Miss Zoe & Miss Amy Join Forces To Discipline Rude Neighbour at Strict Women!

There has been an interesting update posted this week at Strict Women as the somewhat unlikely mix of two very well known faces!  Those of Miss Amy Hunter and Miss Zoe Page who has left readers of this blog stunned on so many occasions before.  The reason this is such an interesting movie is that up until this point at which this video was shot, the two characters were fairly incompatible.  Miss Zoe was well known as the in your face, face of fury in Female Domination video whereas Miss Amy was more calm and collected.  When I filmed this video and put these two Dommes together I was not entirely sure how it would go.   Or even IF it would go.   All that I knew was that both of these women had a sizeable following, both were excellent in the making of femdom video but that there was no room in the country that was going to be big enough to take both personalities in one video!  At least not without one of them giving way to the others style to some extent.

I dont really have to tell any of you who have been regular readers of this blog about the things that make Miss Amy stand out from the crowd because most of you will already know. Miss Amy is quite clearly a spanko through and through but it is not actually her ability and accuracy as a spanker that I think is her greatest asset but the way in which she self confidently administers amongst the best scoldings of anybody out there and the way in which she filters in the key words like spank, spanking, naughty and so on that make so many submissive guys crumble at the knees!   Now don’t get me wrong, that does not take away anything from Miss Zoe’s scolding ability which is at the very least equally as strong!  But the two were very different.   Where Miss Amy would make the submissive male crumble at the knees Miss Zoe’s in your face style would make them tremble and shake at the knees!  But then to be fair, Miss Zoe’s site was on the harsher end of domestic Fm discipline and spanking and I think we have all seen there that where you get what it says on the tin with Miss Amy, you often get more than you bargain for with Miss Zoe!

In the end, this video was made with Miss Zoe for the very first time taking on a calmer demeanour and I think she pulled it off brilliantly showing that despite some of the somewhat bitchy comments and emails that came through the mail to her site, that she was truly 3 dimensional.  Later in that day incidentally Miss Amy did a video where she was considerably more agressive than usual and her act stepped up several gears in my opinion.   Still not shouting but clearly more aggressive.  We have not published that yet but the day is going to come!  :-)   And I still think that this was probably the very best video we have shot to date with Miss Amy either before or after that day.  So watch this space for that video when it does come online!  :)   Its called Washing Line Roasting and it will blow you away!  :)

Here is a video preview :-)

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Anyway, i have said enough about this movie :)   It was mostly an experiment as I like to do from time to time :)   A little like a chef dropping new ingredients into a saucepan to see how it will taste? :)  Personally I prefer the old Miss Zoe if im honest but we did show I think that Miss Zoe is certainly capable of more than just in your face domination.  The main reason I think that Miss Zoe is probably one of the very best Dommes out there is in her ability to innovate and come up with new ideas to add into her videos rather than just coming, spanking and going home in a typically mechanical sense.  And believe it or not, that is a quality that I think is very rare.  Miss Jodie Karnell did show this quality and more recently Miss Carmen K now better known as Miss Paige Bailey showed that quality also but you do not really see it often.

Anyway you can see this and many more video updates now exclusively at Strict Women:-) Or if you wish, is also available on DVD or as a digital download at FemDom Spanking Store or if you wish you can watch it streaming on your PC (or mac if you have one of those) at Domination Theater where it has recently been published! :-)

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