Miss Carmen K Returns To Strict Women And Concludes Spanking Of Head Coach And Quarterback!

Strict cheerleader Miss Carmen K (aka Miss Paige Bailley in case You wondered) has returned to conclude a really great movie called To Spank A Coach!  Newly added to the teams cheerleaders group Miss Carmen is angered by the teams apparent lack of spirit in actually trying to win the game that they have been playing!  But rather than simply cheer louder or write it off as a bad day, our spitfire strict Lady storms into the coaches office where he is discussing tactics with the quarterback and puts the pair of them across her knee!   But Miss Carmen does not leave it there as it is clear to her that this team is in need of new management!  And the kind of discipline for the players that only the cheerleaders can give!

Poor coach Mike Smith is therefore demoted to lackie coach under the new management of Miss Carmen and a new regime of smacked bottoms for all rings out through the club!

And I have a video preview for you all :-)

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Mike just never learns to keep his mouth shut does he? :)   You would think he knows by now that it is best not to annoy a woman when she is spanking your bottom!

In the first movie Miss Carmen asserted and established her authority as the one in charge!  But there is a sequel filmed on the same day!  In that movie mike thinks that he can get the better of Miss Carmen by going off to complain to his trade union rep!  But for this both he AND his union rep end up getting their bare bottoms soundly spanked over her knee!  Seems Miss Carmen is not one for allowing ANYBODY to question her authority!   And that movie should be coming fairly soon!  Be sure to keep your eyes on this blog where i will let you know when it arrives :)

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  1. josh_1 says:

    It suddens me to say this, but the spanking Miss Carken K is delivering with that paddle, well let me just say, could do better.

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