Miss Natasha Returns To Strict Mistress Zoe!

Well it has been a while since i mentioned the time honoured Miss Zoe and her strict younger sister Miss Natasha but i could hardly allow the event of Miss Natasha’s one off return shoot to go by unremarked upon could i?  Because Miss Natasha returned recently just to do a one off shoot and the first of the videos from that shoot has just been published at the Strict Mistress Zoe site :)   Miss Zoe is not in this video but we know how so many of you loved Miss Natasha so much and so we just had to let you know there was more video from this very strict young lady coming to your computers soon!  :)

In this video entitled Reporting to Miss Natasha Dodgy Dave is in trouble and has reported to his strict new manageress for discipline.  Enter Miss Natasha as the strict manageress!  But this manageress is stricter than any you have likely come across in the past and genuinely DOES believe that men should be treated like slaves!  And spanked like them too when they disobey or slack off in their work!

See the video preview from Miss Natasha’s new video below :-)

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Miss Natasha is truly excellent in this video so you would be foolish to miss this one!  Go take a look at Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress Zoe and join her site today!

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