Miss Amy Administers Hard OTK Hand Spanking FemDom Style in His Private Tutor Part One

Yep as the name suggests, we have just seen the publishing of the beginning of a movie featuring Miss Amy that was so good on the day that the sequel has already been shot! This puts her movie up there with the likes of the Strict Sitter movies which were so loved by members at Miss Chloes own site!

In this movie today, Miss Amy is a local college student who works part time as a private tutor to a night school class in English Literature and Mathematics. But Miss Amy has her eye on using not only her own results from university to get that all important job as a private school teacher but also those of her night school students! So when they fail to live up to HER expectations or simply do not do the work she has absolutely NO sympathy whatsoever! Dodgy Dave in this movie seems to think he can soft soap Miss Amy by suggesting she can do his homework which his wife has asked her to set him! But Miss Amy has already been on the phone to his wife to discuss just how far she can go in the use of corporal punishement to sort her husband out and there are NO LIMITS! That means Dodgy is in BIG TROUBLE! He doesn’t know this of course so its going to be quite a shock for him when it comes! :-)

Of course when she DOES put him over her knee and begins spanking him he suggests that they might be wasting time with the spanking and perhaps he should study so now he must read his book as he is punished!

Here is a short preview video :-)

Ha ha! I cant help but love the sarcasm in Miss Amy’s voice whilst she spanks him here! A slight burning…how apt? :-) Must be much worse for Dave though with the humiliation added to the burning. Can onions feel humiliation? Who knows but the humiliation of being put across a younger girls knee and then feeling the breeze blow across your bare bottom as she pulls your under pants down so she can spank your bare bottom must be up there with the best of them I would think? :-) And whilst this may be ‘just a hand spanking’ don’t let that fool you, when the lady uses a cupped hand like that it hurts! Many would say it hurts more than many of the paddles do! But then I had this discussion with Miss Zara once because she was telling another lady the best way to spank a guy and said to cup the hand because it hurts less! Yeah except as I said at the time, I beg to differ! At which point she gave me a warning glare with the words ‘hurts US less’ :-) And that is the thing really. An experienced spanker speaking! It hurts the Mistress LESS but trust me, it hurts the naughty boy much more! But then he knew the rules and should not to be disobedient in the first place right? So he has only himself to blame for his predicament :-)

Anyway Dodgy Dave’s humiliation and yes pain as well in this movie has only just begun! And just wait till she brings the cane out! And she still has another naughty male to spank yet in part 2! :-)

Anyway, you can see more from Miss Amy now over at Strict Women along with so many more :-) So dont delay, visit today :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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5 Responses to Miss Amy Administers Hard OTK Hand Spanking FemDom Style in His Private Tutor Part One

  1. Josh_1 says:

    Don’t you just love the sarcasm in their voices (Spanker’s voice – in this case Miss Amy) as they spank along…

  2. Andy says:

    Yes poor onions but no thought given to poor dave! LOL

  3. alibenali says:

    over the knee spanking and if she play in his ass hole when he over shes knee

  4. sara says:

    Naughty boys deserve a good spanking !

  5. sara says:

    Naughty boy !

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