Aunt Kay of Disciplinary Wives Club Releases New Book To Help All Find Their Disciplinary Life Partner!

Well I was promising you all a fan sign this morning but unfortunately the lady that Strict Women were shooting with became a little over nervous and decided she could not go ahead with the shoot yesterday after all.  Its sad because she was a lovely lady but hey…everybody is different and it would be a boring world if that were not so.  So I guess we will all have to look forward instead to June 6th for the next shoot and then June 15th before the break for summer :-)

Anyway, for the purposes of this post I just wanted to give you all a heads up on the fact that Aunt Kay of Disciplinary Wives Club who many of you may already know of has just released a new book giving advice to those of you who sincerely want to find your disciplinary life partner.

The Disciplinary Wives Club is probably one of the most established FemDom websites on the net.  In fact I remember when I first started surfing around the net, the Disciplinary Wives Club was one of only 2 or 3 domestic femdom spanking sites out there.  But it was very different in that it was not doing shoots and selling video etc but rather offering advice and information about how women should be dominating and spanking their husbands.  Hence I guess the name :-)

The proprieter at the site, Aunt Kay, has a whole wealth of experience in this lifestyle as a lady who spanks her own husband but has also written a book with advice to women on how to effectively scold a guy during discipline and several others.

And now Aunt Kay has released the latest book in her comprehensive selection which is advice on how to find your disciplinary life partner.  I have been writing femdom spanking sites for some time and I have lost count how many times I have heard people complain that there are no dominant women in their area’s and its interesting as well how many of the ladies that shoot for Strict Women complain that they just don’t find submissive partners as they don’t seem to be out there.  I think myself that many submissive guys are simply shy and would probably feel intimidated by the assertiveness and self confidence of many dominant women which may be why they are not meeting them.  I don’t know.  That is just my own take on this but I also think that there is a dominant woman inside of every woman in the world!  It just has to be brought out?

But anyway, Aunt Kay who has written so authoritatively for some years now on this topic has now released this book entitled ‘Finding Your DWC Partner’ and I think many of you who are searching for that special Woman who will keep you in your place will find this book extremely useful :-)  Aunt Kay has promised me a copy so im looking forward to reading it and I will do a review on this site as I did some time ago for the book ‘Spanked’ and hopefully will at that time be able to give you a little more insight :-)

But in the meantime, there is no need to wait.  You do not have to be the guy looking through the window at the dominant wife spanking her husband below, it COULD be you over her knee and this book will help you find yourself there.


Thanks to Tommy and to Aunt Kay for the use of the photo above by the way.

Be sure to visit AND BOOKMARK the Disciplinary Wives Club real soon as it is I think the template upon which the domestic femdom spanking philosophy is actually built on.  It IS after all a lifestyle, not just a topic for videos.


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