Miss Marnette Kelly’s Short Sharp Shock Treatment at New Gloucestershire IFD

Mike has been subjected to quite a shock at the new Gloucestershire IFD this week as he is informed by Miss Marnette Kelly that though Miss Acacia has only sent him there to help out with the set up of that institute, he is not going to be allowed to return to the much feared Surrey IFD!  You would think that he would not want to but the strain in relations between the Board of Corrective Women and the newly formed Campaign For Stricter Discipline (CSD) from which Miss Marnette Kelly originates is such that the two organisations do not quite see eye to eye!  One believes that the other allows too many rewards for the boys for simply doing what they should be doing in any event (as they are told and following the rules) and the other believes more in effective use of sexual frustration and mixing discipline with motivating reward for good behaviour.   Miss Acacia and the Board of Corrective Women are in the second camp but the new Gloucestershire IFD and Spanking Centre is very much in the first!  And Miss Marnette Kelly is determined to topple the reputation of the Surrey IFD as the most feared in favour of her own Institute!

Mike had been lead to believe he was only going to be at the new IFD for a day or perhaps two whilst he assisted Miss Marnette Kelly in setting up the new location but when it is announced that possession is 9 / 10′s of the law (which it isn’t by the way but no male would dare to argue…not even Mike!) And when he is told he is going to be there indefinitely it is like a bolt from hell out of the blue!

And I have a video preview :)

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And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club! And also many others besides.

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  1. jimmycoffee says:

    Why are most of the videos on this broken?

  2. Andy says:

    The host withdrew hosting for them as they were using up too much bandwidth (grin). Too many of you all wanting to see the gals spanking the boys every day i guess :) I did say over at http://www.femdomspankingblog.com/?p=4611 but guess you missed it :)

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