Miss Natasha Gets To Grips With Feral Husband Under Miss Amy’s Tutelage at StrictWomen.com

Forever posing a problem to dominant women all over the land Mike has gotten himself into more hot water with strict wife Miss Natasha this time than he can quite handle!   He believed he had gotten the upper hand in this marriage by simply ignoring his strict wife and wearing her down but this time he has mistaken her kind nature for weakness and when she joins forces in the marriage guidance therapy session with Miss Amy a second will of iron is cast that Mike can not quite overcome!

Before mike knows it he is bent over Miss Amy’s knee with his pants around his ankles being spanked soundly on his bare bottom as if he was a spoilt bratty schoolboy.  The humiliation of this is almost more than he can bear especially as his wife looks on with a smile from ear to ear!  And now it is strict wife Miss Natasha’s turn to turn mike over her knee!  And with many years of pent up frustration and anxiety from the way he has been behaving he is in for a very sore backside as Miss Natasha now seizes back her control and authority.

And i have grabbed hold of a few pics from the site that illustrate this video really nicely :)

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