Mother In Law Jessica Puts Naughty Mike Across Her Knee at!

Forever a pleasure to see in action, Miss Jessica also known as Jessica Wood returns today to Strict Women as the very strict and domineering mother in law.

You would think that the mother in law theme would have been done much more often really in the FemDom circle given that it is actually quite a potent relationship which often has some friction in it?  But actually you might be surprised to learn that there are very few movies on this theme.  This is the only one that Im aware of at Strict Women that this theme has been included in and the only other one I am aware of is the old classic from the New York beauty queen, Miss Daisa from Tantrum Trainers in Spanked By My Wife and Her Mother.  Now that movie is a real classic and Miss Daisa really takes no prisoners.  The mother in law is great in that movie too but Miss Jessica I think just about tops her…but of course that is just my opinion.  Obviously no offence to the lady who plays the mother in law because she really was extremely strict but personal preferences are a personal thing really arent they? :-)  And what I like, somebody else may not and vice versa and Im sure that she too has many of her own fans :-)  But for me at least Miss Jessica was on top :-)

ANYWAY, Mike in this movie (remember him?) has been rather a naughty boy it seems.  Nothing unusual of course for him, but he has apparently been mistreating Miss Jessica’s daughter and his wife and Miss Jessica as the over protective and interfearing mother has decided to put a stop with it by putting this husband of her daughters across her knee for some strict OTK fm spanking discipline!  Mike of course resists accepting new rules about how he treats his wife but after 30 minutes across Miss Jessica’s knee, like any male, he soon gives up and agrees to the new regime with the threat of more discipline to come!  And of course he is STILL in for more discipline from his wife yet as he has agreed to now begin accepting spankings from her too!

And we have a preview clip!  :-)

Chuckle, Mike really should know better by now shouldn’t he?  There is no use arguing with a strict woman when you are over her knees and she has a slipper in her hand!  Its a positively dumb thing to do in fact!  And he is never going to win is he? LOL.  A batch of 10 smacks with that slipper and Miss Jessica is more than capable of getting him to concede to anything she is saying!  LOL :-)

Anyway, you can see this new training video (grin) now exclusively at Strict Women!  If you would like the full video on DVD or as a digital download, you can get it at the FemDom Spanking Store!  Or you can see it streaming atDomination Theater or Fetish Video Theater :-) Wherever you watch it though, do make sure that you DO watch it!  This is one not to be missed! :-)

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