Miss Amy Administers The Tawse To The Hands at Institute of Feminine Discipline!

This latest update to the Institute of Feminine Discipline is apparently a members request from somebody who loves to see Miss Amy give bad boys a good strapping with her tawse on their hands!  And it does not take that long to find some video with Miss Amy using a tawse given how much she LOVES to tawse a guys hands!

In this video Dave is in trouble when he attempts to smuggle out a letter via Alexis who is leaving the Institute that day complaining to the Board of Corrective Women about Miss Amy’s bitchy attitude and over zealous nature in which she takes such a pride in spanking the boys bottoms for them at the IFD!  The Board of course via Miss Acacia the Overseer Supreme is not in the slightest bit impressed with how he has sought to bypass the chain of command and simply forwards the letter back to Miss Amy (along with Alexis) to deal with them both!

As they put it at the Institute of Feminine Discipline:

Miss Amy has summoned dodgy dave to her office to explain why he has undermined the chain of command by going behind her back in a letter smuggled out to the Board of Corrective Women accusing her of ‘bitchy’ and ‘over zealousness’ when carrying out her duties as Grand Overseer at the notorious Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline.

To back up his accusations dodgy dave gave the example of a severe spanking which Miss Amy had administered to him the previous week for rudeness and outright disobedience and defiance.

Given that Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia was aware of this spanking, the smuggled letter was forwarded back to Miss Amy with a request that she deal with this matter in house in her own way and this she is VERY pleased to do!

Alexis for his part in this conspiracy against Miss Amy has in the meantime been recalled to the Institute for a further six months discipline and he too will be called before Miss Amy upon his arrival in ‘Return To The Institute of Feminine Discipline.

And I have a video preview from this latest update :-)

Ouch :)  But he has to learn!  :)

You know out of all the places i have been spanked, i think the hands are the most painful?  Seriously.  And you can even feel it all the way home as you handle the steering wheel of your car or pick up a hot mug of coffee at the motorway service station!  That on top of the sore bottom is really quite a reminder of the day you may have had!  :)

Anyway you can see the video with Miss Amy and the full hand tawsing gallery from Miss Amy now exclusively at the Institute of Feminine Discipline!  :-)  Its a really great site to see and its little Female Supremacy twist with the great domestic FemDom Fm spanking action makes it totally perfect in my view :)

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  1. josh_1 says:

    Is that the 1st stroke to Dodgy Dave’s right hand that is applied?

    Also OI love the way Miss Amy builds up to th etelling stroke when applying it to his left hand. Good technique.

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