Humiliatrix Queen Miss Rebekah Supervises Group Masturbation Session at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

A slightly different theme to my usual but one of the most popular amongst members at the Institute of Feminine Discipline – that of supervised monthly masturbation sessions!  And this week, the boys that have been good (or in Dodgy Daves case, have not been caught yet) have been allowed to report of this months group masturbation session!  And leading it this week is none other than the stunning beauty that is Miss Rebekah!

In actual fact, this movie came from Miss Rebekah’s second shoot for the Institute and throughout all of the movies in those two shoots she absolutely excelled blowing away as she did all of the competition!  Of course neither Miss Selina nor Miss Shay had actually done shoots at that point but up until the point that Miss Shay in particular (as hers came first) nobody else actually came even close to matching Miss Rebekah’s awesome performance!  And this movie entitled Miss Rebekah’s Group Wank was one in which her eyes seemed to light up and she really did take command of the day!   Though Miss Rebekah always denies that she actually has a dominant side, or that she ever teases the guys I think the way she embraced this movie, grabbing it as she did with both hands speaks volumes!  And it was pretty clear driving her back to the railway station after the end of the first shoot that there was going to be no missing out on filming this particular movie!  This was just not something that She was going to find acceptable.

Dodgy for his part loved every second of it too though he tried to persuade everybody that he really didn’t want to do it.   But knowing how the boys at the snooker hall were going to poke fun at him when this movie was finally published he ensured that his dick was kept well inside his pants rather than display it for the movie.   Surprising really as it sees the light of day quite often when he is out strolling around the bird watchers haunts across Surrey in his flasher mac whenever old ladies appear with their picnics :-)

Anyway, without further ado, i thought i would post a video preview :-)

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And you can see this video now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club!  And also many others besides.  And dont forget the IFD’s Clips 4 Sale store either!  Awesome Fm Spanking at Awesome value!  :)

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2 Responses to Humiliatrix Queen Miss Rebekah Supervises Group Masturbation Session at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

  1. josh_1 says:

    Dodgy Dave, you really know how to push your luck at times, I’m amazed your still standing.

  2. josh_1 says:

    It amazes me just how Dodgy Dave still doesn’t know when to stop. I woudl have thought after all this time….

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