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Recent years have seen a number of really nice FemDom Spanking sites popping up on the net. Some good, some not so good but one of the better ones that I for one really like is Vixen Ladies. How many of you out there remember the old FemDom Spanking magazines? Mistress? Vixen? And then they used to have compilation magazines called FD Extra? :-) But of course it was the 1990′s and the girls hair styles and dress were often indicatory of a photo taken perhaps 20+ years ago and you wondered what they would be like now? That was the down side…that and the fact that the clothes and hair styles of the participants in these photos often indicated the photo was 20+ years old? Ahhh…the good old days :-)

Today we have the internet. You dont need to face the humiliation of going into the sex shops to buy your magazine, often facing hostile feminists outside (which some of you may have liked…I dont know, but personally im not one for confrontations unless the girl has a hairbrush or cane) , you can get the best female domination right here on the net and its in video too! But where is all this leading? Well, Ive always wondered if the Vixen in Vixen Ladies is reflecting on those days and the name of that old favorite magazine we all loved so much? If it is then it certainly has NOT let the side down! Vixen Ladies is one of the premiere FemDom spanking sites out there that has grown to be a fantastic little archive of some of the the very best English femdom spanking on the net! And unlike the days of Vixen and Mistress magazines, it does not duplicate its pictures in different updates! LOL :-)

Here are a couple of pictures from the most recent of their updates :-)

Bend Over For Miss Red - She Is Going To Tan Your Backside!

Ahhh…one of my favorites :-) Miss Red. I have actually met Miss Red though and as gorgeous as she looks in her photos, I do have to say she is one you would never recognise in the street if you were to meet her! Her photos never seem to do her justice for some reason? She is one of the most shapely and beautiful women ive ever seen. And its always great to see her when she is spanking some deserving guys bare ass!

Every Naughty Boy Gets A Spanking!

And my favorite… the hand spanking :-)

To see more from this great little site go visit Vixen Ladies now on this URL

Vixen Ladies - FemDom Spanking For Naughty Boys

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  1. Billy says:

    She looks as if she’s enjoying spanking his bare ass with her hand. I wish it were me.

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