The Boys Line Up For Group Wank Session With Miss Rebekah But Will She Give Permission For Them To Squirt?

All of those boys that have not been banned as punishment for misbehaviour from the monthly masturbation session at the Institute of Feminine Discipline have reported bang on time to Miss Rebekah’s office for their monthly permission to masturbate and be allowed to “squirt their goo” as Miss Rebekah puts it.   This time around it is just Alexis and Dodgy Dave who have reported and as you can see they both look pretty excited as Miss Rebekah has stripped down to lingerie and given them permission to wank.

Dodgy Dave in particular looks very keen and this is not hugely surprising as this time around he has permission to pull his dick out of his trousers from his overseer!  In the past of course, flashing his penis in front of  women is what had gotten him in trouble in the first place as many an old lady has testified but now he has permission!

But Miss Rebekah was not the top scoring Overseer in Tease and Denial class at FemDom College for no reason!  Because one of her greatest loves is that of driving the boys wild to the point of ejaculation and then suddenly withdrawing permission so as she can spank their butts so hard that they lose those erections! There is a lively debate at the Board of Corrective Women into whether males should even be allowed relief in this way.  Miss Amy is firmly leading the camp which says they should not.  Miss Acacia leading the camp that says they should but only under strict supervision!   Miss Rebekah just has fun torturing the guys by granting and then withdrawing permission at the most difficult times and then wallowing in her authority as a superior Female by spanking the guys for failing to comply with her instructions!   So far not one male has been allowed to squirt in one of Miss Rebekah’s group wank sessions so we have to see if this one will be any different!

And I have a couple of preview pics for you all :-)

And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!  And also many others besides.  Alternatively you can see the full length video as a digital download or as a DVD at FemDom Spanking Store or have it streaming to your computer or internet tv at Domination Theater!

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  1. josh_1 says:

    I feel I have to congratulate you, Dodgt dave for finally behaving yourself and being rewarded. Well done and a Gold Star.

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