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  1. Let me be the first to welcome Miss Hunter to this wonderful blog.

    As for that picture you’ve attached, it sure speaks a 1000 words – as that looks like a very painful strap which I’m sure Miss Hunter knows how to apply it!

  2. Yes and that was probably one of the easiest to suffer! LOL. Poor Dodgy Dave ended up getting a 60 stroke caning! 🙂

  3. 60 strokes???

    I have always wondered when an adult receives more than say 20 strokes what exactly does that meen or what it entails.

    Let me explain myself.

    –Does the spankee get it evenly across their bare backside – it is bare right?

    –Is it only one area e.g. backside or it it also backs of legs / other areas?

    –Is each stroke applied with the same amount of force?

    –Is there time out’s?

    –Does the spankee end up having to be restrained?

    I mean 60 strokes sounds more like a beating than a spanking if done right and I know any and ALL of these ladies don’t do things by halfs.

  4. Josh I dont think its that scientific, it depends on a number of factors. The most important factor is your disciplinarian! If she really mad at you then she may well WANT you to suffer! And if that is the case, most people would not be able to take the 60 strokes because there are many ways she can make it far more painful than you can imagine even with very little effort by way of how hard she spanks you! In Daves case with this 60 stroke caning, there was no time out, it was applied stroke after stroke and in fairly rapid succession.

    But generally the things to remember in respect of administering a far harder caning and the spankee’s ability to take it are that the cane must be measured. If it is applied too short then it will cut in and cause damage. If it is too long then it may wrap around your thigh and cause damage or if it is far too long it simply wont even hurt. The second main factor is that a caning should NEVER be applied cold. The naughty boy should always be given a sound spanking first with various implements, and in particular leather implements like straps and tawses. This raises the skin in your bottom and deadens the pain somewhat. This is what is referred to as a good ‘leathering’ by some.

    Now Dodgy’s caning was applied with increasing force and with no time out as I say. But he also has a fairly high pain threshold which you do need I think to make these types of videos.

    Yes the spankings are on the bare bottom but no the spankee is not tied down. A genuine strict woman does not need to tie you down. She tells you to bend over and you do it. You do it because she says so and Josh, the last thing you EVER want to do with a woman holding a cane in her hand is to disobey her!

    As far as being even strokes…well, they are applied with a degree of aim but some will miss and others wont. But you can not really expect the Lady to make her mark with mathematical accuracy Im afraid. Some are better than others. If the aim is right then you can take far more even though it is far harder! Miss Cassie/Miss Hunter is probably one of the better Mistress’s as far as using a cane is concerned. Others Ive been caned by tend to spank you pretty much anywhere. The jury however of course is still out as to whether they intended to or not! Sometimes they just enjoy inflicting the pain! I should also say though in relation to the theme you raise in your questions that yes some of the cane strokes will inevitably cross over flesh that has already been caned possibly more than once.

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