Spanked by Two Strict Ladies In Sent To The Lady Boss Part 2

Perhaps a less prominant face in femdom spanking sites these days is Miss Zara but today she has teamed up with her Australian friend, Miss Sapphire to punish three naughty male employees who made a complaint about their new young female manageress! In the Part 1 movie, Miss Zara spanked the life out of the three of them for making her come all the way from London down to their workplace in Bournemouth to hear their pathetic complaints but now in Part 2 Miss Sapphire has been informed and she is going to spank the 3 of them along with Miss Zara also!

This is a great movie with some hard spanking in it. Miss Zara is certainly not known for going light on disobedient males and she shows that in this video!

here is a short video preview :-)

As you can see this employee’s complaints were not being greeted with much interest by his strict new manageress! LOL :-) She clearly finds his feelings somewhat boring and who can blame her? :-)

Its funny but its just occurred to me that for some reason I havent seen many Mistress’s coming out of Australia? There is of course Sapphire as in this video and Miss Karlene and Miss Chantelle also at Strict Women but not many others around? Or am I just missing them and where they are? Well, anyway it is great to see the few that do make their presence known on the net :-)

Meanwhile, to see more from this video, go visit Strict Women or you can buy the video as a full downloadable movie at the FemDom Spanking Store :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

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2 Responses to Spanked by Two Strict Ladies In Sent To The Lady Boss Part 2

  1. Badboy says:

    Andy I would like to see the women put the naughty males all the way across their knees instead of half off the right knee as happens in several of their videos. That is a suggestion and I wanted to mention it. Thanks.

  2. Andy says:

    Ok noted :) Will let them know.

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