Mother In Law Jessica Flexes Her Spanking Arm Muscles At

Forever one of the members favorites at Strict Women, Miss Jessica has returned today to the site as the strict Mother In Law who must put Mike, the sexist pig husband to her daughter back in his place!  And back in his place she DOES put him well and truly!  It would be too easy for me to bring up some mother in law jokes but to be honest, after the paddling she gave Mike for it, it would make me a little too nervous!  :-)

The video for today starts with Mike over Miss Jessica’s knee as she creates some new rules for him, first and foremost that he is no longer allowed to the pub!  And of course all of his promises to be obedient to these new rules for the future fall on death ears and just make it worse for him really because it just makes her create yet more rules! :) And of course as Miss Jessica moves from the strap to her hand and then from her hand to a slipper with Mike over her knee all of this time she really does get her point across! :-)

I have a video preview to show you all :-)

There must be mothers in law all over the world that are itching to spank their son in law’s like this!  LOL.  And its amazing how much Miss Jessica has managed to extract from Mike in such a short time!  He is already taking her daughter on holiday to the Marita’s and giving up the pub and the football!  So the lesson for ladies out there is that spanking reaps rewards!  Spank your man and harvest yourself a holiday and a house with all the housework done to perfection! :-)  Yes and just think how much cheaper hiring Miss Jessica to spank your husband would be than hiring a maid?  He could be sorted out in no time at all! :-)

Anyway, you can see this new training video (grin) now exclusively at Strict Women!  If you would like the full video on DVD or as a digital download, you can get it at the FemDom Spanking Store!  Or you can see it streaming at Domination Theater or Fetish Video Theater :-)  Wherever you watch it though, do make sure that you DO watch it!  This is one not to be missed! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

FemDom Spanking Store

Domination Theater

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3 Responses to Mother In Law Jessica Flexes Her Spanking Arm Muscles At

  1. josh_1 says:

    Wow, that’s clearly a well spanked bottom – nice and red / crisom.

    “You can see my point can’t you”. I think he can more than see it, more like FEEL it.

    That belt like implement doesn’t seem as effective as perhaps a wider implement but then again I imagine it must be quite stingy as it’s rained down followed by that nice slipper oww yes.

  2. Andy says:

    Yes I think the slipper was the real punisher there. Miss Zoe of course managed to break that slipper though God only knows how (LOL) but it was a solid sole with deep tread on it and every part of that tread implants itself into your butt when the lady spanks you with it. It is a LOT more painful than it actually looks believe me! :-)

  3. josh_1 says:


    …and you would know how? By experience perhaps?

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