Miss Shay Demonstrates Sleeping On The Job After Wanking At Night Leads To Sound Spanking at Institute of Feminine Discipline

b2ap3_thumbnail_IFD32-blogIt is 3 weeks since the Institute of Feminine Discipline allowed the boys relief in the Surrey institute and desperate means in Alexis’s head has called for desperate measures.   It is not shown in the movie but he has been awake much of the night masturbating in a way that he is able to hide the evidence when the beds are inspected by the duty Female Overseer in the morning and luckily for him nobody has checked the camera evidence from the night before in any great detail!  But lack of sleep takes its toll on Higher Regarded Male Creature Alexis and his privileged duties of gardening in the Institutes grounds lead him to take a nap on the job on the park bench.

Now even sitting on that bench is prohibited for male creatures.  It is a spankable offence and all males in the Institute know this!  Only superior Female Overseers are permitted to sit on the park bench.  But Alexis simply can not help himself as he is so tired from his night of wanking without Female permission or supervision.  Also a spankable offence!  Every males room in the IFD has a poster on the wall stating that they should remember wanking rhymes with spanking!

So when Miss Shay catches Higher Regarded Male Creature (HRM) Alexis sleeping on the job, and what is worse sleeping on an Overseer’s bench what can he possibly tell her when she asks for his explanation, paddle handed as she is!  Either way he is going to get spanked!  Lack of sleep may (or may not) convince Miss Shay to go a little easier in that spanking but She is automatically going to question why he was so tired!  Oh did I mention that lying is also a spankable offence?   So poor Alexis is faced with several hobsons choices here and he knows whatever he says, however he responds he is going to end up over Miss Shay’s knee in only moments!   And so it happens!

It is only moments before Alexis must take up another position on the bench making way for Miss Shay and bending over her knee with his trousers and pants around his ankles!

And i have a video preview for y’all :-)

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Awesome Miss Shay as always :-)  As painful as the spanking clearly is as Miss Shay ALWAYS spanks the soft skin on your butt rather than where the spanking is less painful.  This being something she clearly learned in FemDom College.

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