaving during the sessions and had tried to touch some of the Overseer’s during the sessions which is not allowed or tolerated.

The news from Miss Amy makes Miss Acacia very angry that Her time has been wasted in this way and consequently She makes the decision to personally punish both male creatures for making petty complaints.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Shay: Unauthorised Entry 2


Miss Amy is away today having been called to an important meeting in front of the Board of Corrective Women’s Executive Council to explain the recent spike in MLF activity at her IFD and so Miss Shay is currently filling Her role. As she reads through the varous reports and the punishments administered in the Punishment Book she discovers that a spanking she gave to mike when she caught him outside her door with a bulge in his trousers has been the subject of further investigation by Miss Amy. And Miss Amy discovered that he had been masturbating outside of her room whilst she had been changing.

This news makes Miss Shay somewhat cross and so she summons mike to explain this matter. Mike may THINK that because he has already been spanked, he will not be spanked again but he is sorely mistaken! And soon feels the sharp sting of Miss Shay’s hairbrush across his bare bottom!

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See Video at Domination Theater.

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Hey gang, welcome back to FemDom Spanking Blog :) Now before you all get uptight and begin moaning that you haven’t had your spankings this week I have an apology to make :)  I couldn’t get on I’m afraid till now cos my mom has been poorly in hospital for the last week.   Ive managed to do the main websites updates but even those had to be brought forward a day or two.   Anyway she is out now so given none of you have been getting your regular spankings i figure you probably all need a little time in the Institute of Feminine Discipline under the guidance of Miss Acacia who has been the gorgeous star of the latest update there :-)

ifd38-032 ifd38-035

Hmmm….stocking tops :)  how would you like to be put across those thighs? :)   Ahhhh nice memories LOL :)

You can see this video where Miss Acacia above deals very firmly with complaints against other overseers at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline right now online at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club :-)

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Domination Theater

In this week where soccer corruption and bad behavior is all the news, the guys at Red Badger remind the world with this  Carmen K movie that bad behavior exists in American football too but there is a very strong difference between the two sports and that is that in US football the cheerleaders are there to spank when the team or its management misbehave!

Enter Miss Carmen K!  New head cheerleader at the club has already spanked mike the coach and the quarterback for poor play and this week is presented with Mike’s union rep intent on giving her an ear bashing for assaulting his members!  But dodgy union reps are not given much respect in Miss Carmen’s world and Dodgy Dave soon discovers what a strict woman is likely to do if you start challenging her authority!  For in this movie dodgy union rep dodgy dave too gets spanked!

And i have some of the domestic FemDom fm spanking pics :)

SW208-015 SW208-003 SW208-013Miss Carmen has since changed her name of course though I cant remember what to.  But it was a great day’s shoot as i recall with her and also Miss Rose there on the day :)   Deadly Females who have since closed down due to regulation in the UK on face sitting films effectively banning face sitting of all things (honestly politicians really need a swift kick in the nuts sometimes!) were shooting with Miss Rose upstairs and we did a swap after 2 movies :)  Both gals were great though Miss Carmen above was on her first fm spanking shoot having only done CFNM movies before.   I guess that shows from the pics right?   We don’t tend to interfere with the women’s discipline very much! :)  But I remember her being extremely nervous on the day.   A little like Miss Zoe was on her first shoot actually but unlike Miss Zoe who was just kinda quiet until the camera’s were turned on, it was clearly visible with Miss Carmen.  But all was ok once we started filming and you would never have believed it :)

Anyway don’t miss this one.  You can see the video now exclusively at Strict Women!!!

Also don’t forget that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store too!

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Well welcome to another week :-)  This week i wanna do something a little different which is to take a look back at one of my favourite movies from two of the hottest East European gals I’ve worked with :-)   And also good cos the spanking was hard and i wasn’t in it!  LOL :)   Yes getting spanked can be fun but its nice to have a break and allow others to suffer sometimes :)  And this one features the beautiful Miss Antscha and Miss Viktoria, both loved by members at the IFD and yet both so very different :-)

Miss Viktoria is the most caring one.  Less rough edges and more compassion.  She is more like Miss Acacia and more subtle in her command of those in her charge.  Miss Antscha on the other hand is one that is far more of an in your face Mistress, very dominant, and given she clearly loves to spank boys bottoms it follows that she most certainly does not let guys off with a warning quite so quickly or even at all!  No Miss Antscha never lets guys off!  Other than off her knee to bend over a table or chair that is!  Miss Antscha always reminds me more of Miss Zoe of Strict Mistress Zoe when she was a little younger and so filled with raw energy :)

Funny thing is I still plan to put Miss Antscha and Miss Zoe together in a shoot some day :)  Now that would be quite something!  :)

Here are the two of them together :-)  Er… Miss Viktoria and Miss Antscha that is :-)  Miss Viktoria is in the dress and Miss Antscha in the skirt and top :)

IFD49-031 IFD49-021 IFD49-011

Be sure to go visit Institute of Feminine Discipline for the movie these pics were taken from :-)  Or if you wish you can get the full length digital download from the FemDom Spanking Store or watch it streaming at Domination Theater :)

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This week over at Strict Women Miss Zoe has promoted Adam to boyfriend status which she says gets him so many benefits but although Adam was left real excited he now wonders what the benefits actually are.  There is no sex she has told him only discipline and now he discovers he can not even take her out unless she instructs him to for she intends to visit the clubs with her girlfriends instead!

So what, he reflects, are the benefits!  Well other than knowing he made his Mistress happy enough to promote him to user her term, and being able to say Miss Zoe was his girlfriend the main benefit is that some of the spankings she gives him will not be quite so hard.  Or so she indicates.  Though she also indicates that she will be expecting far higher standards from him so its likely the spankings will be more and harder for that reason!  Oh what a dangerous path he is now going down!

And Ive grabbed a few of the FemDom Fm spanking pics from the video to show you all :-)

SW251-062 SW251-070 SW251-069

And for you, you can watch this movie now exclusively at Strict Women!  :)  Or alternatively you can get the video from the FemDom Spanking Store as a full HD downloadable file or watch it streaming at Domination Theater!

Also don’t forget that Strict Women have their own Clips 4 Sale store too!

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News just in everybody that Red Badger have just released 3 hot FemDom Fm spanking videos on the awesome video store at FemDom Spanking Store and on their streaming video theatre at Domination Theater.

See details of the movies below!

Miss Zoe : Promoted To Boyfriend


Summoned before his owner Miss Zoe, Adam is informed that she has a nice surprise for him. She is promoting him from lackey servant to boyfriend! He will of course still have to do as he is told and she would be spanking his bottom if he doesn’t! But he will get to take her out and have her at his side.

Miss Zoe goes into detail about how she will now also be giving him girlfriend spankings as opposed to lady spanking and Mistress spankings, each of which she ably demonstrates to her charge.

How will Adam get on with this new relationship? Only time will tell in this unique little Fm spanking video.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

See Video at Domination Theater.

Goddess Miss Kelly:  House Boys Failure


Upon arriving for duty at Miss Kelly’s home, house boy Adam is summoned to the living room and confronted about his poor effort in cleaning the bathroom the previous day.

Adam (as would most males) considered his efforts to be extremely good however it is not his judgement that matters but rather those of his Goddess. That is Goddess Miss Kelly. And the fact is that Miss Kelly is NOT satisfied and so now he must pay the consequences and be punished.

Miss Kelly takes a moment to explain to her naughty boy what is going to happen to him in order to delay the inevitable and build on the intimidation that he is feeling before she puts him over her knee and soundly spanks his backside with both hand and paddles. Watch and learn boys. If you are unsure your Goddess will be happy then ask them before you leave a job half done!

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store
See Video at Domination Theater.

Miss Lina Birch: Reward or Punishment


Part of the mystique and awe that surrounds Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia is her practice of choosing two male creatures at random on her visits to corrective establishments like IFD’s when she visits, one of which is given a reward and the other given a sound spanking. There is no reason for either, and no males know in advance when called which will be punished and which will be rewarded. The fear however and anticipation goes on for weeks before the visit and has had malae creatures in tears days before Miss Acacia even arrives as they fear the possible spanking that may be administered! The reputation in this regard travels around the IFD’s and Spanking Centre’s spreading the fear amongst all males of what a visit to the Overseer Supreme might entail for them

Due to the success for Miss Acacia for the Reward or Punishment sessions Miss Lina who as Chief of Staff fills in for Miss Acacia now also carries out these meetings. No reason necessary for the discipline. Just a matter of putting males in fear of strict discipline just as they should be.

See Video as DVD or Digital Download at FemDom Spanking Store

See Video at Domination Theater.

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Domination Theater

Hey happy Tuesday everybody and welcome back to the annuals of the FemDom Spanking Blog where this week we have the beautiful Miss Shay back on our pages and why ever would we not when she is padding Mike with her hairbrush over her knee in lingerie!  :)  She is of coruse the one wearing the lingerie I should point out not mike because the boys don’t get to wear pants when they are being spanked at the Institute of Feminine Discipline even though they may ask if they may keep them up!  The response is never favorable!

Misleading Miss Shay into thinking he was just lazing about in the corridor outside her room where she found him with a bulge in his pants Mike had actually convinced Her that he was telling Her the truth.  But alas.  Miss Amy got to the truth and now Miss Shay is in overall charge at the Surrey IFD for the day whilst Miss Amy explains increased Male Liberation Front activity to the Board of Corrective Women Executive Council Miss Shay discovers the truth!  And so it is hairbrush time for mike!  And i have grabbed a couple of pics from the update :)   These are taken earlier in the video recap however so they do not show the flesh as it were that is in the video clip as below…

IFD041-Clip03Oh that brings me to another little snippet of news.   From feedback at the Institute of Feminine Discipline, the members were asking for longer clips with less breaks so now rather than 3 shorter clips per update the site is doing one longer clip of the length that the previous 3 used to take :)   Good news as you don’t have to load new clips so often I think :)   There may be some updates over the coming month or two with 3 clips but all new videos being edited will be the longer clips and that is good news for many of you :)

Anyway back to the FemDom spanking pics!  Remember those? :)


Yes the stockings and suspenders showing always a favorite with you boys i know :)  And even more for the boys who get put over the knees you see I have to say from personal experience!  :)  Especially as you all know cos thats my pic there as I prepare to get whacked :)

ifd41-056And Miss Shay with her hairbrush in a bat outfit spanks :)   Pity my legs cover her’s and her stocking tops but there ya go, I went through the pain so there has to be an up side for me too and that is part of it :)

So if you have not been over to visit the Institute of Feminine Discipline recently guys make a trip over there :)   Go see the new look free area that on its own has to be worth a look :)

See you all next week for another update to my blog :)  The FemDom Spanking Blog :)

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Domination Theater

Welcome back to the Femdom Spanking Blog where this week we have a movie somewhere between a regular spanking video as you are all used to and a documentary on how a newly married Dominant Woman collars and enslaves her husband to bend to her will…metaphorically AND physically!

Strict Women being the nets only Female owned Fm spanking site, run as it is by two dominant sisters from California, has produced this excellent movie with Miss Lina Birch to show how easy it is to ensnare even the most determined males simply by discovering what it is that turns them on and using their femininity to its maximum for THEIR benefit!

Whatever may have happened in the past and whatever may happen in more male dominated societies this movie demonstrates how women really do hold all the cards! As a male if you wish to have sex or any sexual experience whatsoever with your new wife (or indeed girlfriend) you must give her what SHE wants! In fact you must bend to her every will. And it is not long before with rewards and treats go penalties! In Arjuns case Miss Lina has already detected a submissive desire to be dominated but all males can be treated this way by a strong willed woman who is determined enough! Males after all are effectively slaves to their dicks and will give anything to satisfy that lust!

Miss Lina truly demonstrates well just how to enslave and bring a man around to accepting her authority and her right to spank him at her whim and will without complaint! Or if there is complaint then that too can be punished!

And i have a few FemDom Fm spanking pics for you all from this excellent movie :-)




And you can see more now exclusively at Strict Women!

Yes the sexy young Dominatrix ruling the nation of the United Kingdom in 2055 and maintaining the discipline and ensuring the best behaviour of male creatures in the land at that time. Yes the boys get smacked bottoms very regularly (twice a day whether they misbehave or not!) but well disciplined males kept permanently in their naturally submissive state are happier in the long run! For as the saying goes, only when woman is happy can man be happy too! And never is this more true than life for male creatures in 2055 England under the governance of the Board of Corrective Women!

For those who do not know, all women upon attaining the age of 18 officially become Overseers. They are of course brought up to believe in their own supremacy over males but at age 18 they are sent to a special educational college known as FemDom College where they are taught how to handle the males that they take ownership of over their lifetimes. Whether it be sexual frustration and orgasm control and teasing or it be discipline methods ranging from corner time to writing punishment lines, labour or the usual standard spanked bottom and hands, the ladies certainly maintain their authority extremely well!

At the head of the governing authority, the Board of Corrective Women is the leader. Think of Her as a mix between the Queen and The Prime Minister or a mix of the President and Secretary of State in the case of the USA. She runs the nation with almost feudal style powers. The Board of Corrective Women Executive Council may be able to overrule Her but the courts certainly can not! Miss Acacia is that Woman and she is known as Miss Overseer Supreme.

From time to time Miss Acacia may visit the nations correctional centres known as Institutes of Feminine Discipline and Spanking Centres but to meet or even be in the presence of Miss Acacia for a male creature is a huge honour! But to make a complain to Miss Acacia about another superior Woman is a very serious business. She is known to genuinely sympathies with the male plight but boys that try to take advantage of such sympathy soon find how red a spanked bottom can be when they are put across her knee!

And it is a complaint that Miss Acacia has received that has caused Miss Acacia’s time to be wasted this week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline! For complaining about withdraw of masturbation sessions when the boys have been misbehaving does not find sympathetic ears! And i have a couple of pics from the update to prove it!



Don’t miss this one guys! Be sure to go see it now exclusively at Institute of Feminine Discipline!