Cheating Husband Spanked As Miss Zoe Teams Up With David’s ‘Girlfriend’ Miss Shay at

A little while ago I remember telling you all about how excited I was to see the introduction of videos at Miss Zoe’s site featuring 2 ladies at once dishing out the discipline and the first of these has now been published!  Woo! :-)  This one features Miss Zoe together with Miss Shay and the video is awesome! Video where two ladies are spanking the guy at the same time is always great but add Miss Zoe into that equation and you are into completely new territory!

In this video Dave who is married to Miss Zoe, has started having an affair with another woman (Miss Shay).  Now Miss Shay has not been seen elsewhere in the FemDom spanking world other than a video which she featured in for Spanking Bare Butts in which she played a submissive role being spanked by Miss Zoe. But Miss Shay took to being the dominant woman like a duck to water and in fact, She is now a total 100% convert to the idea that it is only men that should ever be spanked and that women’s bottoms are for worship only and no longer wants to work in a submissive role!  For my part I hope to bring much more featuring Miss Shay in the future as Strict Women are planning to shoot with her very soon.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, Miss Shay has just found out that her boyfriend of 2 months is in fact married!  So what does she do?  Well she goes straight to Miss Zoe’s house and informs her about this relationship which Miss Shay now considers over!  Miss Zoe is surprisingly calm about it with Miss Shay but don’t let that calm demeanor fool you because she is NOT in the mood to let Dave get away with it!  OH NO!  The two ladies discuss what to do about this and Miss Zoe has the answer straight away!  Dave is regularly spanked when he misbehaves and today that spanking is going to come from both herself AND Miss Shay!

Now can you imagine Dave’s reaction when he walks into the front room to find his strict wife talking to his girlfriend?  What does he say?  Either way he is in trouble with both parties!  And this photo just speaks volumes of the dilemma! :-)


Dave holds his hand over his mouth in horror and just look at that look on the face of Miss Zoe there in red!  If looks could kill!  And the matter of fact ‘well its your own fault, you asked for this young man’ look on Miss Shay’s face! And don’t worry about that broken arm because Miss Shay is right handed anyway and more than able to spank a guys butt for him!

Anyway, I cant even begin to tell you how impressive this video is!  Both ladies work in total harmony with each other in punishing Dave and I don’t think it is even possible for any FemDom spanking fan not to enjoy this one!

Here is a preview clip from today’s update at!

True classic FemDom spanking action from Miss Zoe and her friend Miss Shay there!  Obviously this is just a short preview but the spanking in general is harder than this and there is a really great part in the video where Miss Zoe slaps Daves face and then clicks her fingers with the words ‘now YOU slap him’ and they take turns slapping his face!  Another great part is where Dave is over both girls knees as above and he makes some noise which Miss Zoe does not like and she grabs hold of his ear to pull his head up to look at her as she scold him whilst Miss Shay of course continues to spank!

Make no mistake, this is real classic video from Miss Zoe and when you see it you will love it for sure!  And it marks a great day for Strict Mistress Zoe also as it is just the first video featuring 2 women!  And there are SO many more to come!  Miss Joanne is already set to join Miss Zoe shortly and in the next shoot Miss Amy will be coming to the site along with Miss Zoe’s sister, Miss Natasha!  The future for members of Strict Mistress Zoe is so bright you need shades! :-)

Anyway, you can see this update now exclusively at Miss Zoe’s site at Strict Mistress Zoe!

Meanwhile, dont forget that Miss Zoe has her own theater up at both Domination Theater and at Fetish Video Theater as well as a number of DVD’s and digital downloads available at FemDom Spanking Store!

Strict Mistress Zoe

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2 Responses to Cheating Husband Spanked As Miss Zoe Teams Up With David’s ‘Girlfriend’ Miss Shay at

  1. josh_1 says:

    Well worth it. Spanking in “tandum”. Although Dave’s Aaahhhhhhhhhh sounds more like he’s enjoying himself…

    Was he? Was he enjoying himself?

  2. Andy says:

    In his own way im sure he was! But that of course will not detract from the fact that it will have hurt like hell! :)

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