My Day Of Discipline And Fm Spanking With Miss Lina Birch

Been a long time I know guys since i told you about one of my shoots :-)   But we ARE doing these shoots and the main reason I haven’t been has usually been the rush in the shoots to get everything done :)   But we did pretty well yesterday :)  Dodgy Dave came down to visit me on Tuesday evening and spent the night here and we both took a car trip off to Bournemouth to visit Miss Lina Birch and Simon and Paul of Punished For Pleasure who we do quite a few shoots with these days :)

We managed to bag a full 4 videos with two for Strict Women and two more for Institute of Feminine Discipline as well as a whole bunch of photos taken by our good friend Dodgy Dave :)

Hey here is one :)  My fan sign for this very site :-)


I think I was trying to look intimidated but it just ended up with me looking tired!  LOL.  Did I mention I had been up since about 6am that morning and driven around 120 miles through country lanes? :)  Well….I had LOL :)  So thats why :)  But it was SO worth it!  So much fun and there you see me kneeling complete with sore bottom as I took my first spanking!  Well…first for a while anyway :)  I have been trying to leave them to others rather than hogging all the spanked bottoms for myself but Simon really wanted me to do a video for others

Miss Lina takes on the second highest ranking officials post at the Board of Corrective Women as Miss Acacia’s Personal Chief of Staff and has been appointed to get a grip on the sudden increase in Male Liberation Front activity and general male misbehaviour in the Institutes of Feminine Discipline across the land :)

But we also did a couple of great movies for Strict Women also :)  Actually one of them was in that very room with Miss Lina as the strict Head Mistress as you see her here :)   Thast the school desk there you see behind her by the way and the chair she sat on when i found myself over her knee getting spanked :)

Well see you all later for more news and views from the best Fm spanking sites on the net :)  Gotta update my other blogs now.  Im behind after this shoot and still loads to do on other sites but will make sure i make more updates here as I get back on track guys :)  Bear with me till then :)

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