3 comments on “Mother In Law Jessica Flexes Her Spanking Arm Muscles At StrictWomen.com

  1. Wow, that’s clearly a well spanked bottom – nice and red / crisom.

    “You can see my point can’t you”. I think he can more than see it, more like FEEL it.

    That belt like implement doesn’t seem as effective as perhaps a wider implement but then again I imagine it must be quite stingy as it’s rained down followed by that nice slipper oww yes.

  2. Yes I think the slipper was the real punisher there. Miss Zoe of course managed to break that slipper though God only knows how (LOL) but it was a solid sole with deep tread on it and every part of that tread implants itself into your butt when the lady spanks you with it. It is a LOT more painful than it actually looks believe me! 🙂

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