2 comments on “Miss Alison – Goddess Who Spanks Her Men!

  1. Wow, thats a serious belt spanking, I counted 28 licks. I have never, I mean never recieved such a belting from my g/f and I hope I never do and that she never sees this clip, I don´t want her to get any ideas.
    This is a seriously great clip though – No messing with Miss Alison or I know if it was me on that recieving end Godess Alison.

  2. Chuckle, well Josh if you disobey her then you only have yourself to blame! Ive never found a strict lady that was genuinely lacking in ideas though on how to punish you if you wind her up enough or push the wrong buttons enough! LOL 🙂 SO…be careful not to do what that guy did! 🙂

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