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Fail to do the cleaning to the required standard of your Mistress and you face a dose of corporal punishment!  That is the rule for all submissive males and their Female disciplinarians that we all know.  So when this guy fails his Mistress and does not clean her flat to her standard he knows exactly what to expect and gets it good and hard!  A spanking over her knee and a sound strapping and paddling from Miss Tina Kay!  Personally I don’t think he did a bad job from what limited amount I can see but then thats not for me to cast judgement on!  And hey…every bad boy knows to keep the area that She spanks you in good order!  The last thing you want is to give her reminders of why she is spanking you and make her even more mad whilst she is spanking your butt!

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And i have some of the domestic Fm spanking pics!

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Vixen Ladies - FemDom Spanking For Naughty Boys

When Mark left a mess for the maids to clean up he sure had a shock in store!  Because THESE maids do not clean up for anyone much less a man!  Their job is to teach obedience!  They may wear the outfit but that is so the guy leaves no dirt or stains on their clothes when they are spanking his bottom!  For that is HOW they teach obedience!

And i have some of the awesome domestic femdom spanking pics!

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