4 comments on “New Movies Released On Fetish Video Theater – New High Quality FemDom Spanking Video Introduced!

  1. Gosh, I think I’ve just seen and certainly heard Miss Zoe in completely a different light.

    The 1st Clip:
    He may only get 7 spanks but far more is to follow whilst he’s pushed of her knees and is lying on the ground whilst as you put it Miss Zoe flaunts her sexuality at him, followed by her stamping him?

    Whether Miss Zoe Stamps or playfully kicks him I think he is over reacting and I’m surpriosed she lets him get away with it.

    The 2nd Clip:
    I see Miss Zoe is hand spanking his bare buttocks with her left hand – AMBIDEXTROUS!

    Boy those hand spanks sure echo and MUST sting like crazy.

    Incidently I love the position she’s in to spank him although it must be painful to mainatin that position, but I’m sure she will punish him for this:-)

  2. Yes never judge a book by its cover is the motto of the day! 🙂 You can not really get a proper feel for a Woman like Miss Zoe from short clips like this. She is unique and she is very three dimensional as goes her inovativeness.

    First clip, yes Miss Zoe enjoys inflicting pain thats the truth of it 🙂 And the stamping on your body with her heel really hurts! And she knows it! Thats why she loves to do it! The latest shoot with her she began trampling one naughty boy in her high heel shoes and jumping up and down smiling from ear to ear.

    Clip 2, yes Miss Zoe puts it as spankdedexterous. She can spank with either hand. She doesnt generally write with either hand but she certainly doesnt allow herself to get tired! The infliction of pain for her is paramount. Like She says, She takes her work VERY seriously! 🙂

  3. I see a clip like this and I must ask once again, where have the American Ladies gone? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Women of the UK, I just miss the American Ladies. But, nonetheless, i wish Miss Zoe would get a hold of my lazy american hide!

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