Clare Fonda Releases New Clare Spanks Men TGP Gallery :-)

Hey…never let it be said that I do not talk about sites other than those of my friends at Strict Women and Miss Zoe! Cos its simply not true!  ;-)  And here is the proof that is in the pudding!  Cos right now (literally in the last minute or so) Clare Fonda just released a new promotional gallery and it looks like she has a new Mistress at the Clare Spanks Men site so it may be interesting to see more of her in the future ;-)  This one being Miss Rosario :-)  Of course Clare Fonda is a friend as well…I know she has worked for a long time with the people at Strict Women and has her own theater on the Domination Theater.  And the truth is I do my best to only really show you the femdom spanking material that I think is worth looking at! :-)  Not my fault that is pretty much entirely from Strict Women! :-)  But Clare Fonda’s video is always absolutely top notch in every respect so my suspicion is that this site will be no different :-)

Anyway, here is a pic from the gallery.

Anybody been a member of this site and can let us know what its like?

Anyway, you can see the full gallery HERE.

So be sure to give Clares femdom spanking site a visit :-)  There is some really good material there :)

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