Report To Annual SASS Convention Pt 2

By Paula Andante


MRS ROLLINS: “Welcome back everyone. I trust you enjoyed meeting a new SASS member or two and that you found some things of interest in the exhibit hall.

“Now, to continue, where I left off, Harriet has suggested that part of this talk be a simple account of an occasion on which I’ve found it necessary to spank one of my employees. She believes that a description of a randomly selected punishment session will give you an understanding of how I employ corporal punishment. At first I disagreed and thought I’d tell you about a typical disciplinary session, but as I considered describing one, I saw the wisdom of Harriet’s request. I’m not certain that there is a typical session. My spankings vary significantly despite my adherence to the five constants I’ve referred to. So, as usual, there was much wisdom in Harriet’s advice. I’m going to describe one recent experiences. As I do, however, I’d ask you not to conclude that this incident is, in fact, typical. It did occur, however, and is descriptive of my methods.

“Let me tell you about the most recent occurrence of corporal punishment in our conference room. It took place last Friday. Carl, a painter who has been in our employ for nearly ten years is a skilled artisan. He is a perfectionist about his work, a trait that I value greatly. He has problems with punctuality, however, and over the years he’s been spanked several times for arriving at work sites late. It had been some time since his last punishment, however, and like most men he easily falls back into old bad habits. I wasn’t entirely surprised when a valued client mentioned that Carl had arrived at her home a half-hour late last Tuesday morning. She wasn’t terribly upset, but mentioned that my workers are always on time and she thought I should know about the incident. I spoke to Carl on the phone later that day and told him he was skating on thin ice. I reminded him of what had happened the last time we had to address this issue and told him that I wouldn’t hesitate to have him over my knee again if he didn’t watch out. He apologized, of course, and promised to do better, but just three days later, on Friday, I received another call from the same client. This time she was a bit angrier. Carl had been due at her home to touch up some paintwork at ten o’clock that morning, but hadn’t arrived until after eleven. I immediately paged Carl and listened as he told me he’d been held up by a major traffic tie-up. I don’t tolerate excuses, ladies, and neither should you. Carl was responsible for arriving at the client’s home on time or calling her to say he was held up by traffic. “That’s it! You will report to the conference room at five o’clock,” I told him as I hung up the phone angrily. Believe me, I didn’t need to say more. He knew exactly what I meant.

My sister Nancy had overheard my angry words and had told the other four women who were in the office that day that there would be a punishment session in the conference room that evening. They in turn communicated this information to the men who had returned to the office that afternoon to pick up their assignments for the next day. Some of my ‘boys’ already had their schedules and had no reason to come into the office, but nonetheless there were thirteen men seated around the conference room table at five o’clock when Carl walked into the room exactly on time. His offense was serious enough, particularly because he’d been punished for it in the past. “Fetch the hairbrush from my desk, young man,” I said in my strictest tone of voice. He started to protest, but apparently thought better of it and obediently left the room for a moment. When he returned he was carrying the hairbrush and had a sad, resigned look on his face.

My ‘boys’ often tease each other a bit when they know one of them is going to be punished and, as long as they don’t go overboard, I don’t discourage this reaction. ‘Oh, Carl, will you ever learn to behave?’ one of them asked in mock exasperation. ‘I think he likes showing off his behind,’ another said with a laugh. Carl simply blushed, but said nothing. He knew that any response would simply result in more teasing.

A straight-backed chair had been placed at the front of the room and I’d invited Kathy, a young architect to sit there. ‘Kathy is going to start you off with a hand spanking,’ I said sternly. He didn’t need further instruction, so he went and stood at Kathy’s side. She has only witnessed a few punishment sessions, but like many women she is a natural disciplinarian. She scolded Carl for his behavior and began to slowly roll up the sleeve of her white blouse. She took her time, realizing that prolonging his anticipation was an easy way to add to his punishment. I insist that my ‘boys’ know why they’re being punished and one of the ways to do this is to have them describe their offense in their own words. In this case, his co-workers didn’t know the details of Carl’s misbehavior, so Kathy asked him to explain to them why he was there. He paused for a moment, and then told them he was to be punished for arriving at a client’s home late.

“I told him that he didn’t have it quite right. Then I asked him whether he’d been spanked in this room for precisely the same offense on more than one occasion. He stammered an affirmative reply. ‘And didn’t I warn you what would happen if you were tardy again just a couple of days ago?’ I asked angrily. He nodded and replied, “Yes, Ma’am.’

“I told him that we were going to make sure he would never be late again. I sincerely told him I was sorry we had to punish him, but that he’d left us no choice.

“There followed the very predictable plea for mercy. ‘I’m really sorry, Mrs. Rollins, Ma’am, honest I am. Can’t you let me off, just this once, please?’ he begged.

“I looked at his co-workers and asked them their opinion. ‘He doesn’t deny that he inconvenienced a valuable client not once but twice in one week. He admits that he was warned that he’d be spanked if he repeated his offense, but since he says he’s sorry, he wants me to let him off! What do you think, boys?’ I asked.

“His co-workers knew better than to disagree with about this issue. They know I never fail to deliver a promised punishment. They agreed that he deserved everything I was going to give him. One even suggested that he might deserve the strap.

“Carl stared angrily at his fellow workers and pleaded with them to be quiet. ‘D-don’t give her any ideas,’ he said in an alarmed tone of voice. Actually I’d considered using the strap, but finally decided that Carl’s thoughtless behavior wasn’t quite serious enough to warrant it. Still, I quietly told him that he had come very close to earning a session with the dreaded strap and warned him that if she didn’t take his spanking well, I wouldn’t hesitate to have him fetch it. He didn’t want to do anything to anger me further and actually mumbled a thank-you as he stood nervously before Kathy.

“He was wearing jeans, so Kathy began his punishment by insisting that he take them down to his ankles immediately. He began to blush and closed his eyes in shame as he unfastened them. If you’re wondering why he was so embarrassed, ladies, then you are not experienced in the proper punishment of adult males. The humiliation of disrobing in front of all of us combined with the anticipation of what was to come overwhelmed him long before Kathy started to spank his behind. And believe me, the men in your lives will react in the same way! (Applause)

“His t-shirt was quite short, so he stood there with only a pair of white jockey shorts covering him from the waist down. My sister questioned the appropriateness of his undergarments for a man her age. ‘They look like something a twelve-year old would wear,’ she said with a giggle. All this talk about his underwear only served to heighten Carl’s embarrassment, so Kathy let it go on for a few moments before continuing.

“Eventually she told my sister she was probably right. She stuck her finger in the waistband at his hip. ‘But it hardly matters right now, does it? These are coming down anyway!’ she said. Carl knew better than to resist, of course, so she stood quietly completely mortified as the pretty blonde architect pulled his underpants down to his knees. ‘Look at you!’ she said as Carl blushed in embarrassment. ‘You really are just a little boy, aren’t you?’ She was staring directly at his penis as she shook her head sadly. “I really feel sorry for your wife,” she added in a tone of disappointment.

“He had no response to that other than to shudder in embarrassment, so she grasped his wrist and pulled him over her knee. She adjusted him into position and glanced at the other men who were watching Carl’s plight. ‘I want you boys to pay attention,’ she said evenly. ‘This is precisely what you can expect if you get out of line in this company. I don’t care how old you are. If you can’t behave, you’ll have your bottom spanked. Is that understood?’

“They nodded in understanding. They knew she was serious and that any of one of them could find himself in precisely the same position if he wasn’t careful.

“I looked at Carl who was draped helplessly over Kathy’s lap with his briefs at his knees and asked him if he was ready. How else could he reply? ‘P-please, Ma’am, n-not too hard, p-please….’ he begged as he stiffened in anticipation of the first blow.

“Kathy administered about sixty open-handed smacks to his wriggling bottom. These weren’t half-hearted slaps. Rather they were hard spanks delivered at full strength to his bare skin. By the time she finished, his behind was already quite red, but his punishment had only begun. Barbara and Fran, the two designers who were assisting Kathy on a major project, each took a turn. He was near tears when my sister Nancy, a very experienced disciplinarian, took her place on the chair and added sixty harder spanks of her own. As much as he tried to fight back the tears, he couldn’t help but begin to cry when I sat in the chair with the hairbrush in my hand. ‘P-please, don’t,’ he begged, but I ignored his pleas. ‘I hope you’ll remember this next time you’re inclined to be late,’ I said as I turned him across my knee. His bottom was flaming red, but that didn’t deter me. I applied sixty sharp strokes of the brush to his sensitized cheeks and when I was finished he was indeed crying like a little boy.

“I sent him to the corner and let him stand there while his co-workers filed out of the room. ‘Take a close look at Carl’s behind, boys, and remember the same will happen to you if you don’t follow all our rules! I reminded them as they left for the weekend. We held a short business meeting while Carl composed himself in the corner. When he’d stopped shuddering and crying, I dialed his home number and told his wife that Carl had something to tell her. I held the hairbrush in my right hand and handed the phone to him with my left. He sighed, shuddered one more time, then told his wife that he’d been spanked for tardiness. ‘Yes,’ he admitted, ‘on the b-bare b-bottom in front of most of the g-guys and the l-ladies in the office….’ He was fighting back the resumption of his tears as he listened to her for a moment and then handed the phone back to me saying she wanted a word with me. ‘Thanks for dealing with him,’ she said with a laugh. ‘You can rest assured that he’ll be getting more of the same from me over the course of the weekend.’

After he thanked each of us for punishing him, another aspect of discipline that I insist on, I sent Carl home confident that it would be quite some time before he’d be late again. (Applause)

“Was that a typical spanking? It may seem like a severe one, but remember that Carl had been punished for this offense before. He returned to his home with a stinging bottom and a bruised ego, but he was not physically harmed in any real way. You can be sure that we made an impression on him, one that he is not likely to forget for a long time. That is, after all, the purpose of punishment. (Applause)

“And on that note, ladies, I rest my case.” (Thunderous applause)

* * * * * * *

MRS. JAMES: “I want to thank Marcia Rollins one more time for sharing her techniques for running a successful business with us. If ever there was proof that SASS is the voice of the future, the success of Marcia’s company is it.! I’m sure everyone in this room is heartened and inspired by what she told us today. (Applause)

“We’ll be breaking into workshops now and I want to urge all of you to carefully consider which of these sessions you will choose to attend. In Seminar Room #1, there will be a discussion of punishment implements. Marcia just gave you her opinion, saying that she believes you need only a hairbrush and a strap to keep your man in line. Her view is not held by all SASS members, however, and you may well wish to hear some experienced disciplinarians discuss the use of the cane, the riding crop, and other implements before making a final decision on what’s right for you. If so, Seminar Room #1 is the place for you. In Seminar Room #2 you will hear a debate about whether or not spanking should be a private thing between a husband and wife. Leona Davis strongly believes that no one but her and her husband need know about his punishments, while Francine Fuller is convinced that spanking her husband in front of her friends adds immeasurably to his humiliation. They’ll be discussing the pros and cons of this important issue in Seminar Room # 2. In Seminar Room #3 one of SASS’s most experienced members, Georgette Collins will be repeating the talk she gave last year on ‘The Reluctant Husband.’ If you’re one of those who is having difficulty persuading her mate to accept his proper place over your knee, you need to hear Ms. Collins expert advice on strategies that will help you overcome his macho attitude and place him under your control where he belongs.

“We will reconvene in this room after lunch to hear Janet Brown, a woman who is legendary among SASS members. Until then, enjoy the workshops…. (Applause)

* * * * *

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