Miss Jodie Karnell Makes Her Video Debut at StrictWomen.com

Sometimes you just know instinctively when a star is born and I think that is the case with Miss Jodie!  I have been feeling a little glum over the last few days with all this dreary damp weather and seeing Miss Jodie’s video over at Strict Women just seemed to manage to lift me :-)  She was every bit as good as I remember! ;-)  And that was despite her feeling poorly on the day!  In fact we were all concerned that she might have swine flu on the day as I recall!  I was quite relieved when i didn’t become sick within a week or two after! :-)

I call her Miss Jodie here if for no other reason than to continue disobeying her just for the heck of it!  (smile) But her instructions were to actually address her as Miss Karnell so i probably ought to quit doing that thing with calling her Miss Jodie :-)  But the memory of being over her knee for disobedience is a hard one to shift and looking at her I think you could probably all understand why! ;-)

In this movie, Miss Karnell (yep, back to reality!) played the role of the strict manageress asserting her authority over the employee’s at her office and the first one up for discipline here is Alexis who has failed to come into work in the correct dress code and Miss Karnell is not about to let him off!  Slowly he does learn however over her knee and it doesn’t take Miss Karnell long to make her point! :-)

We have a video preview :-)  Here, Miss Karnell had just told her naughty boy that she was going to give him 20 smacks and wanted him to thank her for each after it had finished but he just could not resist giving her lip and trying her patience with some comment after the first one :-)  So quick as a flash as you see below it rises to 50! :-)

That is a new paddle in Miss Jodie’s hand by the way!  It is thick leather and swings high and it has a deep penetrating thump to it!  It is the sort of paddle that you would use to prepare the skin for the cane and that fact really should not be lost on Alexis whilst he is giving her all that lip!  That warning of something harder is not an idle threat! :-)  And the downhearted tone from him does at least show that he understands that now!  :)

This is a really good video which starts light but steps up 3 or 4 gears in a very short time which would lead to a culture shock to any guy that is being punished here real quick!  You can see it now exclusively at StrictWomen.com!  Don’t miss it!  Miss Jodie is truly awesome in this movie :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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3 Responses to Miss Jodie Karnell Makes Her Video Debut at StrictWomen.com

  1. josh_1 says:

    I would like to be the first to welcome Miss Carnell to this wonderful site / elite group of women.

    However even if this should be the first spanking given by Miss Carnell, it would not appear that this implement will have any desired affect on the discerning young man even if it is 50+ that he will be receiving.

    If I was writting on a report card, I think I would write…Must try HARDER.

  2. Andy says:

    Chuckle, yes maybe come along to the next shoot with Miss Karnell Josh and try 50 with one of her canes! :-) You wouldnt want it much harder or you would need a blood transfusion! LOL.

  3. jgibson232 says:

    Miss Jodie can keep me after work, hit me 200 times with implements, and more,

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