Miss Rose Orientates Drew To New Board of Corrective Women Regime

Awesome update over at Institute of Feminine Discipline this week as Miss Rose puts drew through his paces!  It seems that his girlfriend is tired of his constantly ogling women!  I seem to remember Miss Siobahn spanking him for something similar recently?   Drew certainly seems to hold the male DNA strand of disobedience doesn’t he?  I wonder if he is any relation to Mike at all?

Anyway, upon admission into the Institute of Feminine Discipline, every naughty boy is taught the rules!   These are the basic Board of Corrective Women 10 Commandments that we must all abide by.  And drew is no exception!

Miss Rose Spanks Drew Over Her Knee

Miss Rose Spanks Drew Over Her Knee

And of course the traditional method of training due to its constant success rate is the traditional pants down over the knee (OTK) spanking!  First the traditional otk hand spanking and then moving on to paddles and if the naughty boy has been REALLY naughty then the hairbrush!

Drew takes his spanking from Miss Rose pretty well but she is not of a mind to cut him any slack for this!  This IS afterall the Institute of  Feminine Discipline and the boys are here because they have a history of chronic misbehaviour!  Constant wanking without permission is the most common offence of course but there are others too!  Typically bad attitude and sassy mouth will get you a trip over the womans knee for a good Fm hair brush spanking!  Female supremacy and domination take on a new life at the Institute of Feminine Discipline and Miss Rose is just one of the newer faces that have reported there for duty recently :)

And I have a video preview :)

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