Miss Amy Hunter Flexes The Cane at Institute of Feminine Discipline Members Club

Regulars at the Institute of Feminine Discipline  will know that all “male creatures” submit to at least 2 spankings per days from the Female Overseer’s assigned there simply to keep them in line.  But this is not the end of the story however as bad behaviour results in more severe punishment and is universally administered by the less yielding names of fear at the IFD such as Miss Amy or Miss Selina.  Boys who are sent to Miss Amy for corporal punishment in the form of a punishment spanking can expect not only a bare bottom spanking over her knee but also a sound caning on their bare bottoms as well as a hard strapping on their hands.

Enter Mike.   Last week when he had reported to Miss Shay for the first of his daily spankings, he had told her that because he was poorly, Miss Amy had said he could forgo the upcoming spankings for the next few days until he was feeling better.  Miss Shay found this rather unlikely but as a new Overseer at the Institute that week, she did not want to upset her new boss and so decided to use the opportunity to take a break from spanking the boys for half an hour.  The problem for mike however was that he did not consider the fact that every spanking that is administered as well as any spanking that is not administered for whatever reason are reported not only to Miss Amy but more importantly to Miss Acacia at the Board of Corrective Women!  And when Miss Amy discovers that Mike has used her in this manipulative way his fate was somewhat sealed!

Mike of course felt physically sick as he was summoned to Miss Amy’s office knowing the trouble that he was in and the inevitable spanking he was going to be receiving but did Miss Amy let him off this one for his sickness?  Well…what do YOU think?   No chance!  And before he knew it, he was over her knee getting his bare bottom soundly spanked.

This weeks update however comes from a little further into the video as the “warm up” has ended.  So members at the Institute of Feminine Discipline can expect to see mike spanked with a Glasgow tawse as well as soundly caned.

And I have a video preview :)

And you can see this great FemDom Fm spanking video now live over at the Institute of Feminine Discipline :-) Alternatively you can see the video either streaming to your tv/computer at Domination Theater or buy the DVD or digital download at FemDom Spanking Store.

Oh and by the way, the movie is also available in 5 parts over at the Institute of Feminine Discipline’s new Clips 4 Sale store so you really have no excuse for not going to visit!  :-)

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