My Weekend With Miss Amber / Siobhan & Dani Hunt!

Well it was a real busy weekend for me and to that end i have some really great news for you all!  :)  You will forgive me if i keep this short however but im not very well today :)   I am sat here typing this out with my limbs aching, my nose running and my head thumping but I really wanted to tell you all what I had been up to!  Friday morning I was up at the crack of dawn to drive up to London for another shoot :-)   And there i spent the day with two new Dommes soon to enter the ranks of Strict Women being Miss Amber and her friend who spanking fans will know from the (cough spit) m/F spanking world as Dani Hunt!

Miss Amber also shot two new videos for the Institute of Feminine Discipline which were really good as well!  And that will no doubt please those who have been loyally supporting the site there!  Miss Amber will however become Miss Siobahn when she enters the Institute of Feminine Discipline and you can be sure she was every bit as good as the others in there!   The strand of her DNA that is American came out to excellent effect and we were all really pleased :-)

This is Miss Siobhan / Amber by the way :-)

Dani Hunt or Miss Dani as she will become also made two great new videos.  One of which was outstanding and probably as good as any I have anybody else play in the past.   That one included Arjun who had wasted all of their money on gambling.   A scenario Arjun plays fairly regularly im told but for good reason!  I will allow you to figure out what that is :)

All of these FemDom Fm spanking videos were of course filmed in high definition!

In February we are set to begin shooting in a new studio in Bristol!  And for the first one there we will be shooting with Goddess Miss Kelly, who many of you will know is great friends with Miss Cassie Hunter also known as the Huntress.  Or Hunteress.  Not sure which.  She told me off recently for getting it wrong :-)

Anyway all of these will be coming online shortly so be sure to get your butts over to Strict Women and Institute of Feminine Discipline to see them when they are published!   And keep your eyes here too boys and girls :)

And with that i hope you wont mind if i go off to bed.   I’m poorly ;)

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  1. josh_1 says:

    Dani Hunt or Miss Dani, can I take it that is tehe woman in the second pic? That being so, i would like to welcome Dani and something tells me she is very effective.

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