5 comments on “Miss Koko Enforces Strict New Breakfast Discipline Regime At StrictWomen.com

  1. More effective than you could ever put into words Josh! And worse than that, Miss Zoe has started to spank the legs in her latest shoot after she told them they would do as they were told when She decided to bring Miss Joanne in on the next shoot! I think she was a little annoyed at them for trying to prevent her hearing the suggestion! She certainly punished them well for the offence thats for sure! And as you can see from Miss Koko, spanking the backs of the legs certainly gets a reaction! Even from guys that are fairly hardened to getting their backsides spanked by the ladies! 🙂

  2. I agree, although that’s probably because the legs seldome get spanked and so are not as conditioned.

    Brings it all back to me now, ouch.

  3. Possibly. Though the skin is softer down there and there are lots of nerves there to send the painful message up to your brain! 🙂

  4. Although of course, Miss Chloe always used to say that men dont have brains, we are like animals and have instincts so if she doesnt spank us we dont get the message! 🙂

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