Maid Jessica Administers OTK Sandal Spanking In Maid Enforcer Agency

Back again after the Christmas excesses everybody. I hope you all had as good a Christmas as I did :-) Nothing much done…just some time spent with family but I just don’t seem to be able to spend it much these days :-) Anyway….back to the purpose of this post :-)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a strict maid hired by your wife or girlfriend to sort you out? Of course it should be your wife or girlfriend taking you in hand anyway but perhaps she feels that a stricter lady should do the honors one day and put you over her knee and soundly spank your bare ass (?) and perhaps it should be the maid she has just hired? Why not after all? It doesnt matter that you are paying the maid, she is a woman after all and therefore out ranks you!!! And never forget that fact! :-)

Well thats the theme of today’s update at Strict Women! In this movie, Mike the sexist pig has a shock coming to him for his wife has just gone away on a pre arranged trip and organized a maid to ‘take care’ of hubby as he had asked for such. But Mikes wife has a different definition to ‘taking care’ of him than what Mike has bargained for because he thinks the maid is there to do the housework! In comes Miss Jessica however, the strict maid from the Maid Enforcer Agency! The Maid Enforcer Agency is an organization of dominant ladies who believe in helping wives and girlfriends take charge of their men using corporal punishment in the form of a sound over the knee spanking with hair brush, paddles and more! And soon they learn obedience and compliance from the worlds only FemDom Maid Agency before being handed back (complete with sore backsides) to the women in their lives!

Here is a short video preview from todays updates! :-)

So see Miss Jessica starring in this update within a really great movie now at :-) Also…remember there is a sale on still at FemDom Spanking Store! So if you have had money given to you to buy yourself a present, why not take a look at some strict ladies who spank men videos? :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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3 Responses to Maid Jessica Administers OTK Sandal Spanking In Maid Enforcer Agency

  1. Josh_1 says:

    I don´t think you have learnt your lesson. Wow, thats a sore bottom and you should know better!

  2. admin says:

    Yes Miss Jessica doesnt believe in sparing the rod with naughty boys it seems :-) No guys ever learn their lessons though ;) At least not for longer than a day or two whilst our butts are still red and stinging LOL :)

  3. pius says:

    i love being spanked on my bare bottom over a young ladies knee

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