Trouble And Discipline For Peter As Miss Viktoria Misplaces Her Passport at Strict Women!

Hungarian Goddess Miss Viktoria is back this week at Strict Women and she is becoming ever more annoyed with her houseboy Peter!  It is Peters job to keep everything spick and span at the Strict Women house and to be sure that everything is kept in its place!  And as Miss Viktoria searches for Her passport so she can return home for Christmas it dawns on her that perhaps her naughty houseboy has hidden it in order to keep her here in the UK where he can be with her over the Christmas period!   Peter of course denies this and suggests that perhaps she has misplaced it as she so often does but such a suggestion from a male to a dominant woman who is used to regularly spanking his bottom is a dangerous statement to make!  And though Miss Viktoria lets it slide once or twice it is inevitable as she comes closer to her book in time that he is going to end up over her knee!

And so it happens!  :)   All naughty boys must be spanked and Miss Viktoria is not one for letting boys off!   Besides which, she is sure that Peter has hidden her passport and figures that perhaps if she gives him the soundest and most severe bare bottom spanking he has ever had then he will not be quite so keen on keeping her there over Christmas where he is likely to spend the entire period with a stinging red backside!

This is a truly great video from Miss Viktoria ;)   She is hot as hot can be and takes no nonsense whatsoever!

And i have an Fm spanking video preview for you all :-)

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As Peter learns, one should never ever push or backchat a strict Goddess like Miss Viktoria!  She will not think twice about putting you over her knee, pulling your pants down and spanking your bare bottom until it is red and stinging!

You can see this latest video now exclusively at Strict Women!  :)  Or alternatively if you wish you see it on DVD and digital download for the full length movie at the FemDom Spanking Store and as streaming video at the Female Domination Theater :-)

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2 Responses to Trouble And Discipline For Peter As Miss Viktoria Misplaces Her Passport at Strict Women!

  1. josh_1 says:

    Peter may be saying No – he does not want any more however his hips are saying quite the opposite as they get jiggy, jumping up and down as the brush lands…

  2. josh_1 says:

    Incidentaly, love the position Miss Viktoria has Peter in.

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