Hiding And Breaking Miss Amy’s Cane leads To Serious Punishment For Dodgy Dave at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

Miss Amy has returned this week to the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  News out of the Board of Corrective Women Executive minutes indicates that Miss Acacia Bryson Lovesgrove has started to lose patience with the number of Male Liberation Front incidents that seem to be concentrated at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline.   It seems the activity does not appear to be duplicated in other Institutes around the country and Miss Amy has been summoned before the nations President Miss Acacia to explain what has been going on and her plan for reversing the trend in the coming days and weeks.  Miss Amy we understand intends to tell Miss Acacia that she has already instituted additional daily spankings for all the boys at the Institute over the coming weeks whilst MLF activity remains in an effort to drive a wedge between MLF activists and those passively accepting and covering for them in their ranks.  This line of more strict discipline of course runs concurrently with the new theme that we are seeing as the Female lead society develops into two strands being those who believe in strict discipline and those who believe in the carrot and stick approach with definite consequences of the stick if the carrot does not work!  We have already seen the rise of the Campaign for Stricter Discipline which opposes Miss Acacia’s use of sexual frustration and SUPERVISED relief for male creatures in favour of spanking male bottoms instead when they misbehave and Miss Amy’s stance seems to be in line comments to which she has had attributed to her by close and reliable sources.  This too puts her on a collision course with Miss Acacia so we shall have to see how this develops in the Institute :)

In the meantime however Miss Amy fully intends as the Grand Overseer of the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline to fully put her plan into action!  And as the generally understood to be leader of the Male Liberation Front at the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline Dodgy Dave is first in line in the queue of worried looking naughty boys standing outside of Miss Amy’s office waiting for spanked bottoms.   But Dodgy Dave is even more nervous than the others because when he was dismissed from his previous twice daily spanking from Miss Amy he was told to take her cane with him and hang it on his wall as a reminder through the night of what faced him in the morning!  Yes Miss Amy is very good with the psychological effect that she knows a spanking can have on a male creature.  And his task was to bring this cane with him to give Miss Amy the next morning so that she could cold cane him.   But Dodgy has apparently ‘lost’ the cane.  And now is in a whole world of trouble!   What will he tell Miss Amy?  What will she do?

Well perhaps this video preview will give you all a glimpse of the most likely outcome!

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And that my friends is what happens in the Institute of Feminine Discipline if you try and pull your pants up without permission when sent to the corner!  NEVER assume your Overseer has finished spanking you until SHE says she has!  I did that once but never again!

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