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There should be no excuse for not doing as you are told when at work and if you work for Miss Bella there are consequences for not doing as you are told too!  Six of the best always sorts the boys out when they are slacking and 12 of the best puts them well and truly in their place!  Miss Bella ALWAYS spanks her boys when they disappoint her!  Can you imagine working for a strict beautiful and unrelenting boss like her?

And i have some of the awesome domestic femdom spanking pics!

Don’t forget to visit Clare Spanks Men!  They have some really wonderful videos there!  🙂

Clare Spanks Men

A new remastered version of the beautiful large breasted Miss Koko Li has been released by Strict Women over on clips 4 sale this week!  Dodgy Dave has returned home late and drunk from the pub and Miss Koko is more mad than can be put into words!  But she soon makes up for the fact she has been rudely awaken by rudely awakening Dodgy’s butt over her knee!

Check it out now at Strict Women

Be sure you do not miss this one guys!  See this now at Strict Women!!!


Turning up late for dinner lands this bad boy in deep trouble!  Especially when Miss Sarah of Sarah Spanks Men! discovers the bad boy in jeans, sweater and drinking the whiskey which will make HER the designated driver for the night!  How selfish and inconsiderate can he be?  Well one thing is for certain and that is she is going to make him pay for it!  His hands are truly going to burn when she has finished strapping them!

Check out these domestic FemDom Fm spanking pics from the video 🙂

And report for YOUR discipline to Miss Sarah and the others at this site now!


Hey Readers!   Sorry I’ve been away for so long.   Ive had a lot of problems here recently.   My iMac packed up a couple of months ago.  Ive been trying to get it working and then finally gave up the ghost and asked Apple to try.  And guess what?  They tell me it is prehistoric (think that was the word they used) which was kinda funny 🙂   I remember buying it clearly and yet no, it was here with the dinosaurs 8 flipping years ago!  So apparently they no longer make parts available for it and they say i have to buy a new one instead.  Well at £1500 i can’t afford a new one and all my software only works on the apple platform so returning to windows which would have been depressing enough for me as it were is also cost prohibitive cos replacing software would have cost even more than the new iMac would have!  🙁

Anyway… back some years ago after my old video capture pc finally died I bought a little mac mini.  That was great for a couple of months to capture all the video from the shoots i was going to but then the camera’s died too LOL   So you might recall when Strict Women went HD right?  Well that was the two new replacement camera’s i bought at the time which had a hard drive on them making the DV tape obsolete.   But in making the DV tape obsolete it also made my mac mini obsolete!  So its been sitting for several years on top of a dressing table in the spare bedroom here waiting to be used again.  Well this week it was brought out and is now the main working system!   I did have to buy a new monitor cos the iMac used to have the computer built into the monitor itself, and a new mouse and keyboard to get working on it but hey I’m back!  Thats the ratio descendi of this post!   I am back 🙂  Get ready for more Femdom Fm posts here on my lifestyle blog 🙂  Sorry for my absence!  🙂