Miss Rebekah Leaves Group Masturbaters With Sexually Frustrated And With Sore Spanked Bottoms at Institute of Feminine Discipline

Institute of Feminine Discipline has updated this week with another glimpse into the monthly masturbation sessions that take place there!  That’s 2 in a fortnight!  :)  But Miss Rebekah does show a very different style to Miss Shay who has up to now lead all of these group wank sessions.   Having aced her tease and denial classes at FemDom College, Miss Rebekah is one that simply loves to frustrate the boys!  She loves to turn them on and push them right to the brink of ejaculation before, with a superior grin on her beautiful face, suddenly withdrawing her permission and they must stop!  But the boys can not help but continue and disobedience is dealt with in only one way at the Institute of Feminine Discipline and that is with a soundly spanked bare bottom!  And as we all know, Miss Rebekah is not a lady that puts up with male creatures being disobedient!  In her world which is now everybody’s world in 2051 England, disobedient males get spanked.  Plain and simple.

I have a video preview for you all :-)

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As Female Domination and Femdom Fm spanking videos go this is an excellent video from Miss Rebekah! That traditional vampish streak within her comes out beautiful as she soundly spanks both boys and puts them in their place!  That is facing the wall with their pants round their ankles and their red stinging butts on display.  Miss Rebekah truly commands every moment in this video in her usual way and her fans will truly see she in this movie that she raises the banner once more!

Miss Rebekah is the true Queen of femdom chastity and tease & denial!

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club! And also many others besides. And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either! Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!


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