Miss Shay Continues Her Search For New HRM To Wash Her Back at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

This week at the Institute of Feminine Discipline, Miss Shay has returned!   She has been taking a bath but has that age old problem once more of needing somebody to help wash her back!   Her breasts she can manage as she can that beautiful bare bottom that the boys all love to ogle during their monthly supervised masturbation sessions at the IFD!  But her back is just out of reach!

During the evenings the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline is staffed by only one Overseer and tonight is Miss Shay’s turn.   And so in the hope of taking that lovely hot bath she loves to take she bumps into dodgy dave in the coridor.   All of the other Overseer’s have warned her that this drooling pervert who is afterall only in the IFD due to his flasher activities on the local common which made him the terror and nightmare of so many elderly ladies, could never fulfil this take but Miss Shay has decided to give him a chance.   All boys deserve a second chance after all?  And what could go wrong?   And she can always spank if he misbehaves right?  Well if Alexis found it difficult not to touch her bottom, Dodgy Dave did not even really make an effort and on top of this he subjected our Goddess of the Surrey IFD to all sorts of sexual innuendo just like the serial sex sex offender that was originally locked in the IFD in the first place!  He surely is going to be there for a very long time!

And I have a video preview to preview :-)

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Miss Shay sure makes Dodgy Dave pay for his behaviour when she gets him into her office and puts him over her knee however!  No male treats Miss Shay this way and gets away without a very sore bottom!

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