My Day Of FemDom Spanking With Miss Lina Birch

First things first everybody :-)   Im sorry i missed the updates for this blog last week.   It was a really very hectic week with everything that was going on.  I was only just getting back together after spending 2 long weeks decorating my mums living room and dining room for her as it was getting her down and then there was a shoot and I had company for several days :)  I loved the time but it did put me a little behind with everything :)  Just catching up now :-)

And to that end I wanted to tell you all about our shoot we had with incredibly talented Mistress, Miss Lina Birch :-)   Ive not done that for a while have i? :)  But i want to do that here a bit more often :-)   And i cant think of a better person to do this with now than Miss Lina Birch :)   We did a great shoot with her the other day in a merged shoot with the guys at Punished For Pleasure and we managed to get 4 terrific new videos in the bag!  2 for the Institute of Feminine Discipline and 2 for Strict Women :-)   Miss Lina was really excellent and it took us collectively very little time to syncronize with what we wanted to do and consequently significantly more of our video this first shoot was absolutely awesome :-)   What Miss Acacia terms as the spanking foreplay where Miss Lina explains and questions the boys about the spanking she is gong to give them comes out extremely well :-)  And the spanking itself is hard and non compromising :-)  A really excellent performance :-)

Here she is in the movie Reward or Punishemnt 2 in which she questions the boys about whether they are frightened or not knowing that only one of them will be rewarded and the other will be spanked with her hairbrush and she has not yet decided which is which!

IFDrewardorpunishmentpromoIts an interesting little video :-)  it centres around the fear and anxiety that goes with each visit from an Executive level Board Member of the Board of Corrective Women.  Currently there are only two such Executive Members being Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia and Her newly appointed deputy Miss Lina who is Miss Acacias Personal Chief of Staff and reports only to Miss Acacia Herself.   In order to spread word of their authority and to promote anxiety and anguish amongst male creatures at the IFD’s at the news of a visit from an Executive Officer from the Board of Corrective Women two males are selected at random on the day of the visit to report to the Goddess concerned. Neither of these boys have done anything wrong, this is not the point of the exercise.  The exercise is designed entirely to demonstrate to the male creatures in explicit terms their place in the Institute and the authority over them that Women in general and Executive Board Members in particular have over them.  The other purpose of this tradition is to spread word to create a legend for want of a better phrase to create and spread anxiety and fear in every IFD in the country at the announcement that one of the Executive Board Members visits.  One will be punished (soundly spanked in fact) and the other rewarded.  Nobody knows who, it is entirely the discretion at that moment of the Overseer concerned.   In the picture above you see Miss Lina questioning one of the boys about whether they are frightened that it might be him that is going to have his trousers and pants pulled down to be given the hard hair brush spanking over Her Knee.   This particular scene goes on for several minutes and is as hot as Miss Lina Herself!  This is a VERY powerful movie and I just know you will all love it when you see it :-)

Anyway, will sign off on that note :-)  I wanted to let you know how it all went though and now i am back in the field so to speak you can be sure i wont be missing out these updates any more :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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