Miss Vixen Delivers Spanking Of A Lifetime To Pervy Peeper

Every so often you come across a lady who excels so much that you just sit dumbstruck with awe. Miss Amanda was one such lady at her time, Miss Jetta who was at Cameo Classics for a time was another. Miss Katelyn another and more recently Miss Zoe has entered the ranks of the few who excel to that level. And today at Strict Women you will see another lady that fits that mould to a tee! Drop dead gorgeous in all physical attributes from her pretty face to her figure and silky blond hair but all of this mixed with the sort of dominant personality that would make most guys shiver with anxious anticipation if she were stood behind them with a hairbrush, paddle or cane!

In todays update Miss Vixen catches her servant peeping on her as she dresses. This is forbidden by the way and he knows it! So having broken Her rules he knows full well what to expect now that he has been caught!

Here is a video preview from this Goddess in action!

Apart from over the knee spanking you can expect to see Miss Vixen administer a VERY hard caning to her naughty boy in this movie! And I MEAN hard! And in a way in which the cane wraps around his thigh and soft skin! Yes Miss Vixen is another who loves to spank her men on the soft skin which makes it SO much more painful! After slapping her naughty boys face a number of times Miss Vixen complains he has hurt her hand so he must now worship that hand (in between stinging face slaps) until she eventually tires of this and decides it is time to put him back across her knee!

Soon her naughty boy receives a real treat, he must worship his Mistress’s bottom but such pleasures must of course be paid for in pain and as he does so whilst she kneels on the bed that whippy cane comes thundering down across his bare backside many times and just as he is not expecting it!

I always remember this movie being filmed! At the time Mistress Valkyrie and others were there at the back of the room watching Miss Vixen in action absolutely speechless! In the end as the cameras stopped rolling there was a big round of applause and cheers filling the room, the performance from Miss Vixen was so good! You really should not miss this one! This is one of the all time classic FemDom spanking movies out there in my view! See it now at Strict Women! Or alternatively you can, if you wish, purchase the DVD at the FemDom Spanking Store or watch it stream at Fetish Video Theater! :-) Whichever you prefer, just don’t miss it!

Anyway, I have an invite to another shoot on Saturday guys! This one is with Miss Zoe again and it will be for the new Strict Mistress Zoe site :) The first shoot. Wish me luck! ;-) Maybe we will organise a competition on that (Yes, Ive gotten agreement from Strict Women on this) so the best scenarios for Miss Zoe to act out for the new site. If you would like to see your FemDom spanking fantasy coming to life in a movie start writing now ok? The best ones will be filmed and published on the site there! And one lucky person will get a free 30 day membership to the Strict Mistress Zoe site for their efforts!

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6 Responses to Miss Vixen Delivers Spanking Of A Lifetime To Pervy Peeper

  1. Billy says:

    Blister that ass good

  2. Jason says:

    Jetta, Amanda, and Katlyn were the Queens of spanking! And now, Miss Vixen and Miss Zoe are in that category. Blistered Boyfriends starring Jetta is a true gem.

  3. Andy says:

    Yes i agree entirely :-) Never did really find out what happened with Jetta. One or two of the ladies out there that worked with Cameo Classics, the better ones that is (Porche Lynn and the girl whose name escapes me for now but was in Brush with the lady boss), are still out there making movies but Miss Jetta has kind of disapeared from view. She was the REAL big star of Blistered Boyfriends which I personally think was her very best movie (though she was great in others too). But time moves on I guess…. I also thought that the Red Stripe movie, Sent to Miss Chester was a real classic? They really brought female domination to life in that movie, particularly Miss Chester! Sadly the guy who ran that company wont be making any more movies however… Tragicly died some years ago Im told… Murdered actually. Seems he reported carpet fitters to the police for stealing money when they were fitting carpet (or so im told) and they took offence. But I know no more about it than that and even that could be inacurate for all i know though I do have it on very good authority from people who were very good friends of his…

  4. Jason says:

    So, when were videos like Blistered Boyfriends and Brush with the Boss Lady filmed? I take it that it was before the dawning of the internet.

  5. Andy says:

    I dont know exactly when to be honest with you Jason but yes I think it was before the dawning of the internet. There were mainly filmed to be sold as VHS tapes. I doubt to be honest that even the owner of Cameo Classics will know exactly when they were filmed? I dont think he kept records even of the ID’s of the women to be honest which is a legal requirement in the USA for video producers which I believe, if memory serves me correctly was why they had to close down their website in the end. It was sad really because several of thier videos really were classics. Especially with ladies like Miss Jetta.

  6. Mistress Jetta says:

    Hello, and I believe I can answer your questions!;-) Blistered Boyfriends was filmed around 1989..and yes, in VHS! lol! Due to my inability to negotiate a deal with Cameo Classics I took my leave and went private. I still do private sessions for a select fan base. Thank you for your comments…Blistered Boyfriends was FUN to do! Spankin’ good time! SWATS to all ;-)

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